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Several users in our forums are reporting receiving emails that are making their hearts sink. Customers in both the U.S. and U.K. that were lucky enough to grab a Nexus 4 order before they sold out -- in less than 30 minutes -- in the Play Store are getting an email indicating that their devices are now "on backorder". The email explains that the customer should expect their device to be delivered within 3 weeks.

This isn't good, folks. We don't know what this means for the eventual availability of a second run of Nexus 4's in the Play Store, but we think everyone's expectations just got pushed back a bit. Take a look at the email after the break.

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At $299.00, unlocked, it is no wonder they sold out this quickly.

still1 says:

atleast people get back their shipping cost. that's a bonus. people complained about not having a backorder. now when they get it they complain again.

Yeah but how many were available?? I'm tired of this out of stock crap every time a new phone is released. Poor planning on googles part.

DWR_31 says:

Supply and Demand 101!!!

Make them want you, make a limited supply, make Apple lose "Holiday Purchases".

My Google Gods are wonderful!

nickacs says:

Yea, but totally f-ed up on this whole process. Bad Google, very very bad :( What's the point of ordering on the 1st day if your just going to get backordered? Meant nothing then... really ridiculous

mstrblueskys says:

^Said no Apple user ever! ;) Haha, I am glad more people are using Android!

xlDeMoNiClx says:

Nickacs, you think Google's the only one that has had to deal with this? This happens all the time when an insanely popular/anticipated product is released. It happens to everyone.

thla says:

Issue is that lots of people who ordered AFTER already got their phones or confirmation that they have shipped.

A friend of mine in germany was literally F5 bombing the page and ordered from it when it came up around 9:10, yet people who ordered it long after (even from those couple of units that trickled down later that day) already got it.

While he ordered in the "first couple of seconds" admittedly the process did take like 5-10 minutes, not to mention the extra half an hour to actually get the order to show up anywhere.

Apparently Google mistook FIFO for LIFO.

WAAAAAAHHHHH. Generation of instant gratification...

thla says:

Grow up.

nickacs says:

No, of course not. But how everything has been handled poorly. How can you call the Google CS yesterday AND this morning, saying "Your order is fine, it will go out sometime on the 15th" and then NOW THIS? C'mon, get real buddy. Your saying all of this should just be ignored and think, ah, this happens all the time. Sorry pal, no way.

cozzy123 says:

Ya thats exactly what happened to me. I was trying since 11:50am on 11/13 spamming my order trying to get through all the lag and freakin bugginess of their crappy site. Then I finally hit buy and instead of an error it just keeps trying to transmit my payment data.

The actual order never finished in the browser but was still charged to my credit card. I got a confirmation email later in the day. Called customer service and they said everything fine you should get tracking info on Thursday then instead of a tracking info email I get a goddamn email saying my order is backordered now are you freakin kidding me?!?!

This wouldn't have pissed me off so much if google wasn't a freakin tech and internet based company. Holy hell if I worked there and this happened again after the nexus 7 debacle I would be so freakin embarrassed.

samagon says:

Google really needs to work with some companies that are well versed in doing pre-orders (look at the release of any game in the last 5 years, they don't have problems). I get that more might be ordered than are in stock, but there's lots they can learn from having a robust pre-ordering ability.

get away from the 'order day of' stuff, let people pre-order online, in stores, anywhere, distribute the system and allocate units as best you can, fulfill orders at release.

supply issues with components &c create a lot of issue, demand over manufacturing capabilities. it's a huge ramp up process, and I really doubt LG was prepared to produce in the volumes they will need to in order to ever have any meaningful number of devices available.

Ghisy says:

Ugh, this is terrible service from Google. I'm really disappointed at how they're handling this. I almost want to cancel my order but I have a screen protector and case already on the way. Bah, I almost wanna wait for that HTC Deluxe now.

tiroger says:

How many did they sell? Surely it couldn't have been millions?

All of them.

Mtn_Scott says:


Insp_Gadget says:

LMAO!! I think I just hurt myself laughing.

I suppose it's easy for me to laugh because I'm not bothering with this Nexus, but I do feel for those that are waiting to receive theirs.

