EVO 4G Gingerbread update

Judging from our overflowing inbox, it looks like most of you have noticed that the Android 2.3 update for the HTC EVO 4G on Sprint is now available, just like Sprint said it would be. You're getting system version 4.22.651.2, and it's a whopping 109.21 megabytes. Not surprising, but be forewarned.

So what do you get? Judging from our hands-on with an earlier leaked build, you're not going to really notice too many differences, at least visually. Sense is Sense. But you get all of the new APIs and improvements in Android 2.3, plus we figure HTC's thrown in a bugfix or two.

If you haven't snagged the update yet, go to Menu/Settings/System updates/HTC software Update to pull it down manually. 

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!
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EVO 4G Gingerbread update available ... now!


There's actually a few visual changes that you will notice when you first get it. They are neat changes but not huge.

It powers up more quickly, it now has a restart option, the screens seem to transition nicely, some of the menus look more polished, downloads app is now in app tray, and I just noticed that the gmail notification icon (in the notification bar)looks different. And the copy and paste is a little different.

Cool, now I'll wait for the custom Rom for this. Don't want to have to reroot again. Now if they could throw in sense 3, I'd be a happy camper.

Yeah, who knows how long until Root would be broken again. Although the dev community with the EVO is pretty huge so probably not long. When t 2.3 comes for my EVO Shift on the other hand. Root was hard enough to get on that so I am not taking any chances.

It said the update was available, but i wanted to do it in wifi so i canceled now it keeps saying phone is up to date and im still in 2.2


This is great, definately some settle changes that are nice espically browser wise and the sense flip clock the gingerbread keyboard is great to.

Now the only issue is that every time the phone updates PRL or restarts I still get the notice and have to clear. Grrrr!

me too, i can clear it by going to >menu>settings>call>clear voicemail notification. BUT it comes back every day. SO ANNOYING! I HATE THIS UPDATE! How do i put my phone on silent now without having to go into settings?!?!

I am constantly getting "corrupted file" notices almost immediately whenever I attempt to download.

Anyone else?

Also, my Evo is rooted and I'm using a custom ROM. Do those changes need to be undone before I can successfully update to Gingerbread?

...are you serious? You tried downloading and installing an OTA update while rooted and with a custom ROM? Dude, you could have at worst, possibly bricked your phone.

This is why people who don't understand the consequences of rooting and rom changing SHOULD NOT BE DOING IT.

Thanks guys/gals for the help and tough love. I was successfully able to revert back to stock and install the Gingerbread update.

I would be surprised if the OTA update allowed you to update on a rooted Evo, period. It always ends up with a 'corrupt file' (never really installing anything because of it - same with D'Inc.)

I thought I wasn't getting the update, then I realized it's because my wireless router was acting up. So I turned off wifi and turned on 4G and now the update came through. (San Jose, CA)

hmmmm. downloaded and as it was rebooting, the lil sprint video that says 4G... its now stuck on the 4G part... has not moved in 3 minutes... what to do.

mine did the same thing..i just waited..I dont know how long it ended up taking cuz i stopped watching it after a while but it was definitely more than 3 mins

I think that it just bricked my phone!?!?!?! It has been sitting on the white htcEVO4G screen for about 10 minutes now. I don't remember this happening when I upgraded to Froyo shortly after I bought the EVO...

NO it is not ROOTED... thought about it but ultimately did not do it... talked to Sprint and now have to go into one of there repair centers to get it fixed DAMNIT!!!! Oh well Crap Happens..

Took about 15 minutes to install. Not bad.

Very, very small changes I've noticed so far. Definitely happy/grateful my Exchange settings were left intact! :)

Hmm, after the update, I can't seem to turn on my 4g radio. Is anyone else seeing this? I'm trying to turn it on via the HTC Settings 4g widget.

Strange, I've rebooted a couple of times. After the latest reboot, I went directly into Settings>Wireless & networks and my 4g option is grayed out and says "Turning on...". It's been showing that for the last 15 minutes or so with no change and I still show connected at 3g even though I'm definitely in a 4g area.

I have Sprint 4g available at my house. Before the update I would get 3 bars on 4G. Now when I go into Settings>Wireless & Networks and check the 4G box, the radio turns on and then after about 20-30 seconds it says "Disconnected".....Hmmmm

download complete install took about 20 minutes. everything seems to be a little bit faster. fonts and icons look better. Android market downloads are quick. didn't have to change everything back to my settings like I did for froyo update. so far so good.

Am rooted, and am not going to unroot back for this update yet, what I have it`s the same and it has more to do.

How long does the update take to install? The device has been off for about 45 minutes and I can't power it on.

