Cloud Storage Options

Google Drive goes way cheap, but how do Dropbox, Copy, Box and Microsoft's OneDrive stack up in terms of pricing?

With Google Drive lowering its prices today, the online storage wars are heating up. And that's not to say that there isn't a reason to use one provider over another just because it's cheaper — different services have different features, and some may be easier to use than others.

Fortunately, most also have free trials, and any storage provider worth its salt is going to give you a few gigabytes of space for free anyway to try to get you to stick around.

Let's take a look at a few of the major cloud storage providers and see how pricing stacks up. We'll leave it up to you to pick your favorite, but this should give a good idea of what you'll pay, as of today.

It's worth noting, of course, that most cloud storage providers also give the opportunity to earn free space, either by spamming your friends with referral requests, or as part of a promotion with another company. (For instance, Dropbox used to give free space when you logged in from a number of smartphones, though we've seen that switch to Google Drive of late.)

In fact, it's entirely possible to have more than enough storage without ever paying a dime. 

Also, there are usually corporate pricing options, which may get you a buttload of space at your boss' expense, so it's worth asking about that, too. And services like Copy and (especially) Box have options for multiple users.

What follows here, however, is a snapshot of what the Average Joe might pay. Have at it.

Google Drive

  • 15GB — Free
  • 100GB — $1.99 a month
  • 1TB — $9.99 a month
  • 10TB or more — $99.99 a month

More on Google Drive pricing here. (Must be logged in.) Download Google Drive for Android here.


  • 2GB — Free
  • 100GB — $9.99 a month ($99 if paid yearly)
  • 200GB — $19.99 a month ($199 yearly)
  • 500GB — $49.99 a month ($499 yearly)

More on Dropbox pricing here. Download Dropbox for Android here.


  • 15GB — Free
  • 250GB — $9.99 a month ($99 if paid yearly)
  • 500GB — $14.99 a month ($149 a year)

More on Copy's pricing here. Download Copy for Android here.

Microsoft OneDrive

  • 50GB — $4.49 a month ($25 if paid yearly)
  • 100GB — $7.49 a month ($50 yearly)
  • 200GB — $11.49 a month ($100 yearly)

More on One Drive's pricing here. (Must be logged in.) Download Microsoft OneDrive for Android here.


  • 10GB — Free
  • 100GB — $10 a month

More on Box pricing here. Download Box for Android here.


Reader comments

Cheap Cloud Storage — which one saves you the most?


They can drop their prices to some extent, but that 1TB option at 9.99 is going to be almost impossible for anyone other than perhaps microsoft to match. Google and Microsoft can afford to have very low margins on these services, as they make their money in other places. Box, Dropbox and Copy simply don't have that flexibility.

Yup... which is why Box and Copy are clearly going for the enterprise market and offering collaborative features to their accounts, not just online storage, to have a differentiating factor.

Hell, I still have 4GB free on my Google Drive, but I splurged and paid the 2 bucks for 100GB a couple minutes ago.

I don't put everything in Google Drive, I prefer to keep sensitive things (relatively speaking) I need in the cloud with Microsoft One Drive because I feel more confident with their security.
I wish BlackBerry would get into the cloud storage racket. They would be the only ones I would fully trust with sensitive files in the cloud....

Posted via Telepathy, Android version HAL 9000 "Carne Asada"

Interesting comment on the security comment. May I ask why you think onedrive may be more secure than drive?

Sent from my Moto X!

50Gb Box promotional (free)
50Gb Dropbox promotional (free)
25Gb Drive (free)
50Gb Mega (free for life)
50Gb Scandisk promotional (free)

Just a quick reference of what I'm working with.

If I run out of storage promotions, I just buy another device with it attached.

Posted via my SPARK enabled Sprint LG G2, with 32GBs of internal memory and no sdcard. (Bring on 4.4.2, I can handle it.)

I have a similar profile and the promotions indicate that 50GB should be the free minimum before long.
But what is missing from this article is the file size limits - e.g. Box limits files to 250MB each.

I personally use Mega for my more sensitive media (get your mind or of the gutter, dirty birds.) and it's always 50GB free with no maximum file size, as I uploaded my digital copy of "The Dark Knight Rises" in 1080p which weighs in at around 3.8GB, if I'm correct.