MazoMark says:

Plus a few extra for good measure!

reverik says:

I had my order in at 10:36am CT on the 13th, and still no email saying shipped or backordered.

Nof603 says:

Same here. 10:51am CT and no email for either. I expect to be seeing the backordered email any minute thought :-(

Amir47 says:

I got the dreaded email. kinda sad but oh well

saundersadam says:

Just emailed google and got a response saying to expect it to ship the EVENING of the 15th so I'm hopeful that I'm not one of the backordered.

Though making good products, i must say google is really bad at customer services,based on my previous purchase experience of 8 gb nexus 7 on google play store. They didnt ship my device or give me any explanation, and they refused to cancel my order until i called them the the third time 3 weeks after my purchase and convinced them i would buy a 16gb one if they could cancel the current order. i ended up buying one at a local gamestop store.

noremac84 says:

This was not my experience at all. I had my Nexus 7 for about 3 weeks and the screen went foggy. I called customer service and not only did I talk to an english speaking representative, in less than 5 minutes (Total!) they had already sent me a new one. I got to use my device for the 2 days while the replacement was sent out. All I had to do was put my old one in the package that came with the new and send back. No extra fees, really smooth process. I would say it was the BEST service I've experienced. I was very satisfied with their response. So much so, that I bought a galaxy Nexus. I will wait a bit for shipments to get fulfilled before I buy the Nexus 4.

Bungled the Galaxy Nexus GSM rollout and now this.

Can't tell if Google is just clueless with their retail operation or if the whole thing is just a half hearted attempt at grabbing some publicity with cheap devices.

belair56 says:

Wow,I thought they learned their lesson on the nexus1. Guess not. Please Google go recruit a retail person from any of many companies that know what their doing.
Thanks for nothing.maybe by Christmas?

AppHunter says:

Hopefully those greedy eBay sellers get their orders canceled, would serve them right.

graze81 says:

Sitting back, holding out hope for a 32GB version. I also hope Google includes a gift card of some sort for the Play Store as a "sorry, we goofed up" your order.

thla says:

they have waived the shipping fee, but that's just completely laughable.

TrackerF16 says:

another $25 in the play store would make me feel a little better about this mess

thla says:

Won't do me much good (As i'm outside the Google Play territories with access to movies/music/etc.), i'd much rather have the Wireless charger if they're not going to straight up offer a cut in the price.

TrackerF16 says:

i can see how that would be a problem.. a free wireless charger would be okay too :)

hell they gave the nexus Q away for free.. whats a charger?

android010 says:

Will Google ever learn how to handle a device launch? ever

Customers from the German Google Play Store also received the same backorder.

taptapcrash says:

As long as it's not canceled, I'm glad. Then again, I was one of the lucky ones who got it a few hours after they went on sale by refreshing the store. (US)

mjtrefethen says:

I just got my email and I'm bummed. Heading to the BVI in 20 days and was hoping to take some photo sphere shots of caves and bars...err beaches while I was there. *sigh*

knotjeff says:

is this email coming after a shipping comfirmation, or instead of one.

taptapcrash says:

I received no shipping confirmation.

knotjeff says:

did you get the delay email? i got a shipping confirmation and am hoping not to get delayed so late in the process.

taptapcrash says:

Yes, I got the delay email.

TrackerF16 says:

i just got my backorder e-mail as well.. :( this is really screwing with my plan of selling my Gnex to recoup the cost of this new phone...

olliex11 says:

Ditto. Couldn't order but had already started the trade in process for my Gnex... Luckily a friend has an old Hero I'm gonna flash a new ROM onto to tide me over until this situation sorts itself out.

And there I was thinking they couldn't get any worse than the N7 shipping fiasco when that launched...

freeborock says:

Just got the email. Damn Google!

S_C_B says:

I better not get one of those delayed emails! I literally got my order in at the very beginning!

muziqaz says:

Man, this is worse than me not even getting a chance to order one :( Complete and utter fail from google.
And people here who are saying that other companies have launches like that - is it a good thing that they do? Does it make us feel better? Does it make google look better? NO, so shut it.

I got the email too. Most (if not all) of us did.

