Galaxy S4

Could a ruggedized version of the Galaxy S4 be in the works at Samsung?

Speaking at the launch of the Galaxy S4 today in Dubai, Samsung Gulf Electronics president Young Soo Kim said that a rugged version of the phone was expected in the coming months. Specifically, he was said to say the phone would be water and dust "proof", which would make it much like the Sony Xperia Z that Alex should have thrown in the Thames reviewed last month.

This is the first we've heard mention of such a thing, and we're remaining a bit skeptical. We just wanted to pass it along for discussion, so discuss away!

Source: Techview


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Dust and water resistant Samsung Galaxy S4 could be coming soon


The point is just make one. There's not point to say oh yeah we also making a waterproof one also.

IMO that will be the downfall of the SGS series. Cause everything is just looking the same just like Apple. More power to them though. They did what no other company could do to Apple.

Well maybe if you would stop being so damn sexy for a minute then maybe all the women wouldn't be wetting there panties and your work environment as much.

I'm just going to wait for the MD4(multi window) upgrade for my Sprint GS3.
Oh wait, the update started rolling out today!
Thank you Sprint. I'm happy now.

Maybe Verizon is holding out for a more "rugged" just waiting for Verizon to actually allow pre-orders. A man can dream can he not.. although I am sure there is a surcharge that Big Red will put on me for dreaming. Good news is I can finance the surcharge over 12 months :)

Remember when HTC did this with the HTC One and the One X+, everybody put them down and said that it was too fast for another release. Now with Sammy doing basically the same thing, I wonder if people will get upset as well...

Oh I was very pissed off when HTC did that. I bought the One X and was like aint this a bish. If I would have bought the SGSIV and heard they dropping a water proof version I'd be very upset as well as I'm always outside near water and dust environment. At least this is be "rumored" before the release of the SGSIV.

I already been debating about switching to TMo to get the Xperia Z just for those features alone and they didn't try to drag customer along with features that come by default on their flagship phone.

Waterproof phone/tablet is something I'd be game for, but I hate the facT that all ports have little rubber flaps that get in the way and are prone to failure when you plug in to charge or use wired headphones everyday. A properly done waterproof phone should at least COME WITH a wireless charger/dock, maybe bluetooth headphones too for good measure. I'm sure for most people, the ports are used more often then the phone gets wet, thus making those flaps an inconvenience EVERYDAY.

I'm not going to claim to know about the process but wouldn't this force them to not have expandable memory and removable battery? Something that plenty of Samsung fans rave about.

Depends on how they design the phone, the Motorola defy was dust and water proof and also had a removable battery door with sd card underneath!

Make it happen. Surprised to not see a unibody, wireless charging, no headphone/no USB jack phone yet. I would have pictured this from HTC ages ago. This is a complete niche phone, why not go all the way? Seal it up and make it shatter resistant.

I don't understand why someone from Samsung would mention this soon that there will be a weather/dust proof S4 in the coming months. I assume this would affect the launch sales of the regular S4.

But it's still not an official announcement and not everyone reads the Internet, so maybe it's okay.

Samsung has the Galaxy Rugby Pro, so it may be that Samsung has a 5 inch Rugby Pro in the works, which would fall in line with this rumor. Samsung does tend to keep product lines somewhat in line with what we would expect. The S series, the Note PHONE series, the Note tablets, the Galaxy Tab line, and the Rugby Pro(which I'd expect would have a new version in 2013). There are other mid-range devices as well, which I won't go into.