Motorola RAZR HD

Motorola has been hard at work as of late putting together several devices but one that has yet to show up on carrier shelves, despite appearing all over the internet, is the Motorola XT926 or otherwise known as the Motorola RAZR HD. After numerous leaks though the device has now turned up in the hands of the FCC awaiting approval.

Of course, the letter of confidentiality covers up most of the information but the currently visible model number matches up accurately. Meaning, as long as testing goes well we'll soon see the device pass on through and eventually land into the hands of Verizon customers -- or so Motorola is hoping.

Source: FCC,Thanks, Paul!


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Droid RAZR HD appears at the FCC, awaiting approval


In addition to the CDMA bands, the EUT operates on LTE Band 13. The transmitting frequency range for LTE is 777-787 MHz. It supports both QPSK and 16 QAM modulation scheme. The bandwidth supported is 10 MHZ. Non removable Battery.

So clearly a Droid and not yet the GSM HSPA/UMTS version.

I know exactly what I want. This phone three months ago. The specs are underwhelming as is, Moto used to be at the top of the game as far as hardware. Can't saw that anymore.

Edit: As it stands this is going to be an Atrix HD for Verizon, a woefully unimpressive phone in every respect but price.

I completely agree - too little, too late.

I had a Droid X for almost 2 years and thought very highly of it. Being upgrade eligible since December, I was waiting for the next great Moto release. With the end of unlimited data, I decided to jump on the Galaxy S3 and give Samsung a try. I had read so many things about GPS and radio issues on previous Samsung devices, I was more than a littly aprehensive about the purchase.

After using the Galaxy S3 for the past few weeks, I'm sold on Samsung. I find the reception better than my X and get a GPS lock almost instantly. The device is simply stunning to look at and has a removeable battery. What more could one ask for?

I think Motorola lost a lot of customers and did themselves a disservice by not getting this device to market sooner.

Sorry Motorola, I'm a Samsung guy now.

Amen to that. When I upgraded to the Droid 4 from the Droid Pro, I was only impressed with it for like a month. Many issues, despite Motorola's "superior build quality." Buying the SGS3 full price was one of the best purchases I made this year. However, if the Razr HD has the right specs and provides a great user experience, it should do decent against the SGS3 and One X. Too bad it didn't come out before the end of Unlimited Data...

On screen buttons....720p screen similar to the Atrix HD....S4 processor.....solid hardware....

Now we just need a good camera and the Razr HD is gonna be a huge winner.

It's great as the HTC One X appears on paper and as described in reviews, it's not as popular as the SGS3 or the Droid Razr Maxx. With the arrival of the Razr HD, I have the feeling HTC is gonna have a hard time here in the US pushing it's wares.

Haha, those things you said, not true. HTC sells more phones than Motorola and the HTC One X has been a runaway success. Don't confuse your personal feelings with reality. Not to mention you're comparing the One X to the RAZR Maxx, there is no One X on Verizon so it's an unfair and pointless comparison.

Except for the Bionic fiasco I have been a huge fan of Moto. I am really excited about this phone.
I am curious to see how it stacks up to the S3. If they come close this will be a huge seller.

How come it's not a *RazrMaxx* HD right out of the gate?

You want to trump the S3? Ya better bring a 3300 mah Non-Removeable to da party...

Pass thru fcc and land quickly. Im in need of a new phone and was very close to picking up a white d-razr. Played with the s3 and it feels big for no reason and cheap plastic looking. However its blazzzing fast. Tried gnexus and liked it more than the s3. Feels more durable fast on ics and screen seemed just a tad smaller than s3. Razor in white looks the best in my opinion. Fast like gnexus and screen wasnt as bad as some make seem. Im hoping razr hd has that 3300 battery or at least more than the original razr and avail in white if so ill be 1st in line

Better be a huge battery... Upgrade available late august and can't wait to ditch my DX. Might get my first Samsung if this thing is a day late and a dollar short. Don't disappoint me Moto!

F'em... I'll never buy another VZW Motorola phone. They come out 6months-1yr LATE with what's in the world at the time of release and VZW loves them for the 1st 2 or so months and them drops support/updates for Motorola phones like a friggin puta with herpes.