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We learned this morning what we'll likely see once the Motorola Droid gets the update to Android 2.1. Now we have have a time frame. Motorola, on its official Facebook page, dropped the following (emphasis ours):

Hi all-- we know you are frustrated with the lack of details regarding Android software upgrades and we sincerely apologize for not being able to share info sooner. We're happy to relay the 2.1 upgrade to DROID will start to roll out this week, and we will have more information to share on other device upgrades later ...this week as well. Thanks for your patience and continued support.

So let's all keep our eyes peeled this week. Next question is what other updates does Moto have up its sleeve? Stay tuned, folks. [Facebook via Engadget] Thanks, Tyler!


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Droid's 2.1 update coming this week, Motorola says on Facebook


You took the words right off my DROID keyboard! I love my DROID too and I'm sooo glad to get rid of my Storm as well good riddance.

Hip Hip Hooray!!!

I'm so excited!!

Seriously people stop complaining!!

Your giving us DROID users a bad name. I love my DROID!!

Obviously the N1 is gonna have some different features.. It's a completely different and newer phone. For everybody who says "I'm going to buy an N1 as soon as Verizon releases it".. I have news for you. They are going to release a new phone as soon as you get that one. And guess what?! It's going to be better and newer than the one you just bought.

Once again.. I love my DROID!!! Just be happy we're not on our Storms anymore.

I read over in the comments on Gizmodo that the live wallpapers and 3D app drawer was just an experiment for the N1 and that it will be standard on 3.2. I dunno if it's true or not but we could still get it. We get everything else that 2.1 brings though so it's not really that much different.

Um. A lot of us care because .. DUH! .. we like how the new launcher works and find it useful and attractive. So you may not care about all the UI enhancements but a lot of us do.

I agree with you chaos. You buy a phone like this cause you like the goodies it comes with and for me the 5 homescreens the app drawer and the live wallpapers would be very nice. If they are not a part of the update there is going to be more people pissed off than not. And I for one will buy the N1 as soon as verizon launches it. And be more than happy to pay full price since I waisted my upgrade on the droid, and they are obviously too worried about pushing out their new teeny bopper motoblur UI.

You Droid users are some bunch of whining pussy ass babies. Cry cry cry, it's pretty sad that it impossible to please qq'all, but It's even more sad that every Nexous One post has all negitive comments by Droid only users(not MyTouch 3g, not G1's or and other Android user) just Droid users, you all are officaly bigger pussies the BlackBerry Tour users(and that's saying a lot)

My phone has been rooted and I've gotten every update just fine since. Only if you've installed a 3rd party ROM would you need to undo anything, root access is just a user/permission change. You're update should come fine so long as you're using a VZ/Droid ROM.

wait....i'm a noob so apologies in advance, but arent all rom's 3rd party?

i was looking into rooting my phone and using pete's bb, but if it means i wont have future option of upgrading to the normal updates without unrooting my phone i might hold off.

your thoughts/suggestions?

Seriously. This is bs. I'm sick of having a half assed Cliq w shoddy bluetooth and bugs galore. I wish I had 600 to drop on a Nexus one.

is their anything actually confirmed stating that 2.1 droid update will not be including the 5 homescreens or the app drawer? I really wanted those two features. but i bet a droid on 2.1 will better be able to run the ported 2.1 launcher app. so no biggy.

Flash 10.1?

If it comes WITHOUT the 5 home screens, the live wallpapers, 3d App drawer, new photo galary...whats left? Pinch to zoom? that it? thats all? wow 2.1! Can't wait for that..or I guess I could just download dolphin and have all of 2.1 already.

I will stay with the Droid because the phone will be amazing with 2.1 n of course it's not going to be like the Nexus one there two different models and I never cared for Motorola Until the Droid came out....I cant wait to see if they will have similiarities.

I was looking forward to the 5 home screens and the rotating drawer-replacement, oh well. When people started rooting their phones and running 2.1 on their droids people were saying that their os ran faster on 2.1 without overclocking the cpu. Is this true? If it is, I guess I can live without the home screens and the drawer-replacement.

If you're really that upset about the gimped DROID 2.1 update, just root and install a custom ROM. There are plenty that make use of the good features of 2.1 and are faster than a stock droid

This is bullshi* , they know the masses can't handle 2.1 on their droids. There a million idiots out there that if they had 1 force close or one lag would call and complain and are ruining the goodies for the rest of us....they should add the features then make them root I stay and to nexusone/incredible I go when they come

My god, the amount of bitching on this page from android users almost makes me wanna go back to my iPhone.

At least iPhone users were happy with what they got. Damn...

that's because with the way Apple released updates, everybody received them when they came available. their is never an iphone that has a better OS than any other iphone. You never had to wish your iphone had the same OS as the new flagship model.