What everyone needs to do is go to google play, scroll down, and click on "My Orders & Settings". Once there, you will see your Nexus 4 purchase. Before the email, my status said its shipping date was the 15th - today. Now it says the 16th. That's fine with me.

Instead of freaking out, do a little due diligence! It might make you happier. :)

TrackerF16 says:

mine just says the 15th.. nothing else

taptapcrash says:

As does mine and I got the email

jeffreytz says:

Yeah, but if you haven't got a shipping notice yet it probably isn't happening anytime soon. Mine still says it's shipping on the 15th but I haven't recieved a shipping notice (but I have received the "backordered" notice). Is what it is; at least I'm in line :)

Amir47 says:

Mine still says the 15th and I got the backorder email.

thechemE#CB says:

Mine always said the 16th and still does. Honestly I would have rather had not gotten one then having paid for a backorder. Now I have a $400 charge pending in my bank that I can't touch because I have no idea when it will actually ship.

deankaltsas says:

obviously they picked the wrong company to source out the sales as well as their internal executives should be examined. this is how they make money! i couldn;t even guess how many people they just lost! this is so un professional! take orders, make a wait list, that way you know how many pieces you need... what are these guys doing? producing units only to find out people bought the galaxy note 2 or some other phone that will come out by the time they are ready!!!

jhzafrani says:

I bought mine 5 minutes after they became available and just got the email. This sucks!

I'll wait it out. First batch always have problem. It isnt worth the headache

MikaelG says:

Also got this frustrating email in Canada

mmunsch says:

I have yet to receive any kind of information from Google, my Wallet purchase still shows pending, and my credit card hasn't been charged yet.

I was one of those that had the play store Nexus 4 order page on auto-refresh and just happened to see it right as they went on sale and had no issues whatsoever placing my order, even though my Play store purchases still shows I ordered 2 bumper cases instead of a bumper case and a phone.

I'm just hoping to hear something soon as it's becoming frustrating, especially since I've seen some people saying orders with a bumper case have been/are being delayed. If that's the case I will be pissed, they shouldn't offer it if it isn't available and I shouldn't be punished for them not having them, they should ship them separate. But anyways, end rant, this waiting game sucks!

knotjeff says:

i read in the forums the night before that bundling the bumper and the phone was a bad idea...tried to order them individually but couldnt get back through to get the bumper. hope your wait doesnt go too long

RoboPixie says:

My Play Store Orders page says the same thing... I called Google to asked about that yesterday, and they told me my order was still good and on track for shipping. Yet, still haven't heard anything so far.

And I totally agree that if they can't ship phone and bumper together, at least get whatever that's available out first. After all, we paid $14 for shipping (to me, that's expensive, even for 2-day air)...

Ardrid says:

I received shipping confirmation at 4:02 AM this morning. For those who are wondering, I managed to order 1x Nexus 4 (8) at approximately 11:50 AM on 11/13. Package was in Louisville, KY as of 12:50 PM this afternoon.

I feel sorry for everyone who missed out or who got hit with a backordered email. Hang in there, guys. It'll work out in the end.

njsmac11 says:

Yes, me too. But mine is coming tomorrow! It was originally scheduled for monday, but YAY!

arjen82 says:

Dawn; was to late so got the out of stock page... If the back orders will be send in three weeks; when will I be able to order my Nexus 4? My HTC Desire Z is dying and needs to be replaced soon...

Mobius360 says:

This really shouldn't be a shock to anyone. The way the servers got hit was probably a bit unexpected. Really would love to know how many units were sold.

Dirty-Bird says:

This is starting to get embarrassing. I know their not Amazon but come on.

hodan says:

ACK!!!! Just got the email. Boo. Just want the phone, not to hate El Goog.

greatgoogly says:

Wow, doesn't look like Google learned a damn thing from the Nexus 7 debacle over the summer. Have to wonder if they actually really intend to sell many of these are just looking for publicity. With this sort of clusterf**kery really wonder what the future is of Google. They seem to have one upped the arrogance of Apple and tossed in a large dose of launch incompetence.

drtz says:

Canceled My 16GB after the notice. Suck it, Google.

