We teased the Breaksclusive™ last week from the CyanogenMod panel at the Big Android BBQ (check out the video if you haven't already), and today CyangenMod 7.1 has been released. The changelog is pretty massive, of course, with fixes and tweaks galore. But chief among them is that you'll be first on your block to be rockin' Android 2.3.7.

The CM team also notes that it's added support for more than two dozen more devices since CM 7.1. And currently in beta status are builds for the HTC Pyramid (Sensation), Doubleshot (myTouch 4G Slide), HTC Shooter (EVO 3D), HP TouchPad and the LG Optimus 3D. So if you've yet to give CM a whirl, you're running out of excuses.

Source: CyangenMod blog


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CyanogenMod 7.1 is released, brings Android 2.3.7 in pure form


Mthll I have nothing better to do so here goes..... you suck :-D just kidding, I'm bored and waiting for sleep to come. I guess I should put my phone down then ;-)

Hi. I have loads of other things to do, but I'm a horrible procrastinator. So I will help you out and hate on you. "You are childish and pathetic." How's that? I could try to come up with some other stuff but let's just let this sink in for a bit and then check back in.

Looped on the boot screen for 10-15 minutes... Restored back to my unlocked rooted vanilla 2.3.6 on my Nexus S.

I keep getting errors when trying to install anything from the market, I also keep getting an annoying google talk authentication error. Evo 4G

Go into settings and select a language. I flashed a version of this ROM for my phone a week or so ago and I was having issues with the market and that was the problem. Dunno what happened, but somehow no language was selected even though some places in the phone showed English (Canada) as the selected language.

Hopefully this is the same problem you guys are having so it can be solved easily. Good luck! :D

try clearing the cache for your market app in the manage applications. If this doesn't work then try flashing from recovery not just installing from rom manager. I had this same problem and once i re-flashed through recovery it went away without having to do a full wipe.

+1 ... I flashed through recovery with no wipe on my EVO. Just downloaded and installed an app from the market. No google voice issue either.

I've tried all of these suggestions and still nothing. I went back to the 7.1rc and had no issues with it so I don't know what the deal is

I had the same exact issues, using a N1. Wiped data and cache and dalvik, the whole shebang. After flashing and doing initial factory reset start up (ie touch the android to begin), and after signing in to your Google Account, Cyanogenmod asks if you want to delay installing gapps so you can turn on wifi, DO NOT delay it. Tell it to install the google apps you want, and THEN go turn on your wifi. When I did it this way, it installed the older version of the Market (with the bright green headers, not the black dark one), and everything installed fine. I then installed the new market apk, and ta-da. But yeah, the first go around I had the same issues as you, the market (the new one) wouldn't install anything. Maybe a bug, maybe because it was trying to download 40+ apps at once. Who knows. Hopefully this workaround helps you and any other user having issues.

The phone was released like 2-3 weeks ago, it'll take at least 2-3 months for them to render CM on the ET since it's not the same as the RoW GSII

But it's out for the AT&T GS2, which is about a week or so newer than the ET. I know it's more about the devs actually getting their hands on the devices though, so I'm not stressing it.

If it's like the EVO 3D, since it is in beta it isn't listed as a supported device. You will find it in the forums.

Ah, after scavenging the Touchpad forum, I read this:

"There are many devices still in beta status (Pyramid, Doubleshot, Shooter, HP Touchpad, Optimus 3D, several more) that we will be promoting to release or release-candidates in the next few weeks when the code is merged to our main branch."

That's from the official blog post. So it's not "technically" released yet. Damn.

If you're getting stuck on the boot screen you probably need to update your CWR first...also I've had this on my Thunderbolt for several days.

Quick? Have EVO 4g. What are the benefits of this update and I'm confused has there been an official latest gingerbread 4.5..... Stock Rom update anywhere? Thanks for any help

Just tried updating to 7.1 (twice). Installation aborts every time. Even tried doing a full wipe first. Anyone else having this issue? (EVO 4g)

Third time was a charm. Think it was a problem w/ the cyanogen site (was being re-directed to a mirror site for a while).

I can't seem to locate the download for Droid X and it is not in Rom Manager either. Is it just taking time to upload?

So far so good. Except my car doesn't recognize the phone so it won't import my phone book. So the blue tooth is only playing music from the phone. I can make and receive calls I just can't voice program now. so that sucks.

i take it back. it asked to import my phonebook 2 days later. its working fine now. does not sucks.