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3 years ago

Here is the breakdown of what Android version AC readers are running


AndroidCentral readers love them some Kit Kat

I love data and charts. Really love them, like totally nerd out over them. Last week, we put up a poll asking you which version of Android you were running. I knew I could use your answers and do something with them. Thus, the quarterly AC reader version charts were born. And this pretty chart that is totally a remix of Google's.

For now, this is just for discussion purposes. We can compare it to December 2013 numbers from Google themselves and see a few things. The first, and biggest, is that we love our Kit Kat. I'm sure a larger percentage of our readers (compared to the general population) have one of the few phones or tablets running Android 4.4, and the number of people who said screw it, then rooted and did it themselves is going to be a much higher percentage than normal folks. 

The second thing that jumps out at me here is the very low number of people running Gingerbread. Compared to Google's 24.1 percent estimate, our 1.92 percent numbers tell me that most of us switch phones more often than usual, and the custom ROM factor is at play again. 

The Jelly Bean numbers are much closer. Google comes up with 54.5 percent of the user base running Jelly Bean, while we show 42.31 percent. This is the core group of 2013's "flagship" phones — the HTC One, The Galaxy phones (S3, S4, Note 2 and Note 3), LG's Optimus G, Pro and G2 and others — that are running the carrier version. Folks who don't want to root or ROM, and are happy with the way their device runs out-of-the-box. 

Of course, like every other analyst out there, I could be completely off. This is what I see when I look at my pretty chart. And of course, the data could be skewed by folks who didn't answer our poll or answered less-than-truthfully. 

This is something we're going to explore further. Look for quarterly polls about your Android version at a minimum, and as we geek out over the data we'll share anything and everything we find that's interesting. For now, let's discuss what we see here in the comments. 

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3 years ago

Apps of the Week: Meme Generator, Google Santa Tracker, Canvas for Pebble and more!


A list full of tools, games and holiday fun

Welcome to another edition of our Apps of the Week column, where we highlight an app pick from each of the Android Central writers. We take a bit of time each Saturday afternoon to make up a solid list of apps for you to check out, each one being an app that is currently installed and in-use on our phones and tablets.

They aren't always the best-in-class or top-selling apps, but the fact that they're installed on our devices should at least give some idea of their worth. Read along with us after the break and see how this list breaks down this weekend.

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3 years ago

Holiday Photo Contest: Day 9 collectible winner!


The ninth of 14 winners in our extra-long photo contest

Day nine of our Holiday Photo Contest closed out last night, and that means we have another Android mini collectible to give away to one contest submission. We again received dozens of photos for today's drawing, but in the end we had to pick just one.

Hit the break to see today's winner, and be sure to get your entry into the contest thread in the forums if you haven't yet participated. Good luck!

Enter the holiday photo contest​

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3 years ago

Moto X in bamboo: Ridiculously awesome [hands-on]


Behold, the bamboo Moto X. OK, only the back is bamboo — but this thing looks sweet. We opted for the white face this time around (and it's already collecting pocket lint), along with black buttons.

Maybe you'll love it. Maybe you'll loathe it. Maybe you'll look at the extra $100 you have to pay for it and scoff. Or maybe you're hoping one of the other three wood backs (yes, we know bamboo is a grass) we saw earlier this year will soon become available. To each his own.

Also cool: The setup wallpaper is — you guessed it — bamboo.

For now, just feast upon the glory that is the best Android phone you can buy — in bamboo.

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3 years ago

Verizon's LG G2 OTA now pushing, relax it's not KitKat


Update fixes some bugs, adds Verizon's Cloud app and issues a Google Security Patch

Verizon and LG are pushing out that LG G2 OTA they spoke of yesterday. The 172MB update brings the software version to VS98012B, and addresses some bugs, forces Verizon's Cloud into your app drawer, and contains a security patch that everyone seems sure will break root. Here's the official changes.

