Dear Verizon -- we already know just about everything about the Droid 2, now could you just please advertise the release date instead of teasing us? The image above was found in the Sunday newspaper, an ad from Verizon teasing the release of the Droid 2. Interesting timing on all of this, one would think. The original Droid is now out of stock on the Verizon site as of yesterday, and then today advertisements for the Droid 2 as coming soon. We get it, Verizon, you have the device on the way. We just ask one thing of you now: Give us the device? Please? Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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Droid 2 now 'coming soon' in the Sunday papers


I would like to know what's Verizon's game plan? What's the major diff in all 3 Droid phones? God that would mean in almost 4 months they released the Droid inc, Droid x, and now the Droid 2. What is the difference? Can somebody break it down because I have seen them all running the same specs, and features, and software.

I would like for either Verizon or sprint to let me know when the droid 2 or epic will be out. I want to leave verizon and go to sprint but I want a keyboard. My contract is up at verizon and I could get a droid for basically the cost of the 2 year extension but that is a $2500 commitment for a free phone.