Donmeister85 says:

Same here... Whatever... Not that they care or that I'm hurting them. Just one less thing for me to worry about. I've had dreams about this phone. Is this stupid or what? It's just a PHONE.

blk3carfan says:

Did the same. They don't deserve my money.

jmoney13 says:

I just got my email here in Canada. Totally bummed... I was getting really excited about my first Android phone, and now I have to wait. I feel like I'm being treated by Google the same way RIM has treated me since they announced BBX now OS10 and released the minor updated called os7... Hopefully my impression changes once I get my phone.

GameBoi says:

I'm just gonna suck it up and buy the Tmo version. I on it anyway and what an extra $150, that or wait till who knows how long.

Small_law says:

I absolutely don't blame you. I went through this with my Nexus 7 order. I ended up buying my N7 in a Sam's Club and canceling my languishing Play Store order. Heck a few years back, I had so much trouble trying to get a Nexus S from Best Buy that I gave up and got a Thunderbolt.

hinds2009 says:

I just got mine moments ago, disappointing but at least I can use my nexus 7 running 4.2 until my nexus 4 arrives in 3 weeks.

knotjeff says:

hahaha. very well played.

drtz says:

Shortages aren't the problem. The problem is that people were logging in immediately after the phones went on sale and spent what could have otherwise been productive hours of their lives trying to order it. All the while, they're getting meaningless error messages. 2 days later they are told that despite the 2.5 hours of your life wasted trying to buy said phone, you will in fact not be getting what you ordered for another three weeks.

How exactly is this better than a pre-order?

samagon says:

Everyone has priorities, some people prioritized clicking refresh on a page for 30 minutes, or even hours. People were reporting they were refreshing at 5pm central and able to order when the server refreshed and said "add to cart" instead of "notify me".

I'll bet a hot dollar that a lot of these emails are going out to those people, and if it takes the full 3 weeks to fulfill these orders, I'll also be shocked. unless we're talking millions of people/devices that are affected here, in which case I'm shocked as well.

I'm waiting for the dust to settle on this one and see what kind of numbers Google had to deal with, if it was a few thousand (maybe even a low 5 digit number) then getting pissed at Google is completely warranted, but if it's hundreds of thousands, well I doubt anyone but the most die hard fanboy would have predicted that kind of turnout, and if someone had predicted that at Google (or LG) themselves, they'd have had to have provided some kind of data to back up their claims.

TenshiNo says:

Well said. I mean, let's be honest: it's been *two* days.

Now, don't get me wrong guys. We *all* love new toys and want our phones right now. I get that. But for all you guys know, your phones will ship in a few more days. Companies almost always close to double the time they think it's really going to take, just to avoid the flood of phone calls.

Considering the N4 sold out in less than 30 minutes, I'm guessing Google got a little more interest than they expected. I would love to see the sales numbers for that 30 minutes.

nikon120 says:

Oh suck it up buttercup. Every person that ordered the phone are early adopters. All early adopters should anticipate issues; whether that is the ordering/shipping process or with the unit itself.

Plus, if you think having pre-orders would have helped the situation, then you are in a dream world. Look at what happened with the Nexus 7 roll out!

Just step down off your digital soap box and find something else to rage on, lol. You'll get the device when it arrives.

android010 says:

Are you implying that the demand of the iphone is the same as for nexus 4 ? come on

We all know Nexus 4 demand would be in the hundreds of thousand at its best

On the other hand, millions were looking for Apple's new crap

S_C_B says:

I just checked. I got my order in at 10:35 AM CST. I do not want to receive any email besides shipping confirmation. :-)

Small_law says:

So I ordered within one hour of it going on sale and got one of those emails saying three weeks until it could ship. I'm not terribly pleased about this, considering the site said "ships in 3-5 business days" when I placed my order.

Say what you will about Apple, but they will take your money and send you stuff when they say they will. The Play Store should not be a reoccurring nightmare every time a new Nexus devices goes on sale.

font1975 says:

Remember the mythical white iPhone 4?
Even the black iphone 4 was pretty darn hard to come by at the beginning....

tiroger says:

How about this for a conspiracy theory:

They're having major problems with 4.2 and had to delay shipments. This might explain why 4.2 still hasn't gone out to Yakju devices.

samagon says:

it would have to be a conspiracy specific to phones, since my N10 has already shipped and I'm pretty sure every N7 has it on there now.