However, there's two things you'll want to keep in mind while using Mega; No version of Chrome seems to work with it at all. (tried right different machines with 4 different OSs: Windows, Ubuntu, Android, and IOS.) It just stalls at the loading screen. But if you use Firefox, it's not a problem.

The second thing is that downloading your files takes a little bit longer all the way to triple the time than that on some other free services like Google Drive, Box, etc.

But I use Google Drive for my collaborative works.

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Sounds like me:

25GB from Microsoft
50GB from Box
50GB from Dropbox

All free and I dont think Ill need more in the near future.

Yeah, i'd go the opposite direction as far as opinions on OneDrive. I do agree BlackBerry would be a great addition though (as long as you don't have to keep anything secure from the Indian government). The fact that they'd probably do so well at it pretty much rules it out as far as happening. They're such a poorly managed wreck right now, it's a damn shame.

Also curious. MS admits to voluntarily sharing user data with "partners" while Google keeps all of theirs server side. Doesn't matter much how good the lock is if the door is wide open.

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I was mistaken.

Having done a bit more research since my original comment, I have since moved sensitive files go Wuala, which this article does not mention. There is also Spider Oak, which is also not included in the article, that offers security. I went with Wuala because they offer 5GB for free as opposed to Spider Oaks 2GB, and Wuala has a better Android app in my opinion...

Sorry if I led anyone astray with my mini endorsement of One Drive for security. I see more than a few replied to it...

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At least you admitted you were wrong, I have respect for that. And you also followed it up with two new sites that I didn't even know existed until now. Thanks. :)

Microsoft has done a really good job with SkyDrive/OneDrive integration with Office 365. I would say Box and Copy have a big uphill battle in capturing the enterprise there.

Some encryption options Android:
-Boxcryptor Classic (not their other version) to encrypt folders and files in all major cloud-services.
-Eds fully compatible with Truecrypt containers among others. (Even wireless via smb open truecrypt-drives pc/laptop by the way).
-Zarchiver for simple encryption with 7zip (much saver than zip or rar) of files/folders (data & filenames in aes256) you can up- and download from cloud.
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Microsoft's new CEO was one of the drivers of their cloud based services so you can expect them to play very aggressively in this market.

I think you're forgetting the fact that is owned and operated by Barracuda Networks who are one of the leading network security companies out there. Out of that list, I would trust Copy the most...

Copy actually has a bigger business supporting them, Barracuda. So they can afford to keep their price low and give away space.

That's great news. Now we just need a proper Linux app to go with it.
Until that happens, I'm sticking with my 75+ GB (and slowly rising) of free space on Copy (5 GB extra for both of you for every referral you make). Copy has great support for both Linux and Android.
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Except that I currently have 100GB of OneDrive free for two years, by spending maybe 5 minutes a day using Bing. About every two weeks, I extend that 100GB for another year.

And Apple continues to be the biggest ripoff on the planet. $20 for a 10GB upgrade is just freaking ridiculous.

No lie man. $20/year ($1.67/month) for a lousy 10GB? Or maybe the free 5GB stays with you so it's 15GB? Throw another $0.32 at it and Drive will net you 100GB of storage.

I'm sure there's a bunch of "sheeple" out there gladly paying it and happily telling all their friends how awesome it is...

Math. Whatever.

Use Google drive very seldom, moved from drop box, still not trusting cloud services yet

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The only limit I know of is with Box, which is 250MB for free accounts, and I believe 5GB for paid. Somdone please correct me if I'm wrong on the paid account limit.

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Not sure about the upper limit for google drive (free default account) or if there is one, but I uploaded a 1.1gb file so at least that much

Yeah I have one 700mb file and one 1.2 GB file on both drive and dropbox on the free accounts. If there is a limit, it must be pretty high.

I use Log Me In's Cubby Pro:
2 users
200gb @ $167.76 / year (~$14/mo) total.
and.... they just gave me a free upgrade to Cubby Enterprise!

What is nice about cubby is I have a LOT more than 200gb because I use Cubby to p2p files between server/users/mobile devices.

Key part about cubby is you can have your files wherever you want. Everything does not have to be under /drive/

It's a no-brainer.
1TB for 9.99 a month. Perfect for a ton of music and videos.
Keep all your photos backed up on 1TB of space on Flickr for free.

2TB for 9.99 a month. Perfect.

