Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE.

"But I wanted the HTC One X!"

So we've noticed. But here's the deal, Sprint fans. You're getting the EVO 4G LTE. The Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE. And you know what? It might actually be better than the One X.

Crazy talk, I know. But think about it. No, wait. First, go back and read our HTC One X review. Now let's think about it. How much of the EVO 4G LTE (or the E4GLTE for not-so short) is exactly in line -- on paper, anyway -- with the One X? Quite a bit. And, more important, it's in line with features of the One X about which we're still shouting from the rooftops.

And it doesn't stop there. Consider:

  • Both have a 4.7-inch Super LCD2 display. It's gorgeous.
  • Both have 720x1280 resolution. Beat that.
  • Both have the Qualcomm S4 processor at 1.5 GHz. (Which, by the way, really isn't "slower" than the Tegra 3 variant because it has half the cores.)
  • Both have HTC's excellent new camera and app.
  • Both have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.
  • Both have Sense 4.
  • Both have Beats Audio.
  • Both get you 25-gigabytes of online storage from Dropbox free for two years.

But, no. It's still not the One X.

So you've got the internals of the LTE version of the HTC One X, same as what we're going to get on AT&T here in the U.S. It just looks different on the outside.

It's pretty obvious that form the get-go Sprint set out to replace the original EVO 4G, which along with the original Motorola Droid is one of the most important phones in Android's life thus far. It didn't want the One X. It wanted the next EVO. 

Sprint HTC EVO 4G LTE.

And so we got something that is the One X, but isn't the One X. The polycarbonate shell has been traded for a two-tone paint job, with HTC's excellent soft-touch coating on the bottom, and glossy black plastic up top. What's so wrong with that? The soft-touch is as good as it ever was. And while glossy plastic remains a fingerprint magnet, it does give nice contrast to the matte finish on the rest of the phone. HTC was right to point out how the red kickstand serves as a transition between the two. A harsh transition, but hardly a haphazard one. (We are, however, sad to see the charging contacts are gone on the E4GLTE.)

And speaking of the kickstand, it's probably the best-designed kickstand we've seen. It looks like it's a part of the phone, and not just something used to prop it up. You might even have trouble opening it the first time, it's so well integrated. Yes, like the original EVO HTC ThunderBolt it means you can't use the kickstand properly and charge the phone at the same time -- the plug is inaccessible. Just flip it over. Seriously, Sprint thought of this. They went so far as to actually remind us that you can do it.

But, no. It's still not the One X.

"You haven't even mentioned the bigger battery or microSD card yet!!!"

Nope, we haven't. That's called intentionally burying the lede. Sprint (OK, HTC) squeezed an extra 200 mAh into the E4GLTE battery, for a total of 2,000 mAh -- more capacity than the One X. (That said, no, it's still not removable.) There's a dedicated camera button. (Huzzah!) And there's also a swapable microSD card for extra storage. So along with the 16GB that's already on board, you can add up to 32GB more. Can the One X do that? Nope.

And what about Google Wallet? Sprint's still the only officially supported carrier. (More or less, we suppose.) Or there's the new "HD" voice calls. (Jury's still out on that -- we need some real-world testing.) Or there are all the other wonder apps that Sprint loves to put on its phones. (OK, we almost made it through that sentence with a straight face.)

The point is this, ladies and germs: No, the EVO 4G LTE is not the HTC One X. But it's not supposed to be. It's based off it, to be sure. But it's Sprint's phone. It's Sprint's design. It's Sprint's baby. While perhaps we would have preferred Sprint to keep consistent with the HTC One naming strategy (and for HTC to have the clout to more strongly encourage it), it does make sense to go back to where it all began -- EVO -- even if it causes a severe case of alphabet soup.

Are we going to declare the EVO 4G LTE "better" than the HTC One X? Not yet. We've got to get some real usage under our belts. And even then, it's a moot point. You're not going to get the HTC One X on Sprint. Just know that the EVO 4G LTE has all the makings of a major phone, even if it doesn't look like you expected.


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The EVO 4G LTE isn't the HTC One X — it might be better


Nice try Phil. The phone is still ugly. It is still not the One X. The GN will be a bigger hit for Sprint fans. Sprint changes shit too much.

It'll likely be my next phone, but I'm really hoping there will be an aftermarket option for replacing that shiny plastic piece. What in the world were they thinking? It looks like they ran out of money and had to cover the microSD area with the cheapest possible plastic.

I do like ... no LOVE ... that the lens is part of that back piece. It WILL get scratched up just like the Evo 4G's, but unlike the Evo 4G, you don't have to take it apart to replace the lens, just grab a new cover off of eBay.

It's like putting a skylight 1A filter on your SLR camera. You do it mostly to protect your expensive lens, not so much to filter the light. People get hung up about scratching the lens, the scratch is out of the focal plane of the lens, so is out of focus and does very little to degrade the image.

You know what's ugly? That camera hump on the One X.

Style is one thing but the EVO LTE beats the One X in every other instance where it was changed to be an EVO.

Battery, kickstand, MicroSD card, camera button. All very useful additions and they added all that while retaining the thinness.

At least they didn't come out with another black slab like Samsung.

We should call this the Sprint EAGLE. (EAGLE = E4GLTE, the "T" is silent.) Okay, its a bit of a stretch but didn't someone mention shortening the name anyways?

That's what I was thinking as well. I will call it that in front of everybody just so they can say.. wtf did you call it?

