Those Dell Android Device rumors just don't die, do they? The WSJ reports that Dell has been developing a "pocket-sized device for tapping into the Internet" and that said gadget will run Android. People familiar with Dell's plans say that it's like a slightly bigger version of an iPod Touch and could be released by year's end.

To tell you the truth, this rumor is only mildly exciting for us. We're not sure if we would be satisfied with just a Dell Android MID-type device, our insatiable needs definitely prefer the rumored Android Dellphones. But hey, that's just us.

Would anyone be interested in a Dell-built, Android-powered MID-type device?


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Dell Still Working on Android Powered Internet Device


Dell's new product is short on what the market looks for, and long on trying to leverage Dell's distribution. Why would this product be desirable, given the capabilities and pricing of an iPhone, Pre or netbook? Dell must change its operating model to regain profits, and that won't happen by trying to push uninteresting new products on customers. Read more at