Got it here in So Cal...i hope Sprint catches up though cause i am not able to update anything else (PRL,Profile or Firmware) it keeps saying Please try again later. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Customer Service.
Error code:1012

I know it is probably just due to the update just coming out....

Downloaded the update and pushed install. The phone powered down and rebooted. It's been displaying an EVO with a red triangle and exclamation point for about 10 minutes now. Any idea what's going on?

you sure you are not rooted? i had that problem with last major update and i thought i bricked the phone but it was because i was rooted it did that. i took the battery out and restarted the phone it was fine but was unable to push the update without reverting to stock OS.

I'm sure. I've thought about doing it, read the threads about it, but too afraid that I'll brick the phone to actually do it.

Yes, I agree. You get the Red Triangle situation with a rooted phone. Did you trying taking out the battery and restarting it again, like the other person mentioned?

Yeah, I've pulled the battery a couple of times and re-downloaded the update. The green status bar for the installation moves up to about 25%, then I get the red triangle. I'm not rooted, so I don't understand why I'm having the issue, but I'm done messing around with it today.

@tgrant- Thanks. I'm still pretty new to Android. Came from a BB a few months ago. This is my first update and don't know what to expect.

You'll just notice little things here and there. Just play with your phone like you just got it. most of this update are things your not really going to "see".

Updated here in Illinois. But I dont have the sweet TV off animation when I turn the screen off. Is that a setting that needs to be turned on?

Or does that only happen if youre still running sense (i'm running launcherpro)?

The animation is only there for stock 2.3 (or some custom roms like cm7). Sense on top of it (regardless of launcher) has no animation.

That screen off animation only happens in CM7. Wish they would have included it in stock gingerbread.

Got it in Minneapolis on 4G!
Does anyone know why the picture above has green in the signal strength and 3G upload/download bars...the notification bar looks a little different than mine.

One thing I already don't like is not having the option to disable the mobile network when holding down the power button. I did this a lot to save the battery.

Rebooting seems much slower with "quick reboot" turned on....I dont see any improvement (in fact, it appears MUCH slower than before). I played with a Nexus S the other day and that reboots crazy fast.

Unless this only means rebooting from the "off" state? Not choosing the "restart" option.

Waitaminit...I downloaded and installed, and I've got Telenav and a new downloads app, but no GB keyboard??

Yep, I have 3 options: Swiftkey X, Swype and Touch Input. Touch Input gives me the same ol' keyboard I had before the update.

Same here as far as the LED notification on Handcent. I sent them an email with the issue. Also, if you look at the latest release of Hanscent, it corrected the same issue on the Droidx when it was upgraded to 2.3.3.

Wow after seeing all these comments with ppl who have Evos, it makes me want to get the Evo 3D when it launches. I couldn't find an Evo to save my life so I went with the Epic 4G. Still got it rooted (quite easily I must add) and now i have Gingerbread on it. It runs very smoothly, but I would have much preferred to have an Evo now

*sighs and looks at Epic*

Not sure that I agree about the Epic being better but...you are right about Netflix. It's not working right now. Surely they will update that app soon (I hope!)

Epic hands down has better hardware, better screen, better speaker, better gpu, better cpu, better ram, and better camera ( and no more mega pixel does not = better camera ). Once you root and run a custom rom there is almost no traces of touchwiz left. If you run voodoo on the epic the evo will feel very very slow and laggy compared to it. People who have modded both phones all agree the epic is a much better phone.

Just updated to Gingerbread, over the air (not wifi) in Appleton Wisconsin and all went fine. Installed and working without a flaw. I agree that it would have been nice to see more visual changes, but it does seem a bit snappier! Keep it coming HTC and Sprint. Just waiting now for the EVO 3D.

question: I'm trying to update my phone and I get to the (system software updates) page and click on check now and it says CHECKING... with the loading circle going round and round...

I've turned off my 4G, turned off my WiFi and then turned it back on (multiple times) I've tried everything.

please if someone has a fix for this please let me know

thanks in advance.

Same problem here. Tried wifi/4G/3G, restarting the phone, unchecking 'scheduled update', and it just keeps saying "Checking..." I let the circle spin for almost an hour this morning.

Of course, maybe I don't WANT it to update until Netflix is working again.

As of now I'll pass. I want it badly. Just not that much to lose root. Besides looks likes its an investing IT'S for some here.

Can all confirm that Netflix is not working now? Thanks.

Netflix's streaming service on my EVO 4G.

There is an update in the market, once I updated it worked again.

Nvrmind, still didnt work, getting kicked back to menu too.

Downloaded and running in Madison, Wisconsin (near there, anyway). Only glitch I've noticed: Netflix keeps kicking me out to the menu when I try to watch something!

