Express from Sprint

Sprint's taken the wraps off the awkwardly named Express from Sprint. And just as we first showed you a few weeks ago, you're looking at a physical QWERTY keyiboard with center jog wheel, a 2.6-inch touchscreen, and Android 2.3. It's got a 3.2MP camera 'round the back, a 1500 mAh battery and can serve as a 3G Wifi hotspot for up to five devices. And, yes, it looks like a BlackBerry.

This guy's only available online, and it's going to cost you just a mere $19.99 on contract. We've got full specs after the break.

• Android 2.3, Gingerbread featuring Sprint ID customizable user interface
• Full QWERTY keyboard
• 2.6-inch capacitive touchscreen
• 3G hotspot capability for up to five devices simultaneously
• Wi-Fi b/g/n capable
• Large battery for maximizing phone’s potential (1500mAh Li-Ion)
• Telenav GPS navigation enabled with turn-by-turn directions and point-of-interest searches
• Full suite of Google applications and services: Google Maps™, Google Talk™, Google Mail™, YouTube™
• Bluetooth® 2.1 enabled
• Touchscreen and integrated, backlit QWERTY keyboard makes sending email and editing documents fast and familiar
• Corporate email (Exchange Active Sync) and personal email (POP & IMAP)

• 3.2MP camera and camcorder to capture the moments instantly
• Android Market providing access to more than 200,000 apps
• Sprint Zone – a one-stop source to access your wireless account, phone tips, news, a list of top apps and more.
• Sprint Football Live – Get the live game center play-by-play action, keep up with real-time stats, scores and customizable alerts.
• NASCAR Sprint Cup Mobile – Listen to live radio broadcasts of the race, get real-time stats, leader boards and telemetry data
• Sprint TV & Movies® – Watch live broadcasts, special mobile programming and exclusive full-length, on-demand episodes. 
• 3.5mm headset jack

• Dimensions: 4.47 x 2.47 x 0.46 inches
• Weight: 4.76 ounces
• Display: 2.6-inch QVGA touch display with 320x240 TFT
• Battery: Standard removable 1500mAh Li-Ion battery, providing up to six hours continuous talk time.



Reader comments

Express from Sprint brings Android 2.3 and QWERTY keyboard for just $19.99


I don't know what it is, but that phone has a really interesting almost pleasing look to it. I still think I don't want a physical keyboard, but I like the look of this one a lot for some reason.

I don't want it for sure... but looks interesting.

Looks like a device to wean Blackberry users off of Blackberry and on to an Android device.

Makes one wonder if Blackberry (should they remain alive as a company) might be telling Sprint they aren't getting any new phones ...

I like the looks. If Sprint were GSM, I'd be getting one of these as a backup phone. I think Android Central should review this one and see if it's a crappy performer or if it is a hidden gem, nice to work with.

Why are people still going on about the extra $10 a month. They are still cheaper than the competition.

No mention of storage capacity or SD-card slot in the Specs? My girl loves this form factor and is currently using the Samsung Replenish, but it has RIDICULOUSLY little storage space, so even 3 non-SD apps fill it up and prevent her from getting texts, etc.

She's not upgrade elig for another 1.5 years, so we've been looking for a cheaper off-contract option than the $400 Moto XPRT. Thought this might be the one, but leaving off storage specs makes me think it's probably minimal.

The Admiral has the same form factor, runs circles around the XPRT, and is only $350. 1.2 Ghz, 1860 mAh, 512MB RAM, 4GB Flash, microSD slot, 5mp/720p camera, 480 x 640 Screen.

If your girl loves the form factor, then get her a bb, there's nothing better for qwerty, the new bold 9900 easily beats any qwerty droid in everything except apps.

I've beaten the qwerty droid search to my wits end, I had a g2, moto charm, a droid pro & htc status. They all sucked in one way or another. Trust me this has suck written all over it. Moto admiral is your only chance but there's no trackpad or arrow keys!!! Wtf!

Think about what you said, she can't even receive texts anymore, somehow that is ok? The problem isn't just the form factor, its android allowing $hit like that to happen

Get her a bb.

Yay sprint... Way to add another third rate phone to the Android lineup... Maybe you should release a top tier phone or three like Verizon...

Okay, maybe a decent smartphone for my wife who loves to text, doesn't browse on the internet much, and she doesn't like onscreen keyboards.

I sure wouldnt buy it, but not everyone needs the latest and greatest in the android world.
Not a terrible looking phone and I am interested in holding the phone just to see how smooth the keyboard operates.

I just ordered this phone, I currently have a bb that I like but wanted more apps etc. I had a chat w/ the Sprint rep and she advised me:
Express from Sprint has a MicroSD Memory Card slot. Store data on the included 2GB removable memory card. Up to 32GB cards supported and available for purchase.