I am going to scream though if they don't start OTAing for yakju soon though :)

greatgoogly says:

I would seriously say it's time for the DOJ to investigate Google's online sales practices. They are clearly either deceptive or massively incompetent.

Mtn_Scott says:

Ummm, what law did they break?

nikon120 says:

You're an idiot.

To everyone else that is raging:
If you really want some official outlet to complain to, then file a Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaint against Google.

BBB is a private organization that makes businesses pay to be listed. Nothing even close to "official" about them.

logiejames says:

I was one of those who ended up with multiple orders and so Google asked for confirmation. I cancelled one of the orders of the two , figuring Google would restock it and thus it might give someone else a chance at one rather than selling it on eBay like some would have. But now I get the 3 weeks email. Stupid karma! You're supposed to have my back when I do the right thing :'( ...

cluckkillerb says:

I'm surprised that it sold at all with all of the people crying about no LTE or external storage!! (end sarcasm)

TenshiNo says:

+1 LOL

tigeryee says:

I'm glad i didn't pre order 5 of them like I had originally wanted. I am so getting a bad mark on ebay -_- but I'll just keep the one I ordered for myself whenever it gets here

itmustbejj says:

Let's start a pity party for the guy trying to resell these phones on ebay. You are a leech and I hope you get what you deserve.

mcguinness89 says:

I'm gonna be pissed if they send me that email later.. I ordered at 11:32am (8:32am PST) but I'm in NY does that matter? & what does your status say on the google play website? if you got that email

PWC Realtor says:

I was one of the unlucky ones who couldn't even get to checkout :(. At least my GNex received 4.2 and it has most of the features (sans HDR)

eli_ao5 says:

I'm starting to believe that only 100 people got this phone in the U.S.

greatgoogly says:

Wouldn't surprise me if there were only a very few. Sort of like the $150 42" HDTV at Best Buy on black Friday. A gimmick to get people to take a look at Android. I'm guessing that the people who ordered yesterday and got the "sorry Charlie" email will be lucky to have the device in hand by Christmas. Those who haven't ordered yet will be lucky to get one by February.

phor11 says:

Anyone who has received one of these emails care to post what time your order completed?

I completed my order at 8:52 pst and still haven't been charged or received a shipment or backorder confirmation.

bdav says:

I got the backorder email. I ordered at 8:58 PST. I guess 6 minutes was the difference. :P

Joe Aywas says:

Look its simple, everybody here canceling their order because they got backordered thinking it makes some kind of statement against google....They dont care. Google is a mutlibillion dollar company and Android is just a channel to get people to use their services, its not their cash cow. So if they sell you these phones and tablets at no profit to them, it doesnt matter to them if you didnt get your phone on time.

Joe Aywas says:

By the way I did order a 8gb Nexus 4 and havent gotten an email either way about it yet. So Im in the same boat, but I know from who and what I purchased. I am not gonna sit here and pout because this happened, especially since this isnt the first time in Google's case, they actually have a track record of this, so nobody can claim ingnorance, people should of known they were rolling the dice on the 13th.

LYEAH says:

confusion google!? I ordered in the first five minutes and got my confirmation at 12:17.
So why was my credit card charged on Tuesday then? and in my order status it's still showing nov 15 for delivery...

nakunz says:

I just got off the phone with Google because they put mine on backorder as well. I waited forever for this release too. VERY disappointed. I am on AT&T, but if I go and get one from T-Mobile, will there be any way for me to unlock it for AT&T?

mcguinness89 says:

They are ALL Factory Unlocked. & probably sold out at any T-Mobile store

Joe Aywas says:

T-Mobile's wouldnt be Unlocked.

nakunz says:

See, that's what I figured, which is why I asked. Damn, maybe I should just trade in for the Galaxy Nexus. I really want a Nexus device.

Oh what am I thinking?! I guess this is how crazy I am thinking due to the unnecessary headache this whole fiasco caused :(

Guess I have to wait 3 weeks...

