Daylight Saving Time

Just a quick heads up that Daylight Saving Time struck most of us in the U.S. last night, meaning it's now an hour later than it should be. (An extra cup of coffee might be in order.) The good news for you, fair Android owner, is that your phone should have taken care of everything for you, provided that you're using date and time as provided by your network. 

Should something look wonky, go to getting>Date/time to check things out. But otherwise, your phone should have adjusted without a hitch.


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Daylight Saving Time and Android: Sit back and relax


ARGGH! For some reason, using the network provided values does not register my correct time zone. I'm in Arizona and and we do not observe daylight savings time. The ATT GS2 does not have separate automatic settings for time and time zone.

Mine is set to network time and it went on DST. I had to deselect network time and choose Arizona time. I don't remember having to do this last year.

Same for me in AZ also. Had to manually select the time zone on my (VZW) Nexus

EDIT: Set back to network provided timezone and rebooted. Now all is well.

I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and many years ago that's exactly what we did. No clock changing and confusion which, despite decades of time to get used to the concept, always occurs.

I had to be at work at 6am this morning. All of my bosses carry Blackberrys and none of them changed, even though they're using network time. I was all good. I use Alarm Clock Xtreme, and was wary about it going off in time. What was cool was when you set the alarm, it tells you how much time will pass before the alarm rings (like the stock app), and it accounted for DST before it even switched. Nice little piece of mind there.

ACX is a cool app. I think I've used that before as well as Alarm Clock Plus (AC+). Now, I have the stock clock baked into CM7. The one function I miss from AC+ is the ability to skip the next instance of an alarm; very useful or holidays or days off. ;)

Yep Gentle Alarm did the same thing. It was strange setting the alarm at 11:30 for 6:00am and having it tell me the alarm would go off in 5 hours and 30 minutes...

I too am a victim of Verizon's Arizona daylight savings bug. Thanks a lot rest of the world for springing your time tyranny on those of us smart enough to not meddle with the forces of time.

i've been in iowa most of my life, and thus have not had a problem with DST...until i moved to Indiana temporarily, and up to about a month after i moved out there, they didnt recognize DST either...but boy when they started recognizing it you'd have thought the world ended the way people acted

Same here. I've never had a phone that did DST properly. I always have had to reboot them for it to pull the new time from the cell tower. I've owned several Moto's, and Nokia's. My current phone is a rooted Bell Atrix.

Lol, I'm in Arizona, we don't observe daylight savings but Android always dutifully changes my time anyway. Stupid smart phone.

So somewhat related, but ha anyone else note that the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wifi does not auto update time? It changed for DST, but now it it is 30 seconds fast, and yesterday it was fine.

I downloaded ClockSync which sets it automatically.

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this, i havent done much looking. just silently complaining to myself when i use google authenticator.

It happened to me to, I live in Hawaii and I had my alarm set for 505, it went off at 405 and woke me up an hour early for nothing as well. The weird thing is that the time on my phone was correct when the alarm went off! Anyone know why or how this could happen?

Time was fine along with the alarm I set for the morning. Only problem was a few scheduled items I had saved as a series in the Calendar App were off by an hour.

Had to edit the series to an incorrect start time so it would actually be correct in real-time.

My POS Atrix2 (can't end calls) did not update time automatically even though it was set to do such a thing. I manually set it to proper then turned the auto setting on and the phone jumped immediately back 1 hour. My Blackberries never failed to have proper time. This is one more reason my Android experience has been abysmal. Wow, only 16 long moths til I get out of this POS device.

If you are on Sprint and are connected to an Airave, your time may be off...we've had trouble with that today in very few places...but just get to actual Sprint signal and it will fix itself if you just reboot your phone. Hope that helps!

We have an Airvana femtocel from Sprint, and none of our phones updated their times. But leaving the house did fix it, without a reboot or anything. And returning home didn't mess it up either. I guess an alternate solution would be to temporarily disconnect the femtocel, forcing the phones to use the Sprint signal for a short period.

I love my femtocel for the signal it provides, but this is yet another negative I hadn't counted on. The main one is that connections don't transition between Sprint's towers and the femtocel. Going in and out of range causes connections to drop.

I had a problem with Google Calendar (and the Calendar on the phone).

4 entries on 2 different calendars had "America/Bahia_Banderas" (-0600) associated with them instead of "America/Chicago" (-600) and those entries did not follow the DST switch. (appeared to bump up an hour). Most calendar entries were fine.

To fix it, I used the calendar web page to download ical versions of each calendar and search for Bahia. Once I had a bad calendar entry, I edited it using the calendar web page to correct the time zone.

I have no idea how those 4 entries got messed up. I create entries with the calendar web page, Android Calendar, and Android Business Calendar.

To be clear, the phone and calendar responded correctly in response to DST, but some entries were associated with the wrong timezone.


I had a problem with appointment times changing. I had an appt on Monday @ 11:20am and Tuesday @ 10:30am. When I checked them Monday morning, Monday's was showing 10:20am and Tuesday's 9:30am. I missed Monday's because I thought it too late to make it so I blew it off. I was an hour early for Tuesdays. Screwed me up. Not a happy camper today.

I searched and the only answer I found was that I had to go into Settings > Date/Time and uncheck Automatic and manually set my TZ to AZ. Now if I go into a different Time Zone, I will have to manually set a different TZ and hopefully it won't change my appts. I have a rooted Droid 2.

well yes thats awesome that it automatically changes time very cool I FREAKIN LIVE IN ARIZONA I don't change my time. how do you fix that smarty pants

My droid maxx did not automatically set with daylight savings til I powered it off. Now my alarms won't keep when I set it for 2:25 it shows its set for 3:25 ugh

sure it works for the clock but NOT for the calendar. I'm in Arizona and everything I calendar is an hour behind. Any ideas? Discuss....

GREAT NEWS CALENDAR USERS! Here are the steps to locking in Arizona time on your calendar during daylight savings.
1. open any day on the calendar
2. go to settings
3. click "lock time zone"
4. select your time zone

Hope this was helpful and good luck!