Droid Razr Does

The Motorola Droid RAZR Does.  We know it does, because Verizon has added it to the DroidDoes website to get things ready for pre-sale and release.  The page reminds us of the RAZR's Gorilla Glass and Kevlar construction, it's 1.2GHz dual-core CPU, water repellent "nanocoating", slim 7.1mm profile and 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Advanced display, and leaves everyone a little bit more excited about seeing one in person -- exactly what marketing should do.

Even though Verizon and Motorola have told us pretty much everything there is to know about the RAZR already, we still like seeing reminders that it's close -- as in pre-orders in four days style close.  Check it out at the source link.

Source: DroidDoesThanks, Alec!

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Droid RAZR page now live at DroidDoes website


Went back to Droid pro after my debacle with the Charge. Considering this as I swore off samsung products for good after the charge.

This one right here still screams my name much more so than the Galaxy Nexus (Horrible name BTW! Whatever happened to Nexus Prime!?). Anywho... Corning Gorilla Glass? Check! Kevlar weave back plate? Check! Stainless steel chassy? Check! Nano-tech splash-guard coating? Check! Slimmest form factor I've ever seen thus far? Check! Dual core CPU? Check! LTE radio? Hell yeah check! ICS? Eventually (Gingerbread still smells and tastes good to me :-) Moto-Blur? I'm actually a fan of the latest rendition of the Blur UI. Seems like this is it for me! :-) Not a huge fan of curved form factors and plastic armor... Sorry Sammy :-(

Until the battery dies like the rest of the lte phones and you dont have a chance to charge it=) Not to mention if it is the 4430 it gets really hot in the bionic and droid 3 so i am sure it will do the same with the razr and kill the battery even quicker. I hope that isnt the case and moto figured out how to get good battery life out of it.

You out of all people would know that doing a battery pull is a necessary evil from running a android device. If you eliminate the ability to do that, what happens if your phone gets the sleep of death? ( like the bonic )

Also phone freezing or locking up. No. More battery pulls. rooting may be a pain with Not being able to battery pull. Check Check.

The best build quilty best radios lean n mean blur. Fastest os Upgrades.this phone is all ready rooted. And a hack in place for fufuture Upgrades.

"lean n mean blur"

You've got to be kidding!!!! Blur is far from lean and mean! I'd beg to differ too on the best build quality.

All I want is root and a way to theme it. I think root is already in the works. Hopefully, the battery life will be good. I carry 3 batteries for my Droid X.

Maybe a custom rom with from across the pond will include the unlocked bootloader for us in the states...wonder if it's possible.

funny how the prices keep going up,
plans keep getting worse, along with tiered data, and phone prices keep going up.

300 with 2 year? get real.

in this economy?
and they wonder why budget friendly carriers are getting huge subscribers.

They are conditioning the consumer. And technology is still a growing sector in "this economy." People are spending money on these things.

But more people are loosing their jobs more and more, and peoples incomes are getting smaller and smaller.
this is spending that can get cut away, like the starbucks in the morning or the extra spending for a weekend drive.

Every website that posted this is seriously lacking. This has been there since the day the Droid RAZR was announced....