I think the Evo and Epic think is gonna confuse people eventually the E4G (Epic 4G), the E4GT (Epic 4G Touch) and now the E4GLTE (Evo 4G LTE) if someone doesn't pay attention to sites like this they might think the GSIII is coming! We need a new acronym or name concept for either the Evo or Epic series.

So maybe the EAGLE would work after all! :)

Actually, the more I see it, the more okay I am with the design. The two tone paint is NOT sexy... but at the same time it does look kind of elegant. I don't think it looks as good as the original design, but it's not ugly. Plus, I'll probably get a case for it.

I think you forget the everyday consumer could care less about the Galaxy nexus it has nothing to draw them in and nothing over the EVO for a salesman to sell them on. Especially the fact that it has a shitty camera and to the average consumer its one of the most important features.

I was definitely leaning toward the Gnex but they really dropped the ball with the camera on that phone. Now I'm leaning toward the new EVO.

The GN is a worse phone in every single respect - cpu, gpu, screen, battery, and a seriously crappy camera, no sd card, build quality.

The only thing it has going for it is the promise of updates from Google. That is not enough for me to buy a device with such outdated hardware.

Everyone keeps saying it's ugly, but about 90% of smartphone users I see keep their phone in case all the time...so does it really make a difference?

LOL, bigger hit??? Yea, most people are gonna buy a phone that was released 6-7 months ago, instead of a better at EVERYTHING phone that is the best phone on the market right now. Yea you make alot of sense dude.

whatta troll.. seriously it's the new evo do you really want just another x seriously? get a life go buy a sammy and let me know how their shitty service lack of support works out,and really the gnex is already the next nexus s behind in specs and in the back of everyones mind..forgotten! im glad they stuck with black and red i love my og's color scheme and this is definately evo name worthy

You sound like a big baby. There is nothing wrong with either phone. HALF of you idiots bitching & moaning like children are going to be the first ones going to buy it so SHUT UP already. I feel like this we come to something if you dont have anything positive to say,,..KEEP it to yourself and move on no one requires you post your negative opinion. IF HTC or SPRINT DIRECTLY are not contacting you for YOUR opinion. DO the world a favor and keep your negativity to yourself. No one wants to hear your bullshit give me a damn break its the same damn phone IF not better !!!!! UGHHHHHHH YOU COMPUTER GANGSTERS KILL ME !!!!!!!!!

I'm currently on T-Mobile with my girlfriend and we pay about 145 dollars a month now. I'm wondering if I should switch us to Sprint for this phone though. It seems so tempting! I'd have to pay 200 dollars per line to cancel our current contract though. It would also bump up our monthly by 10 dollars. That unlimited data though! Any advice?

Ouch. If you're paying 145 for two you could switch to any carrier. VZW, ATT, whatever. Sprint wouldn't even make my short list. T-Mobile>Sprint.

I assume he is an intelligent guy and fully capable of comparing coverage. It's sprint's internet speeds that tend to negate their "unlimited" data. Might not be true everywhere (as you mentioned) but here, it's a laugh. Imagine if I offered you all you can eat breakfast for $5.99 but the meal consisted of allowing you to have one egg and one piece of toast per hour. It's beyond obvious that he will need to compare his own results. I'm still going to take a wild guess that ATT or VZW would provide superior coverage for his money at his location. It's really not that wild of a guess.

Yeah I've had Sprint before with a Samsung Epic 4G. I was on it with my brother and mother with the bill being 190 dollars. The average download speed at the fastest in my hometown...or even county(4 cities in all) was about 75 kbps. Decent enough to watch a Youtube video or do most things. AT&T has HSPA coverage so 150 kbps is all around here. Verizon 3G is obviously good. No 4G coverage within 40 miles though. T-Mobile also only gets 2G(EDGE) in my county. I'm always on wifi though. The thing was that T-Mobile didn't want a deposit and now my contract wouldn't end till November 2013. I'm just not sure what I should do now. If I should stick to T-Mobile or cancel us out of it early

Wow your area has horrendous data speeds or your numbers are off. AT&T HSPA should be about 1Mbps download, with HSPA+ anywhere from 3-5Mbps. T-Mobile HSPA+ in my area clocks in around 8 Mbps. AT&T LTE is around 30Mbps. 75kbps isn't enough to do anything.

75 kb/s. take that 1mbps and divide by 8 at least for AT&T. Way different. Yeah my area is really bad for data coverage I think. We're the only county for 400 miles without 4G :-(

True, you can barely do e-mail with 75k. Here are my (local) experiences:

VZW: 2G: 100k
3G: 300k - 1.5m
4G LTE: 6m - 20m

ATT: 2G: 350k - 450k
3G: 2.0m - 4.0m
H+: 3.0m - 8.0m
4G LTE: Not Deployed Currently

T-Mobile: 2G: 350k - 400k
3G: 1.5m - 2.0m
H+: 3.0m - 7.0m

Sprint: 3G: 150k - 250k
WiMax: Not yet deployed
LTE: Not yet deployed

So, it becomes quite obvious why Sprint is a no go here. Plus some family members have them here and the constant voice drops are horrendous to boot.

Yeah I'm beginning to think this isn't reasonable for me to do either even though T-Mobile only gets 2G here...8-20k. Even though Sprint has 3G coverage here which would be a big boost the cost of switching is proving too much. Just over 1000 dollars all things considered.

Yeah, sounds like you should stick it out, maybe hit up T-mobile rep to see if you can get a bill reduction somewhere to drop that 145 down.

We have 4 android lines with VZW to the tune of $225/month and one corporate line on each Sprint and ATT in our family. 6 lines total, 4 people.

