2 weeks ago

Sony Xperia Z3+ is heading to India on June 26


Sony has sent out invites to the media for a launch event on June 26, where the manufacturer will launch the Xperia Z3+ in the country.

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2 weeks ago

LG's free G4 battery, charger, and microSD card promotion extended to June 30


Just in case you need a bit more time, LG has extended its free accessory promotion for LG G4 buyers through June 30.

The launch of the LG G4 in the U.S. brought along a unique offer through which LG would throw in some free extras for buyers of the device. While the promotion was originally set to end on June 21, it looks like LG has extended the end date to June 30.

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2 weeks ago

Samsung's keyboard had an exploit that you probably don't need to worry about

Samsung Keyboard

Another security story misses the point, and your phone isn't likely in any real danger.

Update June 19: Samsung's detailed what you can do to make sure you get the fix for the exploit.

Update June 18: Samsung tells Android Central that it's preparing a security update that won't have to wait on a full system update from the operators.

Samsung's stock keyboard — as in the one that ships on its phones — is the subject today of a piece from security firm NowSecure that details a flaw that has the possibility of allowing code to be executed remotely on your phone. Samsung's built-in keyboard uses the SwiftKey software development kit for prediction and language packs, and that's where the exploit was found.

NowSecure has headlined the entire thing with "Samsung Keyboard Security Risk Disclosed: Over 600M+ Devices Worldwide Impacted." That's scary-sounding stuff. (Especially when it includes bright red backgrounds and scary-looking images of what generally is known as a dead face.)

So do you need to worry? Probably not. Let's break it down.

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2 weeks ago

Who you should be following on Periscope


Finding new people, places, and experiences is part of the draw of Periscope.

Trying to find new people to follow on Periscope can be a real hassle. We've been talking about Periscope for a while now, and we've covered most of the basics.Finding new users to follow is definitely difficult unless they are broadcasting and pop up into your global feed. What you need now is a handy list of awesome people to follow.

With that in mind, we've put together a list of accounts you should definitely be checking out.

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2 weeks ago

Dell's Venue 10 7000 Series keyboard is what every Android keyboard should be

Dell Venue 10 7000 Series

Dell's tablet experience feels like a laptop experience, and it's something more companies should emulate immediately.

With few exceptions, mobile keyboards are terrible. The keys often are too close together with next to no travel, and when you do pay extra for a feature like backlit keys it's usually not a great experience. In a world where we are surrounded by folks trying to claim tablets can be productivity machines, the dearth of quality keyboards for those devices is a little confusing. Software is an important part of the productivity experience, but when your web browser soaks up most of the productivity apps in your average workflow, a quality keyboard is the difference between banging out half a paragraph on a cramped rubbery piece of junk in a coffee shop and actually getting work done.

Dell seems to be the only company that gets this right now, and to demonstrate this they built a tablet and keyboard that feels more like a laptop than most of the mid-range "ultraportables" you'll see in your local electronics store.

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2 weeks ago

BitTorrent Shoot is a quick way to privately share files between mobile devices


BitTorrent Shoot is a new app aimed at helping you easily transfer large files between phones.

BitTorrent has released a new app called Shoot that harkens back to the company's file-sharing roots, offering users a way to easily share multiple video and picture files with one another through a simple QR code.

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2 weeks ago

Pebble Time review

Pebble Time

The new Pebble Time is the best Pebble yet. But is that enough to compete in today's market? And more important — should you buy this thing?

The folks at Pebble are back in the smartwatch game with the Pebble Time, and I've had one of the Kickstarter early bird models here for a little over a week. The smartwatch world has moved rapidly since the introduction of the original Pebble, and when looking at products like Android Wear and the Apple Watch, it's easy to see they have some tough competition to face.

Can the Pebble Time stand against the likes of full-touchscreen Android-based watches from the big players who make our Android phones? That was my question going into things. In some ways, it can (and actually does some things better) — and in other ways it can't.

It is all going to come down to what you want your smartwatch to do, how you want it to do those things, and what features you want to see on your wrist. Let's kick things off with a quick review of the Pebble Time.

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2 weeks ago

Lara Croft GO will combine tomb raiding with puzzles for mobile gamers


Lara Croft GO is coming to mobile devices later this year in a turn-based puzzle game.

Lara Croft, the adventurer at the center of the Tomb Raider game franchise, is no stranger to mobile devices. Today, publisher Square Enix announced plans to release Lara Croft GO, and by the looks of the game's trailer, this will be a very different experience compared to past games in the series.

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2 weeks ago

Fallout Shelter game is coming to Android to help you build your own nuclear vault


Android owners will be able to enjoy vault life with the upcoming release of the Fallout Shelter game.

Bethesda Softworks released Fallout Shelter this week for iOS, which is a mobile spin-off of its satirical Fallout post-apocalyptic game series. Now the publisher has confirmed the game is heading to Android devices as well.

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2 weeks ago

HTC begins testing promotions within its BlinkFeed app in select markets


HTC has announced that users in select markets will begin to see promotions appearing inside the BlinkFeed app, as the company tries something new.

Users in the US, UK, Germany, Taiwan, and China may begin to see a limited number of promotions appear within the BlinkFeed app, as HTC rolls out a new pilot program. These promotions will look just like a normal BlinkFeed post, as they are native ads, and HTC hopes to deliver content that will be useful.

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2 weeks ago

Eight things to know about the NVIDIA Shield Android TV

NVIDIA Shield Android TV

The Shield is the most exciting box in the Android TV space to date, and there's a lot to learn about it.

Before the Shield Android TV was announced the crop of boxes vying for a space in your entertainment center were pretty basic, and don't leave much to learn either before or after you buy one. There's a bit more going on here with this $199 Android TV choice, from gaming potential to ports, power and capabilities, it takes a bit more to wrap your head around everything the Shield has to offer.

We have eight things you should know about the Shield Android TV, whether you're still thinking about picking one up or already have it home and hooked up.

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2 weeks ago

Transferring files to your Android device just got even easier thanks to Portal by Pushbullet


Portal is a new app from the team behind Pushbullet, which makes transferring files to your Android device extremely easy.

With a large update for Pushbullet in the works, the company has just released a new app which aims to make file transfers even easier. Portal is the latest app from the Pushbullet team, and it allows users to connect their phones to their computer through a Wi-Fi connection, and transfer pictures, files, and music to the device.

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2 weeks ago

The Washington Post brings an exclusive update to the Amazon Appstore, includes six months of free access


The Washington Post has made its new app experience available to all Android phones and tablets exclusively through the Amazon Appstore.

The Washington Post has announced that its app, launched late last year for Amazon's Fire tablets, has been updated for all Android devices. Android users hoping to use the new experience can get it exclusively from Amazon's Appstore.

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2 weeks ago

Motorola brings steep savings to the Moto X and Nexus 6 during its UK Summer Sale


Motorola has announced a new Summer Sale for the UK that will offer some rather large savings on the Moto X and Nexus 6.

Motorola's Summer Sale will run from June 17 to June 30, giving UK customers plenty of time to take part in these great savings. Included in Motorola's latest sale for the UK is steep savings on both the Moto X and Nexus 6.

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2 weeks ago

Cortana for Android beta to launch in July for your digital assistant needs


Android owners will be able to download a beta version of Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant sometime in July.

Microsoft has already announced that its Cortana digital assistant is coming to Android. Now the company has revealed that a beta version of the Cortana app will be available for Android users sometime in July.

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