Yes, Google Drive viewer will stream video and audio. Word from the ChromeOS world has it that they will be making pretty good improvements to at least their audio player in the near future (probably providing more track and album art info).

I have 25GB free with Sky Drive. Drop box is supposed to offer 50GB free. If you have Google Fiber + TV you get 1TB for free... if that still counts as "free" then I think that beats everything.

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I've never seen Dropbox give away 50gb for free unless it is temporary (a year or two). Please tell me if I'm wrong because I would love to expand my Dropbox permanently.

I have 50GB permanent free storage on Box, maybe that is what he meant. I've never heard of Dropbox giving much away for free.

Dropbox gives you 50GB free for two years. I got it by buying the Note 3.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Dropbox only offers 50GB free with Promos, like when you buy certain devices, otherwise I think it is only 2 or 5 GB free.

If you had a WP7 phone, when they came out, you had 25gb once you activated and were grandfathered when they decide to make it 7gb. I have the same and bumped it up another 3gb last week. I now have 28gb on OneDrive. Which I can share thru my phones and computer.

Hmmm... I got 7 free GB with OneDrive and was lucky enough to be one of those who got the free 100GB addition during a promo. Also, got an extra 10GB on Google Drive (25GB total) by installing the free QuickOffice app during another promo. These prices change all the time.....

Someone did, it's called PlayCloud and it is on BlackBerry OS10 devices and it integrates with the file system on the phone.

I have almost 80GB from Dropbox and have never paid a dime (I think it's from when Samsung had that promo going for the S3 and you got 50GB free for a year or something.. Guess they never cancelled it) and I keep getting more storage every few months because I do the picture/video auto-upload to my account.

Yeah, same here with the 50 free from dropbox, also have 50 from drive from Moto and 10 from quickoffice. For 1.99/mo though I couldn't help myself to the extra 75GB over the free 15 included with Drive. I only use Dropbox now with apps/services that don't yet support Drive.

AmazonDrive: ~ $0.50 p/gb 100gb @ $50 (plus 250k song storage & multi OS & cloud player)

5 GB + Cloud Player (250 songs) Free
20 GB + Cloud Player (250 songs) $10.00 / year
50 GB + Cloud Player Premium (250K songs) $25.00 / year
100 GB + Cloud Player Premium (250K songs) $50.00 / year
200 GB + Cloud Player Premium (250K songs) $100.00 / year
500 GB + Cloud Player Premium (250K songs) $250.00 / year
1000 GB + Cloud Player Premium (250K songs) $500.00 / year
(Amazon MP3 purchases do not count against these limits)

Well, if you want you data sitting on someone's servers un-encrypted where anyone can get it, have at it. If you want your data kept private, how about SpiderOak:

- 2 GB free,
- $10/month or $100/year for 100 GB

I have about 3-4 accounts on Box with 50GB free for life.And not from buying devices ,just changing the build.prop (love android).
I actually never used them cause of the upload limit 250MB ... :D

Yes a micro-sd has its perks, but whenever you backup data, off site is always the best. I've had problems where the data on the SD card went corrupt, and I lost all my docs, pics, vids, etc. Happened on my Note 2 and on both of my parents S3's. We all use the cloud now.

Nexus 5...enough said

It's called data at rest being prone to corruption and total loss, courtesy of the SD card. Botched Mount and unmount operations can be enough to screw you over. Heck even performing hard reset operations can get you.

Posted via Android Central App

Micro SD cards were not originally designed to be used in always on devices like computers or smartphones. They were originally designed for cameras which are typically powered off between uses. That's some of the reason that you see high failure rates for them in smartphones.

Whilst an sd card is good. It can still be lost and corrupted. An just take a look at the previous post on AC there has been problems with sd cards and kit Kat users

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Mega? Made by the guy whose first cloud effort was taken offline by the feds, losing how much data for how long (not sure if they ever got MegaUpload data back)? No thanks.

...and it's the only service with which I can download files at more than 300kB/s... 9€ a month for 500GB, 20€ for 2TB and 30€ for 4TB... Not too bad either way. My ISP gave me a free year of the first tier plan (apparently worth $160 here)so there's that too.

Very nice job on the pricing Google! Dropbox needs to compete because their free storage is too low and prices too high! (Never got the free stuff on ATT with the galaxy phones) I have 50GB free (just found out you get 20 GB for office 365) with one drive and 65 GB with drive but not permanent. Using Drive for all but pictures and video which I use one drive for. I like the auto upload feature plus I also have a lumia 925!
Sent from my Moto X!