Joe Aywas says:

Im not completly sure about this but if your buying it from T-Mobile without a contract its either unlocked or you could ask them for the unlock code, T-Mobile is usually good on that. But you do know that you'll be spending over 500.00 for the phone.

nakunz says:

Like I said, crazy thinking because of how crappy the lady I was from Google Play Customer Service, as well as this whole fiasco. I'm calmed down now. Must wait 3 weeks.

font1975 says:

Uh, yes it would. Nexus One and Nexus S were sold as T-Mo phones and they were unlocked. This wouldn't be any different. Besides, even if it were, if you're not on contract they would give you the unlock code.

(I seem to recall there being a law about that....)

keithz says:

Canada here. I got one too. But at least they are paying shipping this time.

With the Nexus 7 fiasco. They charged shipping and still delivered it late. No extra value for that shipping at all.

Genius_ says:

Same for me in Germany :(

squadz says:


Eudo says:

I'm in Canada. I finished ordering 13 minutes after sales opened. I also got the notice about the shipping delay. However, following a previous poster's tip, I checked the 'My Orders and Settings' page on Google Play (web, not Android version) and it shows that my expected shipping date is today. My Google Wallet page shows no shipping information. I now have now idea when my phone might ship.

Eudo says:

I just called Google Play. The support woman was very clear in stating that the e-mail about multi-week delays in shipping was only intended to go to those who had placed bulk orders (which she described as 'more than one device'). She said that the delay e-mail was sent in error to those who had purchased single devices. She said mine would still be shipping on time (i.e. today or tomorrow).

Take that for what you will. The agent was very confident about her answers, but she could have been wrong.

thla says:

I sure hope so.

This goes from negligent incompetence into should almost be considered illegal-territory.

youareme7 says:

I'll believe it when I see it. Wasn't planning on cancelling quite yet, but now I'll probably wait at least a day or two.

steve31 says:

Just off the phone with google and they told me that if you got the email then you are on backorder.
I dont think that they have a clue!!

Eudo says:

It galls me that they don't even bother to come up with consistent communications. The rep I spoke to had the answer about bulk orders immediately ready. She had pretty clearly been told to say that. Who told her to say something like that if it wasn't true?

She also told me I should get a shipping notice by the end of the business day today. That didn't happen.

mzanette says:

What a disgrace this has turned out to be. Could a company as large as Google have screwed this up any more than they already did? They should seriously consider outsourcing their retail operations to another company that has a clue.

juliankueh says:

It absolutely baffles me how a company with such huge resources can get something so basic as having sufficient stock for a launch product so wrong. To have a product sold out in 30 minutes in most cases then others having to wait 3 weeks + for more stock is frankly quite unacceptable. Maybe we should all walk with our wallets. Come on, Google. Tell us where you stuffed up or are you too chicken to be accountable. We are your die hard fans. Show us some love.

toonhead85 says:

The think about my situation that bothers me the most is the lack of information. In a day and age where we have everything on a computer system, they let customers go 24-48 hours without knowing any information about their order.

Yes, I too got an email about my order being delayed :(. They are trying to make right by the client: "We’ll send you a notification when your order has shipped and will credit the shipping charges.", but I have already been charged for the product!! That is what kills me.

The Nexus 4 will be a flop because it has no SDcard and a sealed battery.

Nobody will buy one because it only has 16GB max storage.


LYEAH says:

that's probably why it's sold out everywhere in the world!

mcguinness89 says:

lmaoo loving the sarcasm.. either everybody hop'd on it or Google only had 5000 to ship

mikeyyy says:

Anyone watch Louis ck? When he was talking about WiFi on a plane and ppl being miserable? Just saying

shockasean says:

Let it go guys. If it comes it comes. Nothing you can do about it.

sting7k says:

Wasn't no body supposed to buy this because it had no SD card expansion, no removable battery, and only 16GB of storage?

mzanette says:

That's funny. Before the phone was announced so many people said LG had terrible quality and would NEVER buy this phone, and now we get to this, too much demand for the phone and people are getting backordered.

