Good news for Motorola Xoom users in Europe -- your Android 3.1 update is almost ready. Motorola has confirmed via its official forums that it expects the update to the newer (but not newest) version of Honeycomb by August 9. The 3.1 update includes UI enhancements and hardware-accelerated browsing, amongst other stuff.

Android™ 3.1 for Motorola XOOM™ will soon be available over the air to all Motorola XOOM users in Europe. We expect the over-the-air deployment to begin in early August, with the package being available for pull by August 9th. 

Now it's just a case of waiting for Android 3.2, which is already being pushed to North American Xooms...

Source: Motorola Owners' Forum. Thanks, Chaz!


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European Xooms to get Android 3.1 by August 9

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Apparently Canada is not part of North America, according to Android Central and Moto.

Canadian Xooms are still using 3.0. There is no indication of an update. There is no communication from Moto. There is no intention of supporting the product in Canada.