Wow....This is a great update it appears that gingerbread was well worth the wait. The changes to the UI is great the flip clock, the 3g as well as 4g symbols are different and when you hit settings and runing services to turn off processes it is so much more slicker. It honestly appears that battery management is easier and let's not for get the QUICK BOOT FEATURE. Current Evo 4g owners should love this gingerbread update. And oh I forgot the KEYBOARD IS SLAMMING....I WILL LOVE MY EVO 4G THE GRANDDADDY OF ALL 4G DEVICES TILL MY EVO 3D COMES JUNE 24TH.

My keyboard is still the same as before the update....any ideas why?
-using touch input as input method.

Netflix app not working. Other issues I have noticed:

You tube videos are not in HD even tough HD is checked. Sometimes when you click on a video you get something totally different from what you requested. There are still streaming problems with you tube. There is a new feature under settings > Call, that supposedly activates the speaker phone when you you flip the cell, but it has not worked for me yet. No cool effect when you turn the screen off :(

Cool things I have noticed:

There is a option to set google voice as you voice mail manager from a setting in the phone now. the battery usage window has graphics now to show how the battery is being used. The phone is definitely faster.downloads manager app. icons at top bar look a little different. websites look better and more organized (skyfire) Tethering works through PDA net still :). There is a new feature to make phone ring louder if inside pocket or bag. New selection tools when typing or reading.

Does this new update correct the call waiting issue I've had since day one? get another call while I am on the phone. Go to answer the other call...let them know I will call them back later...other caller hangs up and then the call just hangs there in dead air tying up my line.

I believe this is a Sprint network thing. You also can't hang up on just one person, you can only "end all calls."

I'm hearing the GB keyboard isn't included in the Evo update. Which means that first guy who posted about the GB keyboard was full of crap.

I'm looking at the picture above, how come the the icons on the top bar are colorful not black and white like my phone??? Also Fancy widget keeps crashing on my phone afte the update.

Netflix updated for me and loaded up fine. Haven't tried playing a video (I'm at work) but everything else works ok? Is that where the problem lies?

No, it loads up and will even play the sound to a video for 1-2 seconds and then stops and returns to the main menu.

Is there anyone else who had Pandora installed and used the Pandora widget (not the app, but the widget)and found that after the GB 2.3.3 update to the EVO that the Pandora widget disappeared and was no longer available in the widget tray?

I had that problem before (haven't upgraded to GB yet). Realized it was because I'd moved Pandora to the SD card. Moved it back to the phone memory, rebooted, and the widget was back in the tray. A couple of other apps (Mint, for one) have the same issue.

Updated in Philly, took less then 10 minutes. Shame there are no glaring differences. I expected two things, the snappy on-off TV type thing and the 3D App Tray...other then that, I just figured there would be some small changes.

Anyone know if the 3D APP TRAY can be enabled?

Isn't it a tad irresponsible to put an update out there before giving it to developers to make sure apps won't break after the update? It's not like they rushed it immediately after Gingerbread was available...

I am trying to update but the screen is just stuck on "CHECKING" with the circle going around it. WTF? I tried a battery pull, and I tried on 3G and WiFi. Nothing. What gives?

Are you rooted?

Several bugs have been reported in a thread in the EVO 4G forum. Won't repeat them here if you haven't already seen them. Check the EVO 4G Forum for reported bugs and issues. Happy with the update overall.

You guys need to STOP SAYING NETFLIX UPDATE and call Netflix. I just called them for the 2nd time they are not aware of this problem. They said I'm the only person who has called. She asked me what was the app doing, is their any error codes, I told her that I didn't want to update and lose my Netflix. But truth is I'm rooted, but she said she needs people to call and tell them what is going on step by step so they cam get a fix.

Hey guys, congrats on getting the update. Some issues are to be expected so don't panic, a "maintenance update" will likely follow in the coming days or so and fix the little bugs.

I just wanted to remind you all of the little easter egg in Gingerbread. Goto: Settings>about phone> and repeatedly tap the firmware version ( where is says 2.3.3 ) and you'll get a little surprise.

Again, welcome to Gingerbread and enjoy the smoooooth ride. :)

I didn't have success with this after I upgraded to gingerbread.. wondering if I have a bad install.. mostly because I have a permanent voicemail indicator.

Updated and now the Voice Mail notice won't come off my phone in the Notification Bar. Won't let me "clear all"; even when I have no more voice mail in the inbox.

Just out of curiosity, do you use Google voice? My buddies don't use it and their installs seemed to have gone off without issue but I'm the only one using voice and having the same issue as you.

Holy crap. I've literally been looking for this all afternoon. Now I just feel like an idiot. Thank you for pointing that out for me. I couldn't for the life of me remember where that "clear voicemail notification" was. Both happy and angry at the same time. Thanks agian!