Make sure you know someone with Sprint, and they get good coverage. In my area Tmobile may throttle you but that is still way faster than Sprint.

Give Sprint a call and let them know you are thinking about switching. Let them know which devices you are interested in purchasing as well. Sprint has been known in the past to give you a discount to lure you away from another provider! It doesnt always happen, but it never hurts to ask!

Find out from other people IN YOUR AREA what Sprint's coverage is like. Find out where your area stands with relation to the LTE deployment, if possible (they may not tell you...but you can find out how quickly your area got WiMax service after they launched that, it won't give you an exact date, but it will give you a feel for what priority Sprint gives your market!). I will say that in the greater Seattle area, Sprint has EXCELLENT coverage. I talk to people all day who call in from their cell phones, and Sprint drops the least amount of calls...AT&T and surprisingly Verizon are the worst offenders here. This changes dramatically from region to region though. Don't listen to people who say "Sprint sucks!", because that may not be true where YOU live and work! Also, many of the people who are upset, are angry because they were tethering their phone without paying for a tethering plan, then got caught and disconnected. You can't really complain if you are cheating the phone company and then get caught! I tether (illegally) myself, but I also restrict my use a bit...I dont download or stream movies when tethered or try to run bittorrent over my mobile connection. If you show a little restraint in how you use the network, and keep your heavy use on WiFi, you should never have an issue.

I will also say, that after 7 years as a Sprint customer, within the last 4 years, they have DRAMATICALLY improved their customer service, both in stores and service centers, and when you call in. They have been consistently helpful when I have issues, including VOLUNTARILY checking over my bill periodically to make sure I am on the most cost effective plan!

I have also found that despite all the complaints some people have about phone selection, Sprint usually tries to be the first with the latest phones. They were first to carry the Samsung Galaxy S 2, and they will be getting the new Evo (Sprint's improved version of the HTC One X) and the Galaxy Nexus soon as well.

In the end, it's really up to you. Do your research, shop for phones, and ask nicely for discounts. I think that even if you DO have to pay a couple hundred to switch, you will be VERY happy once you do! Have fun and good hunting!

Thanks. No WiMax in my area or any type of 4G from any carrier within 40 miles of me like I said.


200 dollars to disconnect both lines from T-Mobile = 400$
20 dollars to carry both numbers over = 420$
400 dollars to put 2 new phones on contract with Sprint = 800$
Oh and the taxes on those 2 phones..so maybe another 150 dollars?
lets not forget activation of 35 dollars each. So just over 1,000 dollars to switch to Sprint in total

While not implying they live in California, $150 wouldn't be a huge stretch for tax there. Ya know, since they have to pay tax on the actual cost of the phone instead of contract price.

I love Sprint with the Unlimited Data. I can watch HBO Go anywhere and Netflix anywhere on my phone wherever I am. The unlimited Data is really to have for me because I use the internet all the time

It's nice that you can get speeds that support that. I couldn't even stream music half the time on Sprint. The data speeds were THAT bad.

Really now. I use Google play while using Sprint navigation all the time, in Ny and in Pa. No problems at all.

This phone took the good from the One X and made it better!... I have had both the OG EVO and the EVO3D, and i will be getting this phone for sure. My only problem is the battery not being removable, but i guess carrying a charging pack isnt any harder then a spare battery and battery charger. Best Android phone of the year right here!

Have to admit, not too sure about the two tone look yet, but just like I got the EVO 4G on day one, the EVO 3D on day one - I'll be picking up the EVO 4G LTE on day one as well...........although it may not be the best looking, this device has definitely kept me from jumping ship to the next iteration of the iPhone.

I'll admit that the look isn't the way I'd go, but that's such a minor consideration for me, that it really doesn't even enter into my buying choice... I'm mostly dithering based on the non-removable battery... I've had a time or two where the long-press on the power button didn't reboot my current phone, and that would be a major PITA.

There's a hard wired (read: not Android level) button combo used for devices with non-removable batteries that will reset the phone (acting as a battery pull). Really, the only two downsides with a non-removable battery are you can't carry a spare to swap in, and you can't pull out the battery if for some reason the phone gets wet (major downside, as if your phone gets wet, it will just sit there and fry, while you watch helplessly. A removable battery means there's a good chance you can save it from burning itself out.)

That said, I'd probably go for it myself, being that it has a very large battery included, and I'm generally pretty careful with my phone. Oh, and I'd probably get Sprint's insurance, which would help me get a replacement if something catastrophic should occur.

I've had both the Evo 4G and Evo 3D when they first came out. I now have a Galaxy Note. I'd love to get the Evo LTE, but the fact is Sprint's LTE won't be widely available to at least next year. I already went through the troubles of waiting for wimax to be deployed with the original 4G, I can't do the same again.

It's a great phone. That two-tone back is awful though. Don't think that will sway buyers though. Why would it? Sprint buyers of the original EVO contract's are up. The EVO 4G LTE is going to be their replacement. They've been conditioned to like a bigger screen so unless they wait for the iPhone 5 with a bigger screen (still in doubt), this is their next phone.

Phil.. I dod have the Epic 4g touch, and I love it, but this new Evo it's a killer to me. I can't see why people complaining, it has enough battery and total internal memory and SD card, for all we need. Something wrong with you all COMPLAINERS.

Who is this group you call 'we'?

This is great for you, and whatever collection of people have elected you to speak for them, that the battery is enough.

There is another collection of people, probably much larger than the selection of people covered under your label of 'we', which disagree.

