The Android Market is filled with some pretty terrible live wallpapers. Most of them cause your device's battery to die faster or cause it to crash, constantly. But every once in awhile, we share one we think you guys might like. This particular live wallpaper is one of those. It's fairly simple in design and concept. It's a robot dancing the jigg -- you can't beat that! Developer Scipher Technologies has two versions available: free and donation ($0.99). Search for JiggBot Live in the Android Market. QR code and video after the break.

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ahotcarl269 says:

I'd buy that for a dollar lol

goldeneye says:

Nice Robocop pun. Well done sir.

blunt420 says:

can we make the robot a girl and add a stripper pole

tnez21 says:

I'll buy after those changes are made lol

justin926 says:

perhaps a customizable feature in the donation version? lol

PeterPhan says:

Snowy Scenes is appropriate for the current season, free, and no problems at all on my Droid X.

Excellent choice of picturesque snow scenes with adjustable wind and snow rate.

squash says:

So dumb.

dougeetx says: