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5 years ago

Google Goggles updated to v1.6, now analyzes your images to provide info


I'll admit I never really use Google Goggles a lot but as Google continues to update the app and add new features, they're making some compelling arguments that give me reasons to use it. The latest update adds an opt-in photo recognition feature.

With it, you can snap a picture using your devices camera, Google will then scan the image for landmarks, paintings and other interesting objects. Once scanned, if anything is identified it will then offer up information and details about what you just took a picture of.

Pretty awesome! Although, now I just want to go around the city scanning everything and seeing what information is available. The update is available now in the Android Market and the download can be found past the break.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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5 years ago

AT&T Samsung Infuse 4G update available - No it's not Gingerbread


With many folks awaiting the inevitable release of Gingerbread for the Samsung Infuse 4G, AT&T decided to go ahead and mess with our emotions a little by releasing a 14.5MB maintenance update. Our inboxes became rather busy, that is -- until everyone who had installed the update realized it wasn't Gingerbread at all. The update, doesn't appear to of have had any major changes in it. In fact, most are wondering what exactly it did. Look on the bright side though, maybe it was a primer for better things to come.

Thanks, Adrian!

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5 years ago

US Cellular's HTC Merge gets its Gingerbread update [Updated]


There's some poetic justice in that the HTC Merge -- US Cellular's version, anyway -- is getting its Android 2.3 update when you consider that the phone nearly died on the Verizon vine. But Gingerbread it now has, at least for you folks on the beloved regional carrier.

You're getting Android 2.3.4 (build 3.05.573.1), and with it all the updates and improvements that some of the most high-profile phones of the past nine months or so don't even have. Well done, USCC!

Update: There have been some issues with the download link for the Merge update, and US Cellular says they are working closely with HTC to rectify the situation on their Facebook page.  If you have experienced and issues, know that they are being worked on and USCC will let everyone know when things are back on track. 

Download: Gingerbread for USCC HTC Merge; via US Cellular

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5 years ago

Tired of flinging birds around, why not try to Burn the City



Looking for an alternative to flinging those birds around, wishing you could find something with a bit more life to it, and some added excitement? Look no further than Burn the City if you want to be scorching buildings with fire, and blowing things up with sticks of dynamite, as you try to destroy the city. With a free trial available in the market, there is also a premium version which is 99 cents and allows you access to all 45 levels as well as three additional fireball types. Download links available after the break.

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5 years ago

Verizon to launch 26 new LTE markets Sep. 15, expand 3 others


Verizon has announced that they will be turning on the LTE switch in 26 new areas come Sep 15 (that's tomorrow!), as well as expanding the footprint in three metro areas.  The new markets are:

  • Fort Smith and Jonesboro, Ark.
  • San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara, Calif.
  • Daytona, Fla.
  • Bloomington, Champaign/Urbana, Rockford and Springfield, Ill.
  • Quad Cities, Ill./Iowa
  • Iowa City, Iowa
  • Shreveport, La.
  • Kalamazoo and Saginaw, Mich.
  • Reno, Nev.
  • Las Cruces, N.M.
  • Fargo, N.D.
  • Canton, Lima and Mansfield, Ohio
  • Dyersburg, Tenn.
  • Tri-Cities, Tenn./Va.
  • Austin, Beaumont/Port Arthur, Wichita Falls and El Paso, Texas.

The existing LTE footprint in San Francisco, Calif., Indianapolis Ind., and Cleveland/Akron Ohio is also slated to see a "major expansion".  As you can see in our Droid Bionic review, LTE is fast data re-defined.  The footprint keeps expanding, and each new LTE device brings a little better performance than the last, and everyone is loving it.  Keep it up Big Red!  We've got the (very long) full press release after the break.

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5 years ago

New Honeycomb leak for Logitech Revue comes with Netflix


It was just last month we saw a beta build Android 3.1 Honeycomb leak out for the Logitech Revue and here are now, mid September and another build has leaked out. This time, it's a user debug build and it comes with Netflix loaded. For those of you wonder what a user debug build means exactly, well -- it means root. You can install this build and your Logitech Revue will be rooted, albeit with some warnings. As noted:

  • We tried updating from 2.1 to this -it bricked, so don't do that! (upgrade to 3.1 original beta first, then this)
  • It seems nearly complete - so bet on a real 3.1 user release in the coming weeks from Logitech.
  • Although root is accessible through adb and su. Kernel modules, Kernel, Bootloader = all still signed. Memory is protected, so it's sadly not much of an improvement.
  • The Recovery Menu DOES NOT work, so if you update to this, prepare to be stuck on it (at least, for now). Also if it bricks you are SOL, this is an unofficial leak and voids your warranty

Mind the warnings if you're going to load this one up and you should be fine and check out the source links for the files. Want to see how it runs? There is a video past the break for you all showing the leak in action.

Source: GTVHacker; Channel Android Thanks, Ralph!

