Undefined, indeed.

The Benchmark result site at Rightware has an interesting entry -- the Google ASUS Nexus 7. Android Police did a little digging and found some more curious info -- the device code name is grouper ​(which is in line with other fishy Nexus codenames), and it's got the JRN51B build of Android 4.1, which is a likely version number for JellyBean (or whatever the next Android version will be called). It falls right in line with rumors we've been hearing about the 7-inch Google tablet, and if it's going to be unveiled in a month at Google I/O it's about time to see it start cropping up on Internet logs and sites.

Speaking of which, Android 4.1 has been pinging Android Central for a little while now, so if this is true it's nice to see a version number for the next release. Let's pretend for a minute that what you see above hasn't been faked. (It's certainly easy enough but the inclusion of some kernel info helps a bit.) Plenty of questions remain. Codenames and numbers are just that. We wanna see what's behind that curtain.

Android 4.1

Source: Rightwave; via Android Police


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Rumored 7-inch Google tab hits benchmark site; Android 4.1 hits our servers as well


Upon looking at that Quickly I read "Google Anus" I laughed hysterically and shook my head. Then only to realize I read it wrong.

I would hope the resolution would be a little better but if its $199 I'll get one just because. Maybe an android car stereo? Been trying to find one of those but maybe I'll just make one for that price.

4.1 NOT 5.0! I knew it. I warned you, but did you listen to me? oh no, its just a harmless little bunny isnt it?

I was hoping for the 370t, but i have heard that it was replaced with a much lower speced device to call it a nexus. Sigh

1280x768 is pretty high resolution for a 7 inch. That's 213 ppi, as some have pointed out that's close to the Transformer Pad Infinity's 218 ppi (1920x1080 at 10.1 inches). Not quite the iPad 3's 264 ppi, but hey it's like $300 cheaper what do you expect? I'm totally pleased with this resolution, I'm just really hoping for/expecting it to be a nice IPS panel, the display quality is much more important to me than the SoC it has.

Anyways, what could you possibly need 32GB of storage for? Easy solution: Google Music + Google Drive, I'd rather have a lower cost than a bunch of unnecessary storage space. I'm sure it will have a microSD card slot anyways, a 32GB microSD card is like $25.

The Nexus S or the Galaxy Nexus do not have a microSD card slot. What makes you think a Nexus tab will? My bet is it has 32GB storage and that's it. What ever it has I will still buy it :)

What makes me think it will have a microSD card slot? Because the Asus 370T, which this tablet was rumored to be loosely based on, had a microSD slot. Also, you might be forgetting the G1, the Droid, the Nexus One, and the Xoom, all of which have microSD slots.

But all of the devices other then the Nexus One are not Nexus devices, and this tablet is a Nexus device. Google has officially said they want to get rid of SD cards, so far they aren't going to force manufacturers to do so by removing SD support from the OS, but they won't be putting them in Nexus devices.

"Anyways, what could you possibly need 32GB of storage for? Easy solution: Google Music + Google Drive,"

Good to know you still have access to unlimited data. Not all of us do -- even my home Internet has a monthly cap, so a good amount of storage is still a must-have. The Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are toy phones with less than 12 GB of actual user storage. The Nexus 7 Tablet will be just another toy unless ASUS includes either 32+ GB of storage out of the box or at least provides a memory card slot.

I thought the rumor was a WiFi only device. I guess if you tether it to a phone with unlimited data you could listen to music while driving...

Currently existing 7" tablets with 32Gb of storage are retailing at around $830+, if the rumours prove to be true and Google release a Nexus tablet at $199 surely even you can do the maths. So Magnus you might as well forget it because to keep this within costs this is just not going to happen.

We all need to be realistic, but then again I'm jumping the guns here, your requirements may not be dependent on price as the majority of us here are.