Secondly, all except for speed and 3G, the iphone 1.0 is just as good as the iphone 3Gs. my buddies iphone does everything that apple tech have repeatedly told him the hardware just cant support. then he shows them and they shut their mouths.

I don't want to hear any of this whining about anyone's broken 2.1 or otherwise. My cliq is still rockin 1.5 w motofail & bugs. stfu.

sounds like for the ones that didnt root there phones are getting screwed because we wont get 3d and live wall paper. Maybe we should all root or phones to get 3d and live wall papers. So what exactly is the 2.1 version going to offer us anyway? Pinch zoom? who cares

Personally I think even if it had EVERYTHING the Nexus 2.1 has, it would still be a mainly cosmetic fix. I'm much more interested in knowing when the OS will get some real audiovisual power. FLAC support, Coreplayer API, etc. Until then you can keep the window dressing. I don't need it.

Wow...such an angry group whining about an update not being everything that they want...did I click on a link to

Come on guys, if you want the 2.1 launcher, install it. Same with the gallery. It's available.

here's a thought, rather than bitch and scream about something that's not out yet, lets see what comes out, then react.

Really hope we get flash, then there really is nothing more id want (for now!) It would save me a few hundred bucks a year on certain business trip hotel room purchases when I'm a lil too tired after a long day of travel to lug out the lap top and deal with the east bumblescrew nebraska's motel 6's world class business "wifi" but I guarantee ill have cell service and prob 3g! They should make that a selling point in a commercial!

Ok sorry about the dirty comment above its tough on the road! how many droids do you read about with 2.1 roms with full features including live wallpaper and launcher etc. The phone can handle it, same with overclocking..u think moto doesn't know this (look how much testing went into the nexus1 as shown on the 5 videos)...its all about keeping the n1 fresh for its vzw launch, otherwise the droid would be cheaper and imo clearly better.

Why are they only supporting one phone at a time? Surely Google has enough workers to adjust the software updates for each phone. Wish they'd update the Eris and other phones that we've had for awhile. How about helping out your early adopters? -_-

thats not their call, thats the manufacturer's and Service provider's call, since its their headache if something goes wrong with an update. Thats why they have to do all the testing.

Yes, but as a result it makes Google seem like they'll only support the next Android phone. Why buy anything but a Droid or N1? The other Android phones aren't even getting any love. Like someone else pointed out, at least with Apple's iPhone the updates are pushed out to all the models simultaneously. Waiting and waiting for anyone to acknowledge a certain model of phone/carrier is annoying.

So, in the States, they're bringing 2.1 to the Droid.

Here in Europe, we're still waiting for the 2.0.1 update to the Milestone, for any phone not bought in Italy, France or Germany, and these only got their 2.0.1 a week or two ago. My UK-issue Milestone *still* has the autofocus bug that makes the camera useless 4 weeks out of 8.

Motorola obviously thinks of Europe as a nonsense market, and only cares about the USA.

I am not impressed.

2.1 for Droid is nothing more then a number update, features are minimal. If the reports are "CORRECT" 2.1 wont be anything like the N1 2.1. Even though Google specifically stated they did not want too many variants of the Android OS, though this is exactly what's happening. I have an N1 and my wife has a Droid. The biggest difference for me where the 5 screens (a must for me), new dock (which I like better), live wallpapers (cool but not necessary) and some smaller updates such as the 2.1 gallery. Except for the 2.1 gallery (just a guess) the Droid wont be getting any of them.

I don't see why anyone would get excited if you have a Droid. I would feel cheated.

Too many damn rumors flying around and too many people biting at rumors, especially for Engadget those iphone fanbois I for one dont believe and damn word they say recently, at least even they said who knows what we will be getting, point here dont bitch or piss and moan until the update actually drops, that simple. I mean how stupid is Engadget speculating it wont have all the features the N1 has because of no Snapdragon, thats about the dumbest thing Ive heard in a while, Snapdragon is so overrated its not even running the 1 gigahertz its in the 600megahertz. Just like buying a PC the highest clock speed dont always mean it superperforms.

This may not be the right place to put this but with every one complaining about not having more than 3 home screens this is for you. has anyone on here ever heard of Intuitit's Home and Home ++ both offer up to 7 home screens on the droid and and if you use the ++ then it changes the bottom single click try icon to a row of icons that do all sorts of things.

here is the site...

and no I do not work for them I just use it and am tired of hearing people bitching about not having multiple home screens.

This just in. Motorola dropped the details on what and when 2.1 will go to droid. Not coming this week. Now motorla is saying coming soon. Jeez, whats up with them????

REPEAT: 2.1 not coming this week