So is something wrong with all these 'complainers' or is it simply the fact that their needs differ from yours?

That two tone look is definitely ugly. I may stick with my OG EVO and see what else comes out. I'd really prefer a pure Google phone at this point. My OG EVO has been running a non-sense (hehe) ROM since day one.

The Galaxy Nexus is an excellent phone. Problem is the camera on your OG Evo is BETTER than the one in the Nexus.

sorry but your wrong. I took 50 pictures last night with the EVO4GLTE at the Sprint event and every one was clear, crisp and colorful!! oh and in focus too!!

"Yes, like the original EVO it means you can't use the kickstand properly and charge the phone at the same time".

The microUSB charge for the Evo 4g is on the side and not the bottom. I have never had issues using the kickstand while charging (once you get cord weight correct). Unless I am missng something, this issue started with the Thunderbolt.

Saying that, I guess I am in the minority as this will be my next phone.

I can't figure out why people keep calling it ugly. Even if you don't like, 80% of going to put this phone in a cover - so you won't even see anything but the screen.

I have never had an issue charging while using the kickstand on my OG EVO either. But I have also never had my EVO 4G in a case. I would also not, more than likely, put my next phone in a case. Since I think the gloss on matte look is ugly, it becomes significant for me.

Evo 4g started this game as far as 4g device so it makes perfect since to keep straight from the past. Now let's see what it does against the galaxy s3 come may 22nd.

What do you mean you can't charge the Evo4G while using the kickstand? Hell, I plug mine in and watch movies...using the kickstand. The Blunderbolt had those issues, not the Evo4G

I like the dedicated camera buton and micro sd so thats a plus. The battery ...ehhh ive had my EVO4G for almost 2 years and have never really swapped batteries so I personally wont miss it.

The ONE thing I do miss is the sontact charging ports on the back cover. A car/desk dock with this setup is much easier than the micro usb route.

Oh and Phil, Does it do hdmi out through the usb port? Havent read anyone mentioning it.

Non removable battery is a deal breaker for me. I cant charge my phone during the day so I have to have a huge battery. 2000 isnt big enough. Phone looks cool though.

If the battery life is anything like it is on my EVO 3D, 2000 is plenty big enough for me! I use mine 24/7/365 and get two days out of a single charge. In fact, I just pulled my battery for the first time on the 3D to see the size (1730mah). But then again, if the battery life is anything like the original 4G - then you have a point!!!!

That's the "deal maker" for this phone with all us battery skeptics. Although 70% seems a little high for an estimate, 50-60% would be great...along with a good power management app, like JuiceDefender Ultimate. We'll just have to wait for the real-world hands tests from AC.

My problem is really in the name. LTE isn't something that "civilians", as you lovingly call them, should be seeing up front. They just want to know, "Is it faster?" EVO One, however, seemed like an elegant name. It's part of Sprint's EVO line and HTC's One line. Kind of like the Samsung Galaxy S2 Sprint Epic 4G Touch, but without being a complete word salad.

The One name isn't good. The HTC Nexus One was released a couple years ago. It is confusing.

It was the Google Nexus One. HTC never got top billing for that phone, even though we all knew where it came from.

All confusion ends on first glance.

I agree w/ the name being convoluted, but I believe that if you're awake, you've heard LTE. We get beat over the head with it. Not as much as 4G, but once Sprint has gone to it and ATT continues their rollout it will be all LTE, all the time. T-Mo is going to have to get in gear because 4G just won't play much longer. Verizon started that with their blitzkrieg ad campaigns last year and I think it is sticking.

The One X Looks better, but the larger battery, MicroSD slot, and Kickstand make this the one to get.

Not to mention that I'm not leaving Sprint anytime soon, I dont have a choice in that regard.

Looks like a great phone with killer specs but I just don't like the look o the 2 tone back. It reminds me of a car that had a body panel replaced and the painter did a half ass job matching the paint to the rest of the car. Makes it look kinda cheap.

I agree this actually improves the X. Just with this added SD card kick stand bigger battery. And sorry the gn is all ready old technology and will get its a zzz handed to them by this phone. Only down side which launches first. If gun launches first it one ups the evo lte but if the hard core original evo wait for this then we have a winner

Honestly, I've been thinking about it. Sure it's ugly, but I'm going to slap a case on it anyways, which will cover up that hideous back. I still wish the front wasn't so square, but I'm more function over form, so will probably get it.

Wow, then your badly wrapped gifts look a heck of a lot better than my really nice looking wrapped gifts. Any chance your family is looking to adopt?

The phone may not look like the new hotness, but face it, that is what cases are for anyway. Maybe it is time to go into after market phone shell design for a new business.

my sister has an evo 4g, and would definitely love to step up to the new model.....but no removable battery is a deal-breaker. Sorry, htc. that was a really bad move on their part.

This phone spec wise is better then the one x but boy is this an ugly phone or what? who ever picked this design on sprint should be fired.

For all the people complaining about the top glossy part. (which Im not to fond of myself)

The answer is simple.

Take the plastic cover off, sand with 2000 grit, adhesion promoter, automotive trim paint.

tada! Matching back cover. Thats what I'll probably do.

OR..... Seidio if your reading how about a matching upper cover? Id pay 10-15 bucks for it.

The top half of the back is removable right? Couldn't someone just make a soft touch back piece to replace the 2 tone. Its ridiculous but I would actually pay for that because I am not a fan of the back, and I don't use a case. Although, I have the Evo3D now and that thing is pretty ugly in its own right, haha

Just looking at the main complaint about this phone ensures there will be a market for that removable cover. I'd buy one as an accessory at the Sprint store on release day if they had one.

