A recent update to Dungeon Hunter 4 has added a rich guild system so you can team up with buddies, hack and slash your way co-operatively through fantastic quests, earn exclusive rewards, and a revamped chat system for coordinating. There's also a new gambling section called the Wheel of Fate, if you want to try your luck.

As always, Dungeon Hunter is a fantasy style action-RPG where players chose their class, level up, pick abilities to improve, lay waste to all sorts of ne'er-do-wells, and rack up the loot afterwards. Be warned that there are plenty of freemium tropes here, but there's more than enough eye candy to make plenty of players overlook the issue. Competitive online multiplayer and hardware controller support make for a fun time all around.

How many of you guys have put time into the Dungeon Hunter series? Have any of you been hankering for a better grouping system?


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Dungeon Hunter 4 update adds guilds and new chat system


I played it through and enjoyed it, but ...

1. There is no end game. Just the same dungeons at harder difficulties, and grinding for slightly better loot.

2. The freemium services are too terribly tempting to just "pay to win". But win what? Yes, I can kill the enemies in the last areas easier, but ... now what? You could grind it out, of course, but will you spent the 20 hours apiece for the next level upgrade for those arms you currently have? Probably not.

You might as well ask yourself: "Would I pay $100.00 to be able to run around a couple dungeons on my phone with a few of my friends?" Uh, probably not.

The game has about 10 hours of game content before the 'pay to win' temptations really set in. That much was enjoyable and I recommend it to any who like the genre.

That's how most dungeon crawlers are. Grind grind. I liked this game a lot reminds me of Diablo but I prefer pc.

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I really liked this game and ended up spending some money on some gear but afterwards I learned the "tricks" so to speak of the game. I think I've been playing this for over a year now and still come back to it. Love that they keep updating the game but the one thing g I wish they would add is cloud save either thru Facebook or Google play games. Shouldn't be hard to do so dunno why they haven't yet.

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Being able to save cloud save is a feature that is sadly missing from this great app. Being able to play the game on multiple devices would be a great!

The problem with the built-in chat systems in most mobile games is that they are usually just one multilingual room full of people babbling inanely in multiple languages. I don't see why they can't have multiple chatrooms based on the languages the users devices are set to.

There doesn't seem to be an option to switch it off so I have this permanent block of scrolling Spanish at the bottom of the screen. I'd almost rather have ads there.