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Android Virtual Touchscreen Keyboard Coming In 2009


One of our biggest gripes about the T-Mobile G1 and Android is the inability to type on the touchscreen. There is no virtual onscreen keyboard so every time you need to type, you'll need to flip the G1 horizontally and slide out the QWERTY keyboard. This quickly proves to be a nuisance for quick things such as SMS or short e-mails. Plus, when the keyboard is open, it's nearly impossible to use the device one handed.

Luckily, the Android Roadmap has got us covered. Here are the details of the soft keyboard:

Q1 2009 Input method framework (IMF) This feature will enable support for input methods other than physical keyboards, for example soft keyboards. IMF will also enable application developers to provide IME (see below) applications based on the framework. Input method engines (IME) IME will support soft keyboards, a dictionary of suggestions, and a suggestion algorithm. The Android platform may contain few reference IMEs, and developers can provide IME applications through the Android Market.


Make no mistake, our thumbs love the physical keyboard on the G1, it's a very well implemented system. But being on Android is all about openness and choice, having the soft keyboard option is a no brainer. With suggestions and algorithms, we're very confident that the G1 can provide a great soft keyboard along with the already great physical one.

[Android Roadmap via Gizmodo]

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5 years ago

Android Video Walkthrough


The G1 mania continues. Today we bring you a video walkthrough of the basic features of Android. The manual that comes with the T-Mobile G1 is pretty sparse, so watch the above video to get a handle on how to navigate around the G1's homescreen and learn some tips and tricks for getting more power out of Android!

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5 years ago

Facebook Says NO to Android, Refuses to Develop App


Well, even if you're well intentioned and have no interest in "being evil", there are still petty corporate beefs that have us at Android Central a tad bit sad. There is word coming out that Facebook, of social networking fame, simply REFUSES to develop an app for Android. Yes, as cool as your T-Mobile G1 is right now, you won't be able to poke friends or update your status quite yet. Officially, maybe never.

The feud between Google and Facebook began with Facebook blocking Google's Friend Connect because of security issues and has now led to Facebook ignoring the Android platform. Having Microsoft in  cahoots with Facebook certainly doesn't help the Google relationship either.

Facebook has applications available for both Blackberry and iPhone users and from what we've seen, they're fairly good and useful. It'd be sad to see no Facebook on Android but hopefully some entrepreneuring developer can create a third party solution or Facebook will grow up and recognize the Android platform.

Either way we hope this doesn't mean we have to use MySpace again

[Into Mobile]

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5 years ago

Android Market Details, Paid Apps Q1 2009 and Google Takes No Profit


With Android finally in people's hands, Android Market was released to the wild and people were gettin' to downloadin'. However, there is one obvious exclusion right now and that is the support for paid apps. According to Google, Android Market won't receive paid applications until early Q1 2009.

Developers should also take interest in that it costs a one time $25 application fee to register the developer's authenticity and responsibility. After that, the apps that they develop are on the fast track to release. There is no further validation or approval needed.

Google also noted that they won't be making a profit off of Android Market. Instead, they'll use the 70/30 split (70% of paid apps to developer, 30% to Google) to finance the upkeep of Android Market.

[Android Developers Blog]

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T-Mobile G1 Commercial "Questions"



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T-Mobile has finally put the G1 in the public's eye by way of commercial. This advertisement, aptly named "Questions", shows a lot of random people asking random questions. To solve this dilemma: the T-Mobile G1, of course! With integrated Google Search on your phone, all your questions can be answered. We guess that's the pitch.

It has a similar feel to Microsoft's "I'm a PC" ad because it links people of all class, color, and occupations with one uniting factor. In this instance it's curiosity. Do we find it particularly effective? Not so much. You can pretty much use Google on any smartphone with internet access, this isn't unique at all.

If T-Mobile asked for our opinion on how to market the T-Mobile G1. We'd tell 'em: Milk, use, and squeeze Google for all its worth. People who tend to like Google will have high hopes on the mobile platform created by Google.

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5 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Getting An Update TODAY


You probably just ripped off the plastic off of your brand new T-Mobile G1 and we've already caught word that there will be an Over-The-Air (OTA) software update for the T-Mobile G1. Wow, that was fast.

TmoNews has the details on the update and basically it'll include enhancements and make all songs from Amazon available for listening. Should you get it? Probably, it's always good practice to eventually move to the updated OS because of basic bug fixes and stability. The update is termed to be small so don't expect much. T-Mobile will likely send a text message to notify those units in need of updating.

To check if you have the new software: Hit Menu>Settings>About Phone>Build Number. The build number of the updated software is RC28. The old one is RC19.