Why oh why did they put the charger on the side. I am watching a video at work right now on my EVO and it is charging from the bottom. I am not buying a dock for a phone that has a kickstand. How can you charge the phone while you are using the kickstand?


Still ugly, AT&T has the Sprint version beat in the design department.

They added unnecessary stuff IMO. Dedicated phone button? WHy not just a shortcut like 'hold home' for a second when the phone is off? The design is REALLY a step back from that sexy white clamshell One X. Black plastic x poly carbon dark grey? LMAO. HTC US sucks at designing phones.

Everybody loves the look of the AT&T version, but people are not sure what Sprint was thinking with there version.

Wait, what? I thought that was a camera button? I like a physical camera button because it is easier to keep the phone steady while taking pictures and your finger doesn't get in the way. Easier to do one handed too.

*cough* TROLL *cough* ... Its a dedicated CAMERA/photo Button... Like on the EVO3D... not "phone" button.. That doesnt even make and sense!!!!! If your planing on trashing a phone at least have your facts right. This phone has all the internals of the One X PLUS Kickstand, SDCard, and PHOTO button. = Better then the One X.... I dont know a single person with a smart phone that doesnt have a case.. so why the hell would you even care about a two toned back??? you would never see the damn thing anyway ... Go trolling somewhere else

It's a camera button, not a phone button. And holding the home key for several second defeats the entire point - to rapidly take pictures without having to wait several seconds.

All great points, Phil. This phone isn't the One X and clearly Sprint didn't want it to be. It's an EVO all the way.

My main concern for the success of the device is the limited LTE network. I live in Dallas so I'll be picking this one up on launch day, but if I did not live in an LTE area there is no way I would upgrade. Wimax may not be the best 4G, but its certainly better than nothing.

The only One X feature that I would have loved to see on the EVO 4G LTE is the charging contacts. The car dock that was demoed at MWC was awesome and I would love to have an alternative to plugging in the device to charge. Even worse, since the battery is non-removable then most likely there will not be an inductive charging solution available for it ever.

Hmm, every EVO 4g I've seen has the microUSB port on the bottom of the phone. This no charging issues while using the kickstand. Is there a hardware variant that has it on the side? Or is Phil so drunk with ONEXness that he confused the Thunderbolt here?

I'm not a big fan of the gloss on top, but it may make it a little easier to get in and out of your pocket.

And it's definately more aerodynamic. Combined with the red accent it should be very fast. Because everybody knows red is the fastest.

Interesting that many people care about the back of a phone. Considering I have a case on my current EVO4G, the back means nothing to me. But to each his own.

It's like people complaining about the bottom of their dress shoes!

BTW, love the new E4GLTE. I will def be grabbing one. Can't wait!

They should call it the EVO FUNGUS because that's what it is. A fungus that is slowly growing on me. I like it just a little more every time I see it. Actually that's a horrible name for a phone.

Uhh... no. Or maybe. We all know what the G'Nex is and what it gives you. Being on a different network will be the only difference. The Sprint version certainly isn't shipping with a quad-core or anything super different from the Verizon edition. Except maybe an actual update to ICS. HAHA! The only issue would be the battery. If you can live with that then I think the EVO wins out. You can always root it and go vanilla if you wanted to. With that part of the playing field even, The EVO looks damn good.

The One-X is pretty ugly in black. I loved it in white, though. But the EVO-X is a better looking phone in black, for sure and the spec bump cannot possible be seen as a negative...though people will undoubtedly find a way to do so.

I think the push-back here is because it came with the EVO name, rather than the generic One-X. Personally I think Sprint was smart to stick with a name that it already has in its stable and is a very well recognized moniker of its most successful Android line to-date.

I do not see what the big deal is, honestly.

the one x looks like a decent phone but IMO sprint totally screwed up the design on this evo. the two tone colors on the back is horrid.

im happy with my rezound for the following reason:

the name doesn't "suck"

it's fast

it's sexy ;)

beats audio

"removable battery"

in the process of getting s-off at xda.

Seriously name, look and crappy branded equalizer that isn't even configurable ( A good equalizer app can do better than beats )is 3 of your 5 priorities?
The rezound is still trying to get s-off? that sounds like a losing battle to me, and who knows they make unlock this one faster at that pace.
The removable battery I'll give you I have a thunderbolt and I want a new HTC phone in November and I don't want to settle for a year old rezound at that point, I may have to accept a non-removable battery looking at how high end handsets seem to be headed or even go to a samsung phone, though as an owner of a captivate and sgs2 on AT&T I'd rather stick with HTC for my personal phone.

Assuming the HTC Evo 4G LTE has the same radio placement as my OG Evo 4G, then the glossy finish was likely a public service initiative to educate users not to put their hands in that area. Okay okay, I tried. I don't like the glossy look either, keep it all one tone, and make the word HTC on the back silver. It isn't enough of an issue to pass on it though - I still have the OG battery in my OG Evo 4G too. What is the verdict for the capacitive buttons? I would prefer virtual.

P.S. There is speculation on S4GRU that the plastic portion of the two tone back is friendlier to radio reception and the NFC chip. Obviously you'd think the One X would have had the same if that was the case. Thoughts?

