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Facebook Home also now officially supported on Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4.

Updates to Facebook and Facebook Messenger tonight have brought out a new feature and new device support across the apps. First up is the Facebook app itself, which added a new lock screen option in the settings to show a Facebook Home-like lock screen with status updates from your friends without replacing your entire launcher with Home. To enable it, head to the Facebook app and hit the settings, then scroll down to "Use as Lock Screen" and give it a moment to enable.

The update also added official Nexus 4 and Galaxy S4 support for Facebook Home, which users have been using pretty successfully unofficially for a while now. On the Messenger side, the app update added Chat Heads functionality for more devices —  presumably on the lower end as the update specifically named the Galaxy Y and HTC Wildfire.

We're seeing the Facebook app update on our devices while enrolled in the official beta program, but apparently the update is expected to roll to all users starting today. Grab an update to the Facebook app proper at the Play Store link above, or get the Messenger update here.


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Facebook update adds new lockscreen option, Messenger Chat Heads to more devices


Yes whats this all about have to slide and scroll down in menu to access settings.

No LOCK SCREEN notifications for me on Xperia Z

Never a big fan. Yeah the layout is nice but on my SGS3 I just don't need it.

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I've been using the lock screen. Facebook did a good job. Double tap likes, long press shows entire picture... very smooth interface. The unlock shortcuts should be customizable though, fb messenger is not worthy to be on my lock screen. - GS4

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Not quite sure what Facebook's endgame is here... I actually just uninstalled Facebook Home because the lock screen option in the app is really the only thing I liked about FB Home. If they're trying to self-cannibalize FB Home, they're succeeding.

It's pretty, but not for me.

1. If you leave the phone on your desk then everyone can see posts on your Facebook page - even private ones (a closed group I'm in shows up)
2. It allows anyone to post on your account without unlocking the phone! Hopefully a bug that will be fixed quickly.
3. The selection makes no sense - it'll sometimes display posts a week old and other times fail to show recent posts. Surely if a post is more than 2-3 hours old it's irrelevant?

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The best new feature is saving photos from Facebook to device. Long overdue.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Yeah and now when I want to save a photo I have to send it to myself via text msg. Smh.. I wonder what these devs are thinking

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Can you please explain again hoe you save the photos on your wall using the app? Updated the app on my SG4 but still can't save. Am I missing something?

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Well, I didnt find Facebook home so useful on HTC One, but I like the new Facebook lockscreen support in the new version.

Facebook's lack of tablet support always confused me. I mean, when it takes years to even get an iPad-optimized app out, you have to wonder what's going on.

Still have to go thru Facebook app - Chrome mobile facebook link - chrome youtube page - youtube app to see a video.

Truth is, FB devs are the worst I have ever seen (considering the importance FB has today)

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I turned off chat heads when they killed 70% of my battery one time on my Nexus 7. Viewed a chat head in the morning with full charge, didn't dismiss it, turned off wifi, went to work, checked my tablet around 8:00pm that day (the chat heads were still floating), and my battery was at 30% and Messenger was the culprit.