Don't put anything important on Bitcasa , they have had consistent data corruption. Just look in the forums.(Oh and issues with some regions in the U.S. and other parts of the world)
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I'd love to see an article comparing the security approaches of these various providers. I've done a cursory review and decided to use Box just for non-sensitive files, since they apparently don't provide encryption on stored data, except for corporate accounts.

Do you still get 100gb with chromebooks? I have it from my first samsung chromebook, and I'm planning to buy the new one. I know it's only for 2 years but I'd buy a new one every 2 years if they keep giving you the 'free' storage

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Cloud services is a great option but having to deal with the carriers is gonna destroy everything. Until these cloud services find a way to work with the cellphone carriers to allow users to access their files for free I don't see this as the future...

Posted via Android Central App

Why should my carrier have supreme rule over my private files? Should it really be AT&T's decision whether or not pictures of my child should be kept on a server?? Or if I have access to these files at any given time? What happens if I come up short on my cellphone bill for a week?? I can't get access to the files I have stored on a server? What if the files stored here are work-related, causing an inability to complete my work, which results in docked-pay, leading to a longer period of time my files are inaccessible, which is just a gigantic catch-22.

I honestly think the more LOGICAL answer would be a one-time fee. Rather than making it monthly, the services should agree on a standardized limit, and the consumer can decide how much storage they need for that amount of time. You don't pay a monthly fee to seagate to use a local hard drive, right? Nope, you pay a one-time fee for that hard drive when you buy it, and you expect that drive to last, say, 5 years. If online storage were at competitive pricing similar to buying the same storage on a hard drive and the fee is a one-time thing with a time limit similar to the life expectancy of a hard drive, then we may see a change.

I am surprised there has been no mention of Pogoplug. $50 a year gets you unlimited file size and unlimited storage. I also hear they have some good private cloud products as well.

Pogoplug Cloud unlimted for $49/year (sign up for a free account first and they'll offer you a year for only $29 after a few days) is what I use. No limits on file size or anything. Lets me backup all my computers and devices. Even lets you stream movies and music. So far I have over 12tb of stuff, mostly movies and music. No major complaints so far after a few months.

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The cheapest option for me is the old computer sitting in the corner of my bedroom that serves as my own cloud server. 2TB that i don't have to pay anybody for.
I'm still wondering why AC hasn't done a column on the numerous options for setting up your own cloud server if you have an old pc laying around. Seems to me that could be helpful info for a lot of folks

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

Because it also doubles as backup.

Everything in your house is not considered backup.

Also: I don't think your upload speed matches good LTE download speeds...

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I have a Synology server and back it up to Google Drive. Don't just rely on local storage as the fire across the street from my apartment this week reminded me...

Posted via Android Central App

If my apartment burns down I'm screwed anyway :)
For the things that are most vital to me i do use Google drive but i don't use near enough to need to pay for it.

Posted from my newly Kit Katted Droid Ultra

I store my stuff with Sync. They offer 500GB for $50 per year. 30-day revision history and everything is encrypted. Best of all, they're Canadian. Android/iOS/BB10 apps will be released sometime in the next couple of months.

Idk if could move from G Drive to any other cloud service. It's just super convenient,reliable and cheap.

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VZW Moto X

I use OneDrive since it integrates so well with Windows 8.1 and my XB1. Had 27gb free (20gb from moving from whatever SkyDrive was called, and 7gb by default).

Bought a Surface 2 promo code on eBay for $40 so that's another 200gb for 2 years and also got an extra 120gb from promos. Sooooo I'll stick with that for now.

Posted via Verizon Note 3

Unfortunately, there isn't a true native solution for Google Drive on Linux which makes me sad. I use a workaround which gets the job done, but doesn't provide the same options other OS's have. I'm too cheap to pay more per GB. *End rant*

When QuickOffice had its 10GB free deal in August, I downloaded it for the extra 10. Now I have 25GB free in Drive, so I think I'll stick with that as my Cloud storage.