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5 years ago

Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail


One of the biggest hassles in the Gmail program on Android is that the buttons you're going to want to use the most aren't easy to find. Sure, "Archive," "Label" and "Delete are simply two button pushes (underneath the menu) away, but Reply, Reply to All and Forward are on-screen buttons that appear at the bottom of every email. This can be a huge hassle -- huge as in "Oh my god, I might not be able to be a power-emailer on this thing" because who knows how long an email may be -- sometimes there's old threads in the chain of emails and sometimes, well, and email is just freaking long.

Good news, though, if you have the keyboard out, there are convenient one-push keyboard shortcuts for most of your popular email functions. We list them for you (plus a bonus feature), after the break!

Android Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

Just tap these letters when you're reading an email to access their function:

  • R - Reply

  • A - Reply to All

  • F - Forward

  • Y - Archive

I can understand the decision not to make a keyboard shortcut for delete -- archive is better in most cases because you never know when you'll want to search for something later. However I use labels very heavily and it would have been nice to see a keyboard shortcut to pop up the label listing. Heck, I would have settled for keyboard filtering of labels once that labelling menu had popped up.

Nevertheless, having keyboard shortcuts for Gmail in Android is a lifesaver.

One last bit -- when you're in a mailbox looking at a list of emails, you may know that you can hold your finger down on a message to access a pop-up menu of features. What you may not have known is that you can pop up that same menu by holding down the trackball on a message.

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5 years ago

Review: G1 Screen Protector by SPE


It's launch day for the G1 today and undoubtedly people are going to be hunting down some accessories. The G1's screen has a few of problems with it. First: it's plastic and therefore vulnerable to scratches. Second: it's pretty reflective and is susceptible to glare. Third: it collects fingerprints with a vengeance.

So naturally the first thing I wanted to do was slap a screen protector on it. Enter the SPE Screen Protector Pack for the T-Mobile G1. It's a three pack of matted-screen protectors for 14.95. Read on to see if and how they tackle the above issues!

Applying the Screen Protector

Check out the glare!

The first and possibly most important step in applying any screen protector is cleaning the screen beforehand. Get as much oil, dust, and debris off the device as humanly possible. I don't recommend going so far as to use chemicals like Windex (which can damage some plastics), but a good clean cloth is a must (These 3M Cleaning cloths work great).

Once you have the screen clean grab one of the SPE Screen Protectors and note that it has a convenient tab for peeling off the backing. This is a nice touch and not common with most screen protectors, which make you try to peel away the backing directly and you inevitably end up getting a fingerprint on the sticky side.

Next up is the trick passed down to me by a shaman: peel off the backing and then reapply it to the sticky side of the protector, as you see in the image above, right. This gives you more control when applying the screen protector because you don't have to 'bend' it as much to try to pull the backing out from 'under' it. It also lets you re-apply the protector a few times if you don't get it straight the first time.

Finally, line up the top of the protector with the screen and roll your finger down from the top to press out any bubbles. If you have it straight, remove the backing and finish rolling your finger down. If there are any extra little bubbles in there they'll likely work themselves out over time.

The SPE Screen Protectors are nice because they are relatively firm without being too thick, they don't 'flop around' when you're trying to apply them. Because they are matted, you do lose a little bit of 'crispness' in the display and you need to apply just a tiny bit more pressure on taps and swipes, but all in all I find those trade-offs worth it.

The Results

The results: good. The screen is now safe from scratches, doesn't show fingerprints, and is significantly better about glare. Win-Win-Win. A three pack will set you back $14.95, but it's worth it. Check out the 'after' pics below, check out that reduced glare compared to the screen-protector-less photo above!

You can buy the SPE Screen Protector Pack for the T-Mobile G1 in the Android Central Accessory Store.

Verdict: 5 of 5, Recommended!

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5 years ago

T-Mobile G1 Hardware Gallery


Here you go, folks, a full-on gallery of the T-Mobile G1 from every angle. Special attention is given to some of the more interesting parts -- the keyboard isn't so good in medium light, but fine in bright light and no-light, the SD Card slot can be hard to find, the slider mechanism is really geek-cool, and so on. Of *course* we'll have much more on the Android Operating system, but for now -- enjoy the pics after the break! */

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T-Mobile HotSpot Connect Available to Android


With Android and the T-Mobile G1 releasing today, T-Mobile HotSpot Connect has reached Android Market thus allowing all G1 users free T-Mobile HotSpot Access nationwide. This is a huge bonus for potential G1 users because there are a ton of places we frequent that offer T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Access.

So when you get your T-Mobile G1 be sure to download the HotSpot Connect app for easy access to thousands of T-Mobile HotSpots across the nation.

[via Android Community]

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