TenshiNo says:

I'm actually kinda starting to wonder if maybe Google *didn't* have very many made in advance because of all the bad press the N4 was getting online prior to the launch. The peopling complaining about how they would never buy a phone without and SD card or removable battery and then turned around and bought it anyway might actually have created some of this mess.

motorwayne says:

Yeah! you're right!

Mtn_Scott says:


or not... your choice.

I haven't even ordered my phone yet I am on Sprint. I would like to know for those of you in the US. What carrier will you be using on the Nexus 4? I live in Cali and will be moving to Texas later but wanted to know what kind of speeds I would get. I know anything other than Sprint would be an improvement please let me know.

hmmm says:

I am willing to bet 99% of the people are going to be using it on t-mobile.

TenshiNo says:

What part of Texas? That's an important question.

Here in Houston, T-Mo is pretty spotty. Or, at least, it has been historically. Don't know if it's gotten any better in the past few years. AT&T has much better coverage, but they suffer from some fairly slow network speeds.

iowabeakster says:


Entitled baby is entitled.


How dare you google, How dare you.


I want everything exactly when I want it.


It's bullshit. I stared at my computer screen for a while. Somebody arrest google for... ummm... not being more like mommy to me.

//leaves to throw temper tantrum off-line

I think people are upset and/or frustrated because they paid actual money - not because they need a mommy. Grow up.

jeffreytz says:

Well technically we haven't paid anything yet, my card still shows "pending" - Google doesn't charge until shipped.

And how is your response make sense in any way, shape, or form?

When you go to a store and give clerk your money for a .... pacifier (in your case) - wouldn't you expect the aforementioned pacifier to be handed to you? Would a phrase: "Come back in 2 weeks" be satisfactory?

gtg465x says:

Got my shipping confirmation and tracking number this morning. Mine is in route. Took me 2 minutes and a single refresh to order one at 11:54 EST. Ok, going to hide in a corner now before you all beat me to death.

I think you posted in the wrong comments thread.

media_blitz says:

I think people are perfectly justified on the basis that Google decided to sell more than it had in stock, and at the same time actually charged people. Now, people have to either stand by their loss and be $300+ short for three weeks, when they could have gone with other phones if they knew Google would create this mess, or deal with their less than adequate customer service. I will never understand why companies sell something that is not in stock, secretly, only to come out a few days later and use the ever so popular phrase "Due to overwhelming demand..."

jeffreytz says:

I don't believe this is true - Google says they don't charge your card until items ship and my card hasn't been charged, just has a "pending" against it. So no one is "short $300+" (more like $400 with tax and shipping here in Chicago) if their device is backordered.

PapiManCT says:

actually i dont know how google is working because when i try to order the phone on tuesday i kept gettin error and at the end i gave up and went to lunch, 20 mins later i received an email with a confirmation that my order went thru (until today i dont understand how is happen) anyways i check my bank account and they charge the full amount on my bank $402 (phone, case, shipping, tax) so they do say they dont charge until they ship but they did charge me since day one and i still havent receive an email with a tracking number or anything, it just says that they are shipping today nov 15 but nothing so far

motorwayne says:

Ha, that's not the half of it! I sold my S3 expecting to pick up an N4 this week, didn't even get a look in before they sold. Now I'm using a mates old iphone 3G while I wait to get a chance to even order the N4....sheesh this iphone is slower than an old goat, and is sooooo boring!


font1975 says:

And think of just how much MORE awesome the N4 will be when it arrives! lol

eli_ao5 says:

No phone, no Nexus 4

galatians3v6 says:

It's officially the end of the world. I don't know how my life can go on now. I'm going to go complain and cry about this until I get my new phone.

orlanka says:

F YOU VERIZON!! oh, wait, it's not their fault this time.

font1975 says:


Berg1 says:

Come on guys, quit whining. So you have to wait a little while before you can lay your hands on this beauty. Bummer, but not the end of the world. Think about this; Android enthusiasts here in The Netherlands just got the news that the Nexus 4 will NOT be available over here. Not now, and apparently NOT in the future. Luckily I have a cousin Statesside...