248 GB on One Drive for free (100 GB for 1 year from OneDrive launch promo, 100 GB for a year from Bing Promo, 20 GB for a year enthusiast bonus) the rest is permanent free. just switched from 20GB for $5/year to the new 100GB for $2/month for Drive. already have 50GB free on Mega and 100GB free on Box, and a sad 21GB free on dropbox

Little lumping together of dissimilar things here involving primary storage, backup storage, sync, and the locus of content creation...

E.g., some are "places" where you can PUT stuff you manually upload - with the management left to you - which is kind of where personal web storage started - and "services" (in this case backup services) that keep things generated ON your devices synced up without your intervention, e.g., from a list of synced folders - which is how I use SugarSync (250 GB plan for $249/yr), and my free 2GB DropBox.

(SugarSync's cheaper than DB for large storage - and is curiously seldom mentioned in these kinds of articles since it always wins or comes out near the top in various head-to-head reviews of cloud backup solutions I read before choosing it - and have kept up with since.)

And then there's at least one other axis to consider, e.g., OneDrive and G-Drive users can generate their content IN the cloud with the office suite tools offered by MS and Google online - which by definition are synced to all their devices utilizing the storage service... long as the content resides ONLY there... ....but from which parts or all of a collection of files can be downloaded to devices - where the stuff downloaded remains unsynced. So still different from DB, SugarSync, Carbonite, etc., etc. - and with the potential of not knowing which copies of which data are the key or current ones without manual inspection.

So it would be nice to see a more multi-variable analysis in comparing the true costs, benefits and quirks of "storage plans" that take these factors into account.

Here's Sugarsync's chart (designed to emphasize their strengths of course) of some of the variables as an illustration of some things not much discussed in the article:

Also re the data security questions (during upload and download and in terms of the service's own server security), they seem to have it fairly well covered, e.g., "your files are sent over the Internet using TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption. TLS is the successor to SSL v3.0; both industry standard cryptographic protocols for secure Web communications. This means that your computer and our server go through a “handshake process” — every piece of information moved between them is verified as a secure communication before changing hands."

And the servers use AES 256bit encyrption. Plus "our data is stored and backed up in two carrier-grade data centers, including Amazon’s S3 facility. SugarSync does not just sync your files, we back up the synced copies as well."

That sounds pretty adequate to me, though any feedback's appreciated....

PS: I don't use either MS's or Google's online suites for various reasons I'll spare folks from here, and so personally find it difficult to consider either a "value add" from my perspective compared to programs natively installed on my devices. But maybe that's just me.

I was going to comment about sugarsync and saw your post. Sugarsync, a "more expensive" service, is, in my opinion, way better choice than the other ones. First i had a 200 GB plan with google drive and it gets so annoying to put files in just one folder. Worse, Google Drive does not manage info so well, so i had duplicates all over the place.

With sugarsync you just select which folder you want to sync and thats it. You don't have to put in an special place. Also, there is a magic folder that is like gdrive, onedrive, dropbox system. You get that too!

Now i own 500 GB plan with sugarsync and i'm very happy with it. All my files are saved in the cloud. No size limit.

Btw, technical assistant is pretty quick, gentle and efficient. You have smartphones apps for this service as well.


Can't wrap my head around how expensieve Dropbox is even though it's considered the "king of cloud storage" by many people.
I'll take 100 GB Google Drive once my chromebook promotion expires.

Dropbox is king for the same reason Netflix is. They put out Apps and API information as soon as they could, along with social ways of increasing your total capacity. Dropbox is also fast both ways.

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There is also the roll your own cloud solution, It is open source and free. If you have PC or even a RaspberryPi lying around you load the software and have your own cloud storage where your are the only one that can see the data.

I like g cloud backup a lot been using it across multiple devices with no problems.

Posted via Android Central App

I use Dropbox heavily, OneDrive sporadically, and Google Drive hardly at all. Might need to take closer look at Google.

The one thing I have seen in Dropbox and OneDrive comparison is Dropbox is faster. The first time you save a file, Dropbox and OneDrive are on equal terms. After that, Dropbox is always much faster due to their technology. Dropbox breaks the file into multiple "small bits" and only updates the parts that change when you re-save a file. Makes it much quicker if you have a long report or presentation that you are editing, for example.

Personally I like copy since I have 700GB of free storage from them, but it's good to see google drive's prices!

I have 250 gb of free storage through Copy"s referral program.
I have 25gb free storage from Google Drive.
I have 2 years of 50gb free of Drop Box from buying a Note 3.
I have 50gb free of Box from another Samsung promo.
So much free storage.