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5 years ago

Android App Review: ESPN Bowl Bound


We’re two weeks into the 2011 college football season now, which has given me ample time to use ESPN’s Bowl Bound app. My conclusion: If you’re a college football fan in the least bit, you need to get this app. It’s well done, easy to navigate and provides exactly the information you’re going to want to have available on-the-go about college football.

The app provides you with nine main tabs, which always remain on top. A good choice for simple navigation. Here are the tabs in order from left to right.

  • Home is first, which displays the top stories in college football, the most significant getting a front and center photo.
  • Scores show you past and current scores around the NCAA. By default, the scoreboard is set to the Top 25, but you can narrow it down by division or see the entire field if you want to. Video lets you have access to a variety of ESPN clips related to college football.
  • Video is divided into three categories: analysis, highlights and exclusive. The Analysis section gives you videos of college football experts opining about subjects such as who will win the BCS title.The Highlights section provides video highlights of the most recent games and is handy if you missed any of the action that week. The Exclusive section has videos that are exclusive to the Bowl Bound app, such as a behind the scenes on the GameDay bus with Erin Andrews.
  • Bowl Central, much like it sounds, gives you the current bowl projections as determined by ESPN. Obviously these will change quite a bit during the season, so it’s great to have easy access to them wherever you are.
  • Twitter aggregates all college football related ESPN tweets. It essentially gives you a Twitter list for ESPN college football.
  • News, much like Video, has three sub tabs: News, Columns and Blogs. News gives you the most up-to-date news headlines regarding college football. Columns lists all the latest writings by ESPN columnists (some of which require ESPN Insider). Blogs allows you to narrow the view down to conference. There is a blog for each conference, so you’ll have easy access to everything from this tab.
  • Teams provides everything you want to know about a specific college football program. Once you select a team, you’ll have access to it’s clubhouse (team-specific news), roster, schedule, videos and photos from recent games, Twitter and a discussion so that you can talk to others about how your favorite team is doing throughout the year.
  • Rankings, like Bowl Central, gives you the latest Top 25 and also allow you to comment on them as to whether you agree or disagree.
  • Settings gives you the opportunity to sign in or out of your ESPN account, change your preferred team and send feedback to the developers.

ESPN has released quite a few apps and they have been hit or miss. This one is definitely a hit and one of their best to date, especially if you’re a college football fan. If you're interested in this free app from the Android Market, please find links after the break as well as more screenshots.

If you have questions or comments about the app, hit up our Forums and speak up!

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5 years ago

HTC Sensation XE UK availability and pricing info emerges


British retailer Phones4U has announced that it'll be the first to carry HTC's new flagship smartphone, the Sensation XE, with a release slated for October 1. Phones4U says it'll have a "lead to market" on the device, which will become the fastest HTC smartphone available when it launches. In related news, Clove, which sells SIM-free smartphones, says it'll stock the Sensation XE from October 7, priced at £492 (~$780).

In addition to everything that made the original Sensation such a great phone, the Sensation XE boasts a slightly faster 1.5GHz CPU, along with Beats Audio support and bundled Beats earphones. Hit up our announcement post from earlier today for all the details.

Phones4U adds that it'll also be carrying an exclusive white version of the original Sensation, which it'll launch alongside the Sensation XE on October 1. The white Sensation will apparently be offered for free on contracts of £31 or more per month, while if it's the Sensation XE you're after, you'll need to spend £36 per month to get the phone for free.

Join us after the jump for more details in the official presser.

Source: Phones4U, Clove; via: Eurodroid

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5 years ago

T-Mobile Galaxy S II processor outed by Galaxy S support Twitter account?


And there you have it.  The T-Mobile version of the Samsung Galaxy S II will have the Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 1.5GHz dual-core CPU instead of the Exynos processor the rest of the series has.  People who go gaga over the benchmark numbers will be disappointed, as will people wanting that 42Mbps HSPA+ speed that was rumored for a while, as the product brief for the MSM8X60/APQ8060 lists its max speed at 14Mbps.

Who won't be disappointed?  A whole bunch of folks who will be picking this one up when it launches that have no idea what's under the hood (and don't really care), and those that want the most out of their battery life.  Android geeks will just have to second guess why the decision was made -- if it turns out to be true.  We've seen Twitter fail us much too often to put all our faith into 140 characters.

Source: @GalaxySsupportThanks, Wilson!

MSM8X60/APQ8060 product brief

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5 years ago

Sprint begins the Gingerbread rollout for the LG Optimus S


Remember the end of last month when we saw the source code for the LG Optimus S Gingerbread update appear, but no word of the update? Well the update has finally been detailed for us, and it will begin rolling out today. The update, which is slated to roll out to all users within 10 days will bring a whole bunch of improvements, such as

  • Volume adjustment from handset when backlight is off and in a Bluetooth call
  • Initiation of a 3-way call in certain markets
  • Updated color scheme (includes darker notification bar and black-based menus)
  • New on-screen keyboard (supports multi-touch input and a smart auto-correction function)
  • Improved cut-paste functionality
  • New integrated download application for ease in accessing downloaded files
  • Updated camera application
  • Power management and task killer applications

So if you own an LG Optimus S on Sprint be sure to check for the update, and if you happen to receive it let us know your thoughts in our forums!

