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HTC Desire available April 27 on Telstra's Next G Network


For our readers down in Australia, The HTC Desire will be available on April 27 on Telstra's Next G Network.

“HTC Desire gives customers unprecedented ability to personalise their mobile,” said Ross Fielding, Executive Director, Mobility Products, Telstra. “Not only can customers select from a massive ecosystem of free and paid-for applications from the Android Market – as well as Telstra apps like Mobile FOXTEL– but they can completely re-configure how shortcuts and applications appear on their phone. Add to this a fast 1GHz Snapdragon processor, the Next G network’s unsurpassed coverage and speed, and Google’s latest Android operating system for mobiles and you have one of the most responsive, intuitive and exciting smartphones to launch in 2010.”

Some additional key features is that the Desire is running on Android 2.1, it has the latest HTC Sense user expirence, 3.5mm stereo audio jack, automatically lowers the ringer volume when the phone is picked up, mutes the ringer when the phone is flipped down and automatically backs up certain data to the MircoSD such as SMS/MMS.

Pricing will be for $0 on Telstra's $60 consumer Phone Plan for 24 months, or can be purchased outright for a RRP of $779. The HTC Desire will be available in Telstra stores and dealers on April 27th. [HTC]

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5 years ago

Sprint EVO 4G won't do simultaneous voice-data


Sprint and HTC CEO's show off the EVO 4G at CTIA

Get ready Luke Wilson and company, you have a new (well, old) target to go after. HTC has confirmed to us that the Sprint EVO 4G, which it manufactures, will not be able to use voice and 4G services at the same time at release. The full quote from HTC:

"If you're using 4G for data, you can't use CDMA for voice. Currently the only way to do simultaneous voice and data would be through a third-party VOIP solution. However, this is not do to strict hardware limitations, so it's possible this could change with future updates."

We touched on this in our EVO 4G Q&A, but this certainly needs it's own entry. HTC says that it's not due to hardware limitations, so that leaves only one culprit -- Sprint. We're used to this with CDMA phones, and maybe it's still something that's "in the works," but the question remains -- why would Sprint cripple (sorry, Phil, just couldn't resist  :) ) what's arguably the best upcoming phone on the market? At this point all I can think is "Why, Sprint, why?"

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5 years ago

T-Mobile testing Cliq update with 1,000 users tonight


Motorola Cliq update

OK, you hungry Motorola Cliq users who are dying for another update: One's coming your way tonight, at least for 1,000 lucky users. But before you call a baby sitter and abandon the family, know this: It doesn't appear to be a full-on Android version update, though it will bring:

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved software performance and stability
  • Improved home screen
  • Improved widget response
  • Decrease in ‘Force Close’ error messages
  • New Manage SIM card application
  • Added support of .WMA and .WAV media files
  • Removes the imeem mobile application

To get in on it tonight (for everybody else, this maintenance release is coming later this week), you'll need to manually check for an update starting at 6 p.m. PDT (9 p.m. EDT), and follow this thread in T-Mobile's forums. Good luck! [via TMoNews]

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5 years ago

We see the Dell Aero's software and kind of wish we hadn't ...


Remember the Dell Aero Android smartphone? The one we were allowed to fondle but not turn on at CTIA? (And the one that, yes, can't run unsigned apps?) Well, the guys at Engadget managed to get their hands on a live one. And from what we've seen, they can have it.

We're not at all against putting a good skin on top of Android, but what Josh shows us doesn't look anything like a good skin on top of Android -- especially that keyboard. Basically it's some rather sleek (and almost sexy hardware), with a UI that makes us wonder (yet again) why some companies can't leave well enough alone. [Engadget]

(Oh, and Phil's alternate post, in a single sentence: "OK, now it's crippled.")

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5 years ago

Sprint Evo 4G: You ask, we answer


Sprint Evo 4G

O ye of little faith. We asked for your questions regarding the Sprint Evo 4G, the first WiMax Android smartphone around, and now it's time to answer some of them. Obviously we're not hitting on everything that was asked, and the first place to go if you have a question is the official spec sheet from Sprint. Otherwise, let's get to it. Join us after the break.

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5 years ago

European Motorola Milestone getting Android 2.1 update (you, not so much)


Motorola Milestone

See that phone up there? That's the Motorola Milestone, the non-U.S. doppelganger of the Motorola Droid. And unlike its American cousin, it's seeing the Android 2.1 update roll out in Europe as we type this. So hooray for the French. And Germans. And Italians. And British. (And probably another dozen or so countries, too.) In the meantime, we continue to wait. And wait. [via The Unwired]

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5 years ago

Google finally to address Android fragmentation with FroYo, Gingerbread?