The reason for the shiny black top is because it has to be made of polycarbonate for phone/wi-fi/blue-tooth/NFC radio signals to pass throught The One X body is all polycarbonate so it has no such need for a divided back. I'm sure HTC would have tried to match the back colors, but couldn't get a good color or texture match so they went for the contrasting smooth black. I would rather have a contrasting back than a poor black match. They should have put a Red EVO or HTC symbol in the shiney black to draw attention to it and away from the flat black on the rest of the back. It would have been more like a badge.

I like the less protruding camera on the Sprint phone.... Also, I could care less about the two tone and kick stand I would be putting a case on it and both would be invisible...

Now if only I could buy this phone and run it on my Verizon account....

The Evo 4G LTE is aimed at people like me, who bought the first Evo 4G back in June 10' and Sprint wants to keep me.

Its the same damn phone as the One X. The Sprint version has 200mah more power, Google Wallet and a kickstand (if I missing something, correct me please).

For me, I rarely use my kickstand on my Evo 4G, I even forget its there. The kickstand was a gimmick, (just like 3D phones HTC). I dont need or have a use for Google Wallet and the extra 200mah is really nice, but its bolters towards Sprint LTE, which Sprint will not be rolling into my area (Los Angeles) until probably second half 2013. Which means for the next year ill have an LTE device that I cant even use in one of the biggest phone markets in the world.

So now it comes to design, and its not even close, AT&T wins. Actually, its not AT&T, its HTC Europe/International because its the same look as the one they're getting over there. I call it, the unmolested version, lol. Just check out the Verge gallery of it,


It KILLS the Evo 4G LTE in design, its sexy as hell, front and back. Yes, I look at the back of my phone, EVERYBODY DOES WHEN YOUR TALKING ON IT. I dont use cases, too bulky.

This is my opinion though AND I'm only talking about in terms of design. Specs are pretty much DEAD even, so no need to argue that. Nobody is contesting the look of the AT&T/Euro version of the phone but ALOT of people are contesting the Sprint version. That should tell HTC/Sprint something about there design idea. Its really a step back in terms of design and looks like almost every other HTC phone on the market.

Good job HTC USA.

I feel sorry for the people that think the 2000 mh battery is so great. Ask anybody with a 2100 mAh "extended" battery on the Nexus. It will do fine for light to moderate...but will not last a full day with "regular" use.

You need to consider that the Nexus utilizes a 45nm process, while the Evo 4G LTE will use the newer 28nm process. This phone is going to run cooler, consume less power and be more efficient than 99% of the phones in today's market.

they say that about every new phone and the battery life still sucks. there is no reason phones cannot come with a huge slimline battery like the razr maxx has.

Is that an official battery? It is hard for me to make judgments when the batteries that come with phones are good quality and a lot of the 3000+mah extended batteries are cheap ebay crap that is hardly as good as stock.

Seidio's 4000 really does last more than twice longer than htc stock 1730 (evo 3d). My guess is 2000mah non-replaceable will perpetually feel, at best, 'just enough'. Not fun for cutting edge do-everything mobile device.

Is it too late for Sprint/HTC to change the two-tone back? If they hadn't made that horrendous choice, it really isn't that much different than the grey HTC One-X. The white version, however, is definitely more sexy as the design/curves are more distinct, but the gray version really doesn't stand out that much compared to the new Evo.

I did the added features. I know the battery is larger, but if it had a removable battery I'd switch to Sprint.
VZW please take this phone and call it the Incredible 3 or w/e.

The more I look at the Evo and the one x.. the more I like the Evo.. the one x is actually kind of ugly.. totally gray, with a stupid hump that reminds me of a robot nipple. People complain about the shiny part of the Evo.. I kinda like it.. kinda reminds me of like R2D2 or something.. the Evo is the better phone in my eyes.. but still gonna wait for tegra 3 and to see how sprint's LTE holds up.. after wimax, I can't go through that again.. come September .. if LTE isn't great.. I'm going Verizon

Guys and Gals. I bet we can get an aftermarket back cover for it, before it is even officially released! One that matches the look on the bottom of the phone.

Now, that would look a hell of a lot better! (I'm still buying the fookin' thing regardless of the looks)

OK, this is nice, but I'll wait to see what we get from Moto and Samsung (and Apple). Then I'll decide. I like the Epic Touch a lot still, so it's no problem waiting for the other shoes to drop.

I will wait until I hear some real world reviews. The EVO 3D was a hardware and software mess of epic proportions. After 5 handset replacements, I was force to purchase a Galaxy X2 at full price and never looked back.

Until HTC can prove to me that they have fixed the buggy OS, failing screens and poor battery life, I will pass.

By the way, they said the same thing about the camera on the EVO 3D and how did that turn out?

If they update the Galaxy nexus with a decent processor up grade I will get that. Or just wait to see what Samsung has coming out.

HTC shot themselves in the foot last year.

I will wait until I hear some real world reviews. The EVO 3D was a hardware and software mess of epic proportions. After 5 handset replacements, I was force to purchase a Galaxy X2 at full price and never looked back.

Until HTC can prove to me that they have fixed the buggy OS, failing screens and poor battery life, I will pass.

By the way, they said the same thing about the camera on the EVO 3D and how did that turn out?

If they update the Galaxy nexus with a decent processor up grade I will get that. Or just wait to see what Samsung has coming out.

HTC shot themselves in the foot last year.

I had to replace my Evo 3D 5 months after I got it because the touch screen failed on the bottom. Have not had a problem since I got my replacement.

HTC may have shot themselves in the foot lat year, but remember that Samsung shot themselves in the foot the year prior and they bounced back. HTC is bouncing back this year.

I had to replace my Evo 3D 5 months after I got it because the touch screen failed on the bottom. Have not had a problem since I got my replacement.