What happens when I need 101GB of storage? Do I just get shoved into the 1TB container? All those RAW files add up fast.

And until TWC decides to give me more than 5Mbps upstream, this is all still a little pointless. I have close to 400GB in photos that I'd love to get into the cloud, but that's a week of uploading, assuming that nothing needs to be rebooted, connections don't drop, etc.

Not sure if people like it (due to its location/region/etc), OVH's Hubic 25GB free, 100GB for EUR1, 10TB for EUR10. Just sharing. :)

I think you're all missing the point here.Each of these services are for different purposes.
For example Google Drive goes great with other google services and with Android, OneDrive is for Microsoft's ecosystem.The other are really small ones compared to the two of the biggest companies in the world - resources and knowledge.As for the so called promotions - most of the people will never use more than 5GB .I personally have 3 or 4 accounts at Box with 50GB of storage.Never used them(after reading the small text - 250mb/file).

I have 50GB on BOX from my G2x days, 25GB on Dropbox and 25GB on Drive...all free. I think I'm set for

Posted via Android Central App

Gcloud works really good. Real easy to use and 1 touch restore. And pretty damn cheap too.

Posted via Android Central App

"Cheap Cloud Storage — which one saves you the most?"

The one that comes free for two years with the purchase of a new device...whose expected life span is also two years.

I have 1028 gb on copy for free...

If you have much friends is easy to get referrals.

Copy is great and doesnt have limit of referrals...

And no, i dont need to put my link here, if i want more gb i can get :)

I have 50 gb box, 50 gb mega, 25 gb dropbox, 20 gb onedrive, and 15 gb Google drive I'm pretty set oh and that's all free

Posted via Android Central App

DropBox: ~ $0.99 p/gb 100gb @ $99 offers many API
MS OneDrive: ~ $0.50 p/gb 100gb @ $50 works best with MS
AmazonDrive: ~ $0.50 p/gb 100gb @ $50 (plus 250k song storage & multi OS & cloud player)
GoogeDrive: ~ $0.24 p/gb 100gb @ $24 works best with Google Apps
Plus many other providers with advantages in security, price or service. . .

The right answer is like Android phones. . .different for each individual or case!
However, the comments posted have been very helpful to me in learning more cloud options, and also how others choose and use the cloud now.
Thank you!

BitTorrent Sync FTW!

Its a personal cloud and 100% free unless you count using your desktop as a server then its expensive... and limited by your homes upload speed which is usually about 1/4th the download speed. Also requires you to keep it on 24/7 and should probably set it up as a service and auto power on after power loss so you wont have to worry about it "going down" so much. I use it to backup my pics and vids.

Next we need a service that's treat them all like RAID. ASTRO is great because I can easily transfer between the cloud and my device but I don't even want to think about which is which.

"which may get you a buttload of space at your boss' expense, "

surely you mean "BOATload" right?!?!

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25GB (Sky)Onedrive, launch customer + 20GB free + 3GB mobile uploading
50GB Dropbox (Samsung thing)
10GB Google Drive + 15GB QuickOffice

Google Drive for Documents (easy offline save and access)
Onedrive for Media stuff
Dropbox for Android stuff (leaked Google-whatever APK's)

If you have access to these three cloud utilities, I seriously suggest using it in the way I do - it made me more productive...

I’ve been using this service for quite some time and its great. I have been using dropbox for about 3 years and got a 50 GB upgrade for 2 years with my samsung phone. Recently I started looking for a free dropbox alternative and came to know about . So far I’m liking it as it is almost similar to Dropbox but with more free space and better sharing function. Plus they have storage for even Raspberry Pi (sweeeet) and is from a reputed cloud company Barracuda networks.

I see loads of people have already provided their referral link give both of us free 5GB on top of 15 GB on signup. You can use any of those links or mine ( ) it doesn’t matter. The main point is that its a great service so far and really worth trying.

Good to know. I am currently using dupplica online backup. I looked throu the net and this is by far the most convenient backup solution. It's only $2 per month and I am very satisfied. It gives unlimited storage up to 10 computers. Definitely worth trying

@Anita Thanks for the tip on DUPPLICA. The UNLIMITED DATA and file size is the features that convinced me to go with DUPPLICA. No one can beat that.

I currently have 250GB spread out over