Source: Sprint ; Thanks, Jim!

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5 years ago

HTC Flyer bootloader now unlockable using HTC web tool



HTC's 7-inch Flyer tablet is the latest device to find itself with an unlockable bootloader, courtesy of the official HTC development website. Added to the bottom of the list of unlockable devices over on are various flavors of Flyer, including the international Wifi-only and 3G versions. Before you start, you'll want to double-check which Flyer model you have, and also ensure you're on the correct firmware version, as you'll need to be fully up-to-date in order for the web tool to work its magic.

Conspicuous in its absence is the EVO View 4G, the Wimax version of the tablet that launched on Sprint around the same time as the Flyer released globally. Given that the Sprint EVO 3D is already unlockable through, though, we'd expect to see it on there sooner rather than later.

Unlocking your device's bootloader will allow you to install custom firmware that hasn't been approved by HTC like the official software. As ever, unlocking should only be attempted if you're comfortable with monkeying around with the software internals of your device, and you'll void your warranty, even if you use the official HTC tools. Still interested? Head on over to to get started.

Source: HTCDev; via: PocketDroid
Thanks, pflorin!

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5 years ago

Sprint announces the LG Marquee, debuting at N.Y. Fashion Week


Looks like we were dead on with the LG Marquee, news of which we broke last week. Sprint's just taken the wraps off its version of the LG Optimus Black, which will make its debut on Sept. 15 at New York's Fashion Week. Just like the European version (read our full review), it's got a 1GHz processor, 4-inch NOVA display (which looks gorgeous) and runs Android 2.3. It's also got Sprint ID for theming, and a 5MP rear camera.

The LG Marquee will be available online starting Sept. 20 and in stores Oct. 2 for $99 on contract. Full press release is after the break.

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5 years ago

HTC announces the Sensation XE with Beats Audio


Take the excellent HTC Sensation, toss in the newly acquired Beats Audio, and you've got the HTC Sensation XE. Coming to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia later this month, it's pretty much the same Sensation we fell in love with -- 1.5GHz dual-core processor (OK, that's updated from 1.2GHz), Android 2.3, 8MP camera, and so on -- with the Beats Audio processing, and Beats by Dr. Dre headphones thrown in with an attached remote control.

No doubt we'll be seeing this here in the states at some point, too. At least we hope.

Full presser's after the break.

More: HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio

Update: You eagle-eyed commenters are also spotting more RAM and a slightly bigger battery. So it's a Sensation -- only better!

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5 years ago

Reminder: Enter to win an ASUS Transformer and keyboard from Nvidia and Android Central [contest]


Everyone love the Asus Transformer.  It's rocking the Tegra 2 chip so it plays games and does media like Honeycomb was designed to do, has all sorts of ports for connectivity, and there's a cool keyboard dock for easy typing.  Asus seems to be on the ball and keeping things updated as well, so it's the right choice for many.  And you can enter to win one, with the awesome keyboard dock, in Nvidia and Android Central's Tegra Madness giveaway!

Winning one is easy, just hit the forums and drop a note in the contest thread, and you're entered.  We'll pick the winner at random, and announce them all in one big blog post next Sunday (Sep. 18).  Good luck to all, and be sure to enter all week!

Win an Asus Transformer and keyboard dock

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5 years ago

Android App Review: Hooked


Gaming on Android has finally taken off, so it can be tough having to wade through all the subpar stuff out there hoping you'll finally find a gem. Hooked tries to be the middleman for you in that, suggesting games based off of your personality and how you've rated previous suggestions.

From the moment you open Hooked, the app starts working for you. You're asked four questions, and from there, your personality is profiled. Based on which group you get put in (I was a Trailblazer, supposedly), you'll get suggestions tailored to you.

There's a heavy Facebook component to Hooked, as you can see in the picture above. If you do decide to merge your Facebook account with Hooked, you'll be able to see what other friends of yours are playing, assuming they're using Hooked as well. It's a pretty novel idea, but because none of my friends use Hooked, it was rendered mostly moot.

You can also look at a live feed of who is playing what right now. These people don't even need to be your friends; you can still see what they're playing. You can separate by your personality type or everyone, and it just tells you who is playing what or if someone liked or disliked a game.

Frankly, I think that's the most powerful option of Hooked, because the live feed usually has a large variation of games on it. You can scan the list in a few seconds and see what is popular and enjoyable and what to avoid. This is better than the actual suggestion system (at least in the time I used it) because all three games suggested to me were duds.

Hooked is free in the Android Market, so if you're itching to try out some new games, give it a download. Maybe, as the user base grows, it'll become more accurate, powerful tool for game suggestion.

We've got download links and more pictures after the break.

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