It's gonna be a looonnng time before the dust settles on this one. AC should create a sub-forum just on the topic of the botched N4 launch.

njsmac11 says:

So if I received a tracking number does that mean I'm safe....I hope so...

jeffreytz says:

It means you're lucky - if you consider a bunch of people hanging around your doorstep waiting for the UPS guy to show up "safe", well .... :)

Congrats on your tracking number.

njsmac11 says:

Thanks, and hopefully there won't be that many.... :)

hmmm says:

They probably didn't have that many to begin with. This will make it seem demand is higher than it actually is. There is hardly any advertising for this phone and no carrier gets a contract out of it. I doubt there were really that many to begin with.

Someone at Google needs to be publicly fired over this debacle.

siczek.p says:

I'll bet you're a joy to be around. Did people really think that there is a warehouse with millions of units awaiting to be kissed by a fairy prior to being packaged and whisked away to your home by unicorns with Gorilla Glass horns?

John-Smith says:

Thankfully I am broke so I didn't have to deal with the crap launch that google did. And I will be able to get one in 3 weeks when I have the money and when they are in stock.. Perfect timing for me :)


Dsrtstorm says:

I lucked out and I'm receiving my phone tomorrow afternoon.

Osijelu says:

Same here mine came today

jeffreytz says:

Seriously? Wow that was fast. What's your location/region?

Dsrtstorm says:

The phone shipped from Kentucky and I live in New York. I'm guessing if you're close to that hub, then you can get it quite fast.

drwohl says:

I ordered one from T-Mo yesterday and got it today (I paid for one-day shipping). So at least their retail channel works!

jian9007 says:

People who ordered direct with T-Mobile are also seeing the same delayed messages, according to what I was reading on the Tmonews website. The message people are receiving says it is backordered with no estimated delivery date, so it's not looking good for anybody right now. Man, this sucks. I may have to snag a Note 2 to tide me over until Google starts replenishing their stock, which at this point looks like it may be friggin' Christmas.

S_C_B says:


For those of you who have backorders, does your order still show as pending on this page?

For those of you who ordered within 5 minutes of the go-live, have you received the backorder email?

I know I ordered within 3 minutes of go-live, and I haven’t received a shipping email or a backorder email.

diggdugg says:

What time and time zone did you order your device? I got my order in for 2 at 10:36 am CST and haven't heard anything. I've called Google twice. First time I was told the device would ship out today. The second time I was told that if I hadn't received a back order email today then I will receive a tracking number by Saturday with delivery by Monday... :/

S_C_B says:

My order for one N4 got in at 10:35:55 AM CST. I just checked my bank account, and I noticed that the pending charge is gone! I hope that's not a sign. I'll arrive eventually, maybe.

prjr25 says:

same thing here...ordered 10:36 AM CST, never got one e-mail and the pending charge disappeared yesterday...I have not received a back-order e-mail either...I've called but they don't seem very confident when they tell me not to worry it'll ship soon :/...very disappointing

xxcusaoxx says:

What I would like to see is something official from Google apart from will have more stock within the next few weeks, tell us how many actual units they've sold, what was this huge demand, and give us a specific date of when more will be available.
That would be nice

nexuss23 says:

I think Google needs to release a public statement to announce what the process is for current and future customers. I don't think we would sweat the shipping process if there was more communication about whats going on.

Eudo says:

I called again this morning and asked to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor kindly explained that, even though I ordered within 13 minutes of orders opening and even though people who ordered well after me have already gotten their phones, I was still in the backorder queue.

I pointed out that Google had originally agreed to deliver the phone in 3-5 days and that I had no faith in the 3 week time frame for delivery. I asked if that new 3 week time frame constituted a guarantee and he couldn't say that it did.

I've started hanging up when they transfer me to their bloody customer service poll, which basically asks me to blame the minimum-wage-earning call centre staff for someone else's screw up.

vegasjoe says:

I placed mine at 8:35am PST. Smooth transaction thru the Play Store, got my order confirmation email but nothing else. No back-order email, no ship confirmation, and my order status still says "Shipping estimate: November 15, 2012". Checked with a local T-Mobile store as an alternative and they said no stores in the Las Vegas valley received any in stock. Bummers.