Biggest complaint we hear about Android? The number of OS versions spread out over the vast number of devices, and the painful wait for updates. We're currently running the gamut from Android 1.5 -- even on new phones like the Motorola i1 -- to Android 2.1, currently on the Nexus One and a handful of Milestones.

But what if that were to finally go away? Engadget says it has on good authority that Google's going to do something about that with the FroYo and Gingerbread releases of Android. And it'll do so by moving some of the core apps out of the ROM and into the Android Market. That's already been done with Google Maps. And it makes sense. Move apps like Maps, Googles and Gesture Search -- to name a few -- into the Market, and the onus no longer is on manufacturers and carriers to test, update and approve them all over again just to push out a ROM update.

Engadget also points to a second track, in that the Android OS development may start to slow as it reaches maturity. Again, makes sense, and it'll make life easier on everybody if we're not seeing major releases come month after month.

This likely will still take some time to implement, so you guys are gonna have plenty of days left to gnash your teeth over when you'll get the latest update. But it may well be light at the end of the tunnel. [Engadget]

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5 years ago

Get the HTC Desire camera on Nexus One without loading HTC Sense


HTC Desire camera on Nexus One

One of the sticking points of using the Desire ROM with HTC Sense on the Nexus One was that, at least for a while, the camera wasn't fully functional. That's been fixed, and now you can do one better and run the Desire's camera software -- which has a few more features than the stock Nexus One camera software -- without having to load the entire Desire ROM along with Sense.

It's a basic update from MoDaCo -- just download it to the root of your microSD card, reboot into recovery and apply the zip file. That simple, and it's working at the full 5 megapixels. A few more screen shots after the break. [MoDaCo]

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5 years ago

Verizon Nexus One sales page caught on video for your disbelieving eyes


The Verizon Nexus One rumors are running rampant this morning. Piling onto the (likely fake) screen shot of the google.com/phone page showing the Verizon version actually for sale, there's now video showing mostly the same thing. The chatter's a little different however, and the URL appears to match up with the real thing. So have at it in the comments.

Another tasty morsels for this Monday morning: Jkontherun says to expect the N1 in April with "something that the versions on other U.S. carriers lack." Flash 10.1? A better touchscreen? Trackball swapped out for the Desire's trackpad? Your guess is as good as ours.

Update: We've now had a couple people tell us the hold-up for the Verizon Nexus One has been because Skype wasn't playing nicely with Android 2.1. Plausible?

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5 years ago

That's exactly how low we'll stoop, actually


Joy of Tech

We currently have the baristas in custody and hope to have their statements by the end of the day. DNA results from the coffee cups and restroom take a little longer. [Joy of Tech]

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5 years ago

Android Quick App: Search Anything


Search AnythingSearch Anything

Just like the title suggests, with Search Anything you can Yahoo, Google, Bing, Twitter, Youtube and Wikipedia. Simply by adding the first initial of your preferred search engine (example Y for Yahoo, B for Bing etc.) 

Without a keyword it's default search is Google.  Eight searches per page, they are all linked to your browser. This app is found in the Android Market and costs $0.99. [Market link]

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5 years ago

Evo 4G straight from Sprint's playbook; Best Buy reportedly preselling in May


HTC Evo 4G on Sprint

Here's a look at the HTC Evo 4G, straight from Sprint's official playbook. Nothing earth-shattering there, though our tipster tells us that Best Buy is currently being briefed on the Evo 4G and that we should see presales start in May, in the form of a gift card that will later be redeemed for the phone itself. If that all pans out, it means don't look for the phone for another month and a half or so.

Of course, this is all highly unofficial and subject to change, so ... [Thanks, anon!]

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5 years ago

CTIA wrap-up: No stopping Android


Android at CTIA

How dominant was Android last week at CTIA? As you can see in the picture above, it drove our pal CrackBerry Kevin to violence. Indeed, our favorite operating system was front and center in Las Vegas last week, with a few major device announcements, and more great software on tap. After the break, we recap what we saw, and what's still ahead.

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5 years ago

Hands-on at CTIA with the Kyocera Zio M6000


Kyocera Zio M6000

Here's one more from our CTIA pile -- the Kyocera Zio M6000. It's got Android 1.6 running atop a Qualcomm MSM7627 processor, a 3.5-inch LCD touchscreen at 480x800, full H.264 playback, a 1130mAh battery, WiFi and aGPS, and a 3.2 megapixel camera. It's being billed as one of the lightest Android smartphones out there at 3.7 ounces, and Kyocera compared its build to that of the Nexus One. Don't know if we'd go that far, but it's certainly positioning itself as a sleek Android phone at the lower end of the price scale. More pics and video after the break.

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