If you're an Android fan, you likely have at least one or more of these little guys in your house somewhere. Series 1 of the Dzyplastic mini Android collectibles was awesome and now, series 2 is being shown off over at the Dzyplastic blog. While not all the new designs have been posted, we'd be lying if we were to say we're not excited to see the rest of them. You can hit the break to see the two latest or head on over to the source link to see all six that have been shown off so far. [Dzyplastic Production Blog]


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Dzyplastic Series 2 mini Android collectibles coming soon


I don't understand why they don't just make more and sell them for less. It's so silly when a product is artificially turned into a "collectible" this way.

I just picked up one of the 1st series all green Androids from bestdealmart for $4.95. I just did a Google search for "Android mini collectible" and went to the shopping tab.

They were sold directly. Your best bet to buy one was via eBay. I've bought seven of the original nine that way.

I bought 2 Androids today after seeing this article, lol. Great gift idea... Just make sure to use one of the stores they mention on the official website so you don't get fake junk.

I'm digging that blue one now though ;)

lol, $100. I'd rather carve one out of wood or something than spend that kinda money for garbage plastic. I like Android and all but my custom rearview android keychain thing is good enough for me!