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With the Samsung/Apple trial well underway, court documents have been unearthed indicating that Samsung may be hard at work on a new, high-resolution tablet. The Verge​ found references in documents made public in the California trial to a device dubbed the "P10," which would apparently incorporate a 11.8-inch, WQXGA (2560 x 1600) display, in addition to 4G LTE connectivity. If accurate, those numbers would equate to a pixel density of around 256ppi, all but matching the new IPad's 264ppi. The news follows pre-MWC rumors that such a device was being developed by the Korean manufacturer.

The prospect of an Android tablet with such a high-resolution display may be tantalizing, but let's remember that plans often change over time, and there's no telling exactly how this "P10" might have been translated into an actual product. Regardless, with the IFA show in Berlin just a month away, we'll be keeping crossing our fingers and hoping this mysterious Galaxy Tab 11.8 appears sooner rather than later.

Source: The Verge


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Court docs hint at plans for 11.8-inch Samsung Tab with 2560 x 1600 display


OK Sammy, but how do you define the resolution of a triangular screen to avoid Apple suing you to bits? The other issue is creating Android applications to fit 2560x1600.

Does it bother anyone else that most media outlets reporting on this tab refer to it having a "Retina"-like display?

Samsung and Google are already in court over patents. I don't think it bodes well if media touts any form of new tech with an Apple monicker. Its just high res people, not "Retina"-like.

Here's hoping Samsung wants to partner w/ Google for a Nexus 11 tablet!
That'd really give Android developers an incentive to push the leading edge of high res apps....

I hope they make a smaller version, either 8.9 or 7.9.
So far I've been sorely disappointed in Samsung's tablet offering this year. I hope they finally step up their game. For now I'm loving and will be keeping my Nexus 7 until a worthy tablet appears that offers the latest Android operating system with superior hardware :
1) Very high resolution screen
2) Internal storage of at least 64gb
3) Excellent front and back facing cameras
4) Much better speakers than the crappy one on my otherwise awesome Nexus
7) Very thin and light (prefer the thinness of my Galaxy tab 8.9 to the thickness of my Nexus 7
8) Also don't forget GPS.
9) Much better battery than my Nexus 7. (I think in this day and age every high end device or flagship device should offer at least 24 hours of battery life with the screen at full brightness and no matter how you use it. Geez, it's 2012)