  • Video playback quality has been improved when viewing on websites
  • Dialing *611 will now appear on device screen
  • TalkBack reads each deleted letter when using Messaging Keyboard
  • Backup Assistant Plus resumes syncing after completing a voice call
  • Device lockups have been reduced
  • Viewdini application has been removed
  • Verizon Cloud app is now preloaded
  • Messaging is now supported via QSlide
  • Voice quality has been improved
  • Google Security Patch has been added

Reports of people seeing the update are growing, so there's a good chance it's waiting for you if you jump into the settings and try to fetch it. 

Everyone is discussing — especially the possible root breakage — in the forums. Jump in and have a read!

More: Verizon G2 forums; Verizon (.pdf)

Thanks, Doug!

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3 years ago

Here are the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway winners


The past 12 days have been fun. Giving away great Android phones and tablets brings a good feeling to all of us here at Mobile Nations, and we were delighted to help Sprint give away 12 holidaylicious items. Everyone has been contacted, the info has been sent to Sprint for delivery, and all that's left is to congratulate the winners.

Without further ado, here's your list in order of appearance:

Congrats to all the winners, and happy holidays from everyone here at AC!

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3 years ago

Motorola running short-term $150 off Moto X deal with Today Show


Deal running for 'about 24 hours,' requires registration for a coupon code

Happen to catch the Today Show this morning? Well if you missed it, the last day of their "12 Days of Christmas" was today, and one of the two deals available is for a Moto X. In a pretty clever bit of marketing to hit a new audience with the Today Show, Motorola is offering $150 off an off-contract Moto X, or 50 percent off an on-contract one if you're buying from a U.S. carrier. That's the same off-contract deal it offered for Cyber Monday.

Here's how it works. If you're interested in the deal, you can follow the source link below to a Motorola page where you have to enter your information — name, email address, etc. — along with the code "todayshow50," and select whether you'll be buying an on- or off-contract Moto X. Check a box indicating you're over 16 years old, and you'll be emailed a coupon code to redeem for a discount when you make your Moto X at the Moto Maker website.

The deal is running for "about 24 hours" according to the Today Show, so if you're interested in picking up a Moto X with a discounted price, you'll want to get your registration in to get a discount code.

Source: Motorola; Today Show

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3 years ago

Android Central 165: Nudge nudge, wink wink


Audio-only stream below

It's our last show before Christmas, and it's a good one. We get up-close and personal (again) with Google Glass, sort out all the Motorola updates, talk some smartwatches — and answer a bunch of your questions. Join us!

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3 years ago

Martian set to announce new voice commands and watch at CES


CES 2014 is set to be a big one for Martian with new voice commands and a new watch

This year at CES Martian Watches is set to debut some new voice command features as well as a brand new watch. After winning Best of CES last year Martian Watches is looking to come back this year with some more big announcements. Martian Watches is the developer of the world's first Bluetooth voice-command smartwatch, and this year they hope to bring an even better experience to everyone.

Martian Watches are unlike other smartwatches in that they are designed more towards fashion instead of just pure technology. The new watch is set to bring an unmatched quality and price allowing even more people to be able to get their hands on one.

The new device will combine old school and new school with an analog clock and an OLED display in the same piece. The OLED display will deliver real time alerts for Caller ID, Calendar, Weather, SMS, email, social networks and more. With a single button touch you can activate the speakerphone, control music, check sports scores, create a reminder and much more right from the device. Additionally you can use the watch for a camera shutter, tapping on the glass will repeat notifications and view history of previous notifications.

With tons of features that users desire, and an amazing style the upcoming device is sure to be a hit with consumers at the lower price point. Stay tuned for our live coverage of CES to see all the details about the upcoming product and to see how it stacks up against the competition.

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3 years ago

Win a Kindle Fire HD with Photoshop Touch from Adobe and Android Central!

Hard to beat the offer of a free tablet with great software

'Tis the season for giving, and the generous folks at Adobe are getting into the spirit by offering a great giveaway to the Android Central members. Just in time for the big holiday celebrations, Adobe will be giving away a Kindle Fire HD 7 16GB preloaded with its leading design software, Photoshop Touch.