HTC may have shot themselves in the foot last year, but remember that Samsung shot themselves in the foot the year prior and they bounced back. HTC is bouncing back this year.

Hope Verizon gets something similar, nothing really new from HTC yet for Verizon, but I have time my upgrade isn't available until November so I can wait a little HTC. I'm currently a thunderbolt owner and want to stick with HTC because their hardware is better and seems less prone to defects.

The only thing this phone is missing is a Slide Out Keyboard.. I am waiting for HTC to hopefully launch an EVO Shift LTE version. I need a keyboard for when I have a lot of typing to do.

Its the best over-all phone coming out if...
You have coverage. Right now I'm in Los Angeles and wimax
Is a solid 6-8m. But what will lte from sprint be like?
we have to wait and see about that and many won't even be
in an lte area.
I may hold off because I love the EVO 3D and have good 4G
(Wimax) for now. Want to try the lte first.

Honestly if sprints lte is like there wimax I'm going to jump ship

Sprint's LTE will be lighting up in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego Q4 2012. Why not use you EVO 3D until then?

Although I'm in San Diego I'm getting the EVO LTE on release day since I use wifi 95% of the time.

Man, now I cant decide what I want. I like the look of AOSP more than sense 4, but the hardware of this phone is just pure amazingness. HELP ME DECIDE lol. I suppose a AOSP rom will come out soon enough, but they never seem to be fully functional...

Bahh Bahh your all sheep its just like Apple they upgrade the hardware but dont change the look and your all suckers lined up to buy.. Yes please can I have some more..

Don't really care about this particular phone (because I'm not a Sprint customer), but I'm usually a LOT more interested by what's under the hood than what it looks like. Much better than buying the same hardware with a new coat of paint slapped on it. And it's "you're".

I love this site, but the absolute dripping of optimism over EVERY NEW PHONE is crazy. You guys need to put aside your love for NEW (FREE FROM THE MANUFACTURER) GADGETS and review the phone as unbiased as possible. In these reviews, I see the glossing over the shortcomings and the praising (from the rooftops) of the strengths.

You guys glossed over the fact that the kickstand is poorly designed, and then make a joke about it as if it's not a big deal and just "turn it over"! Then you gloss over the ugly two-tone paint scheme by saying the kickstand "serves as a good transition between the two."

Gloss over the lack of quad-cores by saying the phone is not going to be slower than a Tegra 3 phone...

The list goes on!

Kickstand is engineered to be strong enough to be used in either position in addition to portrait. I would say it is designed to be stronger than any before it. Color is a personal preference. Obviously you don't like it, many people do. Who cares about how many cores it has if it performs just as well or better than a quad? Look at benchmarks that are out there now. From the information we have it looks like this processor is faster.

And if I am not mistaken review phones are usually shipped back to the manufacturer and not kept by AC. If they are kept they are usually given away. Phil is constantly saying he is going to buy (or rather Android Central is going to buy) a particular phone because he likes it and wants to use it as a daily driver.

Miguel.. you sir are either an idiot or refuse to learn about this device before spouting off.

There are people who have no sense of design and function. In these categories this new HTC EVO LTE even blows away the iPhone.


I like it. The Evo is where it all started for me, and this looks like a worthy successor. This is just my opinion, but on paper, the only thing that looks better is the name...HTC One X....That's hot,,,but HTC EVO, that's classic....

Kickstand is a gimmick, you'll forget its there will before you contract is up. It doesn't need to be on every damn Evo series device.

Same here, use mine all the time! In fact, it's become a requirement for my next phone. I can't imagine not having a kickstand. And I mean a native one, not on a case (don't like em, prefer naked). :)

I really don't like the glossy top either. After thinking about it, its a minor issue for me. I had OG Evo and now the 3D and both have served me well and they continue to because my son has my Evo. This will fill my needs, I never remove my battery, the new kick stands out of the way and I'll never use it away. I just needed the SD card slot and larger battery. So I will be getting it shortly after launch when they dropped the prices alittle after early adopters get it.

When I saw the One X introduction I was let down, not because of the design (looks) of the phone but because of it's function e.g. no micro SD and non-removable battery. It was in affect an Android iPhone; pretty but closed. I really hoped that Sprint changed the specs and for the most part, they came through sans removable battery. But they even upped the ante on that aspect by supplying a bigger battery. They continued the lineage of the Evo design with the kickstand, the black finish and kept some ques from the Evo 3D with the camera button. I applaud Sprint's and HTC's efforts by giving me the phone I wanted them to make; a true successor to the original Android powerhouse the Evo. To each his own, but this WILL be my next phone.

Best designed kickstand? If you like a painted small red stick that looks like the one from the ol' cheese and crackers snack and that can't properly prop up the phone in portrait mode. :P

I am happy for my sprint family and EVO friends if you have the original granddaddy then YES it's time for an update. If you have an EVO 3D you should consider an upgrade sprint will work it out for you they always do. Same goes for the EVO design 4g customers call up sprint and see what they will do for you from an upgrade standpoint. The EVO 4G LTE is the BEST EVO in the family plain and simple. Myself being a former evo 4g and evo 3d owner I am happily on verizon enjoying my GALAXY NEXUS the best stock android device on the market. I would love to return to sprint down the line but they will have too get that network of the ground with LTE here in New York city and prove how good it is compared to Verizon and At&t. Truthfully with the upcoming GALAXY S3 and GALAXY NOTE2/JOURNAL and upcoming NEXUS in December 2012 it's hard to say if this EVO 4G LTE can stand up to the competition we will find out. Snapdragon s3 vs Snapdragon s4 what is really the real world difference between the two that is what someone needs to place up on a video so people can see what the difference really is in daily usage. I am pretty sure it won't be much of a day to day usage difference plus I would love for someone to put up a comparison video SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 EPIC TOUCH 4G vs HTC EVO 4G LTE I bet that exynos processor on the epic touch is still faster than the snapdragon s4 in the evo 4g lte just a thought...Hail to Dan Hesse and HTC

You wanna do a good follow-up to the design issue many of us
have with this phone?