I just called Netflix. They told me that they are aware of the problem and the only fix right now would be to go back to 2.2. They said they got a lot of calls today and will have to work with HTC to resolve the problem. They have no ETA at this point.

I've noticed these changes so far:
-new clock widget animation
-new icons on the power settings widget
-new font for 3G/4G icons in the notification bar
-New/smaller menu list in the stock browser
-fast boot option under applications
-Slightly update task manager
-Improved battery life

Problems I've noticed so far:
-ESPN ScoreCenter won't fetch data
-Still get error/lost connection on WiFi, and needs to be switched off, then back on.

I live southern PA. and ginger is here. I am just waiting for it to download as i do not have 4G in the area that I live in. HTC EVO is the best phone that I have ever had.

I'm running 3.30.651.3 on my EVO. Does anybody know if I can skip update 3.70.651.1 and just get 4.22.651.2? Every time I try to manually check for updates, it either offers me 3.70.651.1 or tells me that there aren't any updates available. Thanks.

Short answer Not yet. Give the dev a few days to fig new root. If you are rooted now just wait till the clean rooted rom comes for xda and the like. That's what i'm doing.

What surprises me isn't the issue with rooted phones. That will be taken care of soon. What does get me worried is the total Fup of the reg phones. These are things that should have been found and corrected before the release. I'll hold off before I jump in again.

I've been checking throughout the and NOTHING. All I get is the "Checking..." dialog forever until I manually cancel it out. Noticing odd behavior with Update Profile & PRL as they now go to a blank screen. I'm running stock 2.2 and am not rooted. My bill with Sprint is a few days overdue. Anyone think they'd block the update because of that?

I'm having the exact same problems. I searched forums and tried to Google this problem and checked Facebook pages, but there's no answer to this.

Yeah, I'm not getting the update pushed to me either. I don't think it would be an issue with payment to Sprint, simply because my wife's EVO updated last night and we are on the same bill. For now I sit and wait...

My evo seems to be running better now with gingerbread, also htc weather
Widget is updating the correct city and weather

Hey im new at this so dont attack me when i ask this, but what exactly happens when a rooted phone is updated. like if i update my rooted evo 4g to gingerbread what would happen?

Phones, been a bit sluggish on me fast boot and a regular restart freeze on the restart video and stay like that for bout five minutes so not a fast boot

After the update there are many functional improvements including faster action, over twice battery life, bloatware apps not running in memory or drawing down battery when handset is idle.

I found a potential problem: after (clean) boot and then checking running apps,Telenav seems to get hung up in restarting cycle. My immediate solution is "stop" the app. I have not used Telenav since the GB update. Perhaps initiating the Telenav app once, will resolve this issue, since it is a navigation option when initiating a nav destination.

If you haven't gotten this update yet I'm just going to let you know it breaks your netflix app. So if your really big into netflix might want to wait.

I haven't get it, when I do it manually I am getting that my phone doesn't have any updates, and yesterday was showing me that the update I had was the FroYo one.

My wife's EVO updated last Friday, but I waited for days and days for it, searching every few hours. Nothing. Finally I got so fed up I backed up my data and did a hard reset, still nothing. Did the hard reset 3 times, and then - magically - the updated was available and it updated flawlessly. Not sure what was going on, but it might be worth a shot if you're really itching for it.

I haven't get it, when I do it manually I am getting that my phone doesn't have any updates, and yesterday was showing me that the update I had was the FroYo one.

LOVE the Gingerbread update. I updated on Friday and just updated mu wife's a few minutes ago. Definately more pros than cons. I could do without Netflix for a while until they fix it. Battery on on my Evo with Froyo was horrible (6 to 8 hours) before recharging. I literally had to have a charger at home, one in the car, and one at work. With this GB update, I'm already on my 14th hour since I unplugged it this morning and it shows that I have 40% battery left. My Evo performs alot faster now. Day one it was a little sluggish right after the install but after a few battery pulls and continuous use and it feels like a new phone. Lots of small new treats, nothing major but good improvements. I was really looking forward to the new Evo 3D this summer when my upgrade (Sprint Premier Gold) came up because my Evo on Froyo was so slow and the battery life sucked. But thanks to this update, now I'm not in such a hurry to jump on the Evo 3D bandwagon. I will wait a few weeks, maybe even months until the bugs are worked out on the first batch of 3D's before I get mine.

EVERYONE: If you don't like the very fast / half fast boot up with the dim screen it's not an error. Go to Menu: Settings: Applications: UNCHECK FAST BOOT option. Phone will boot up like it always does (Thank God!), and I love the new restart feature. :)

By the way, this new update takes up more space and can drain battery a bit more. I bought an extended battery while still on 2.2, for the EVO 4G, and it's incredible. Even more incredible on 2.3.3 Gingerbread. :)