It's quite amazing how much of the full-fledged Photoshop experience can be taken down to the tablet form factor and still be extremely functional — of course anyone can buy it for $9.99, but you'll be getting it for free along with your Kindle Fire HD if you win.

Entering couldn't be much easier: To enter to win the Kindle Fire HD with Photoshop Touch preloaded, simply drop a comment below answering the following question:

What will you create with Photoshop Touch this holiday season?

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3 years ago

And then there's T-Mobile's CEO ...


Too good not to post on the Friday before Christmas.

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3 years ago

This post, like everything else, is a remix


No need to remember when, 'cause everything old is new again

I'm totally copying a bunch of other people who have already talked about this video. Watch it, and you'll see I'm in good company.

Put aside all your favoritism and brand loyalty for a moment, and think about the smartphone you have in your hands. If you've been around a while, compare it to the first smartphone you ever held in your hands. If not, look at the things other folks who have been spending too much money on gadgets has to say about their old smartphone. None of them are originals.

This particular video does great justice for the camp that says Apple copied everyone, but I promise you someone could make a very similar video for Android, or BlackBerry, or Windows. This is because everybody copies everybody else.

Lawyers get fat off the courtroom squabbles between tech giants, but when you get right down to it, a company that makes great products copying another company that makes great products is a good thing for the people buying all the great products. 

I want multitouch on my Android. People using an iPhone want a notification center. Everyone wants a thin phone with a bright screen. This ain't rocket science. Someone has to do it first, and that means someone else has to come along and remix it for themselves. Chances are, they remix it in a way that seems better for the folks used to their platform. Ask an iPhone user, and they'll likely tell you how much better notification center on iOS is than Android's notification shade. This isn't because they are sheep (or any other disparaging term you can come up with) but because it fits in a way they are used to. That's what good software architects and designers do — they remix things to work better in their system.

Now go back and watch the video again. Pay special attention around the 4-minute mark to see Phil, by the way. Hi, Phil! But while you're watching, remember that all this applies to whatever phone you're holding as well.

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3 years ago

Holiday Photo Contest: Day 8 collectible winner!


The eighth of 14 winners in our extra-long photo contest

It's that time of day where we announce yet another Holiday Photo Contest submission that has won an Android mini collectible. We're into the second half of our 14 day contest, and that means just six more mini collectibles will be given away after today.

Hit the break to see today's winner, and be sure to get your entry into the contest thread in the forums if you haven't yet participated. Good luck!

Enter the holiday photo contest​

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3 years ago

Watch the movie Elf for free on Google Play today


A classic family-friendly holiday movie to enjoy for free

Google Play is bringing some holiday cheer to us all with a free SD version of what has turned into a classic Christmas movie in recent years, Elf. For what we can assume is a limited time only, Google Play Movies is offering up Elf for free so that even more people can watch or re-watch this family-friendly Christmas movie.

To watch, simply head into the Play Store — you could do so from the link above — and select "add to library" and start watching. You can always return to it later if you don't have the hour and a half free this moment. When we picked up our copy we noticed you could still buy the film in HD for about $5.99, but there's no shame in snagging the free version for now.

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3 years ago

Verizon pushing out Android 4.3 for Galaxy Note 2


Version bump, Galaxy Gear support and other smaller features come with build G8FJ20LB0Q02

Verizon has begun pushing out Android 4.3 to Galaxy Note 2 owners. The update comes in the form of build G8FJ20LB0Q02 which not only brings Android 4.3 to the device, but also support for Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. In addition to Gear Support the update bumps Samsung’s Pen Up app to the same version that is found on the Galaxy Note 3, as well as enhances the Multi Window mode on the device by adding support for more apps.

This update also brings a number of smaller fixes like enhanced WiFi performance, extended battery life when using exchange, and updates to many of Verizon’s included apps. The update is hitting many devices right now as an OTA update, but it is also available through Verizon’s Upgrade Assistant on the computer.

Have you already received the update on your Verizon Note 2? Sound off below and let us know how things are working out for you.

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