Get an interview with a Sprint VP about why they did what they did.

It's embarrassing that a major carrier has a phone this UGLY as it's flagship phone.


You wanna do a good follow-up to the design issue many of us
have with this phone?

Get an interview with a Sprint VP about why they did what they did.

It's embarrassing that a major carrier has a phone this UGLY as it's flagship phone.


It's a cool phone. Ugly or whatever you wanna call it. Get a case for it. I'm gonna buy it to move on from this O.G. EVO... I still have the original EVO. I'm typing this on it right now. The EVO 4G LTE will be the perfect upgrade...

Im not saying that its not kick ass, it just has to much crap going on in the back. My 3 year old daughter has a dress that looks similar

Jay i second that but i wont be seeing the back at all cause i will have it encased in a otterbox defender case......boo yah

All this complaining on how it looks puts me ever so close to the front of the pre-order line (Huzzah). Did I mention that I will probably get a gel case to go along with it? Let the lovers love and haters hate. Like Marie Antoinette said, "let them all eat cake." Your welcome. Peace.

For everyone complaining about the way the phone looks, looks like you all are forgetting one massive detail. HTC for the past couple of years have released a WHITE version of the EVO phone line on Sprint. EVO 4G had its all white release as well as the 3D.
White EVO 3D: http://www.engadget.com/2011/08/23/white-htc-evo-3d-gets-exclusive-radio...

This is the OG White EVO: http://reviews.cnet.com/smartphones/htc-evo-4g-white/4505-6452_7-3421407...

How easily some people forget. I doubt HTC and sprint are going to miss out on releasing a white version of this phone. It's been done the past two years, don't see why they would stop now. Be patient and see folks.

Sooo... Wait.

This HTC phone doesn't have the DOCK contacts on it, so you can't say, put it in a car dock to utilize the much-hyped Sense 4 Car dock mode? But you get some lame-ass kickstand.

WTF Sprint?? How retarded is that?????

The Evo 4G is a better looking phone compare to the LTE. 2 tone phones? I thought 2 tone cars was taken it to far...

Why not make the top the same color as the bottom?! Just saying...

I don't get it, besides losing the charging contacts, does the Evo LTE not have anything the One X does? I was under the impression that the Evo was the One X with extra stuff added in. Why would anybody complain that the Evo LTE has more stuff in it that they were expecting?

It amazes me how much people are focused on form over function (it's not like a car). I think this is a big improvement over the One X - 2nd Gen LTE with 28 nm process, micro SD card (hate non-expandable memory phones), bigger battery (anything less than 2000 mAH on new big screen, LTE phones is a fail), the kickstand is cool (ask any T-Bolt owner about one of the few good features). I think this is going to be a HUGE success for Sprint.

Sprint's LTE network better kicks some serious ass, otherwise they'll have lost the game entirely. While I can't recall any dropped calls of late, the data network is abysmal at best. After rooting my phone and installing the CM7 ROM I can see all the instances where their 3G network craps out and reverts to 2G (or 1X) and 1X is so often incapable of doing much; emails stall, webpages stop loading and Twitter fails to update.

C'mon Sprint, get your act together. I'd hate to have to view the other carriers - with their throttled, capped and more expensive data plans - as better than yours, but if your data services are DOA then what's the point of spending my money on your network and your phones?

The more I look at the EVO 4G LTE photos the more I think it is the most gorgeous design to date. Really looking forward to this release.

Of course sprint put out a better handset.... They need to make up for the 4g f-up we all have been suckered into paying for the near nonexistent wimax! Honestly they should offer each and every one of the ppl who have paid for service that never came to there zipcode a free replacement!

The truth is, Sprint told HTC to add a SD Card Slot, Bigger Battery, Dedicated Camera Button and Kickstand to cover up the lack of LTE and it's sorry excuse as a 3G network. Honestly, if Sprint released the same phone as the One X, without all those features, and no LTE up, people would burn Sprints headquarters down.

I rather take HSPA+ and LTE over those features, and that's me. I think it's purely stupid on Sprint's part to put LTE name in a phone that does NOT have LTE at launch, or in enough cities when LTE does launch. Sprint is just saying "wait" and "we promise". Sorry Sprint, I played this game with you when I bought the Evo 4G and I'm still 'waiting' on that 'promise'. I was lucky enough at times to get a Wimaxx signal in other cities, but it was disgrace, that was there 4G? I manage 6u/2d. I got higher speeds on non LTE service on AT&T.

Some of you guys who are staying with Sprint, good luck. I can guarantee a year from now you'll still be waiting for LTE in your area and have to cope with that lame excuse Sprint calls 3G, on a fantastic phone, in 2013. Seriously, think about it, you got a awesome phone in 2013 thats capable of only 3G, and not just any 3G, Sprints 3G. Don't do it people, don't let Sprint trick you again. I love my Evo 4G and still have it, but I'm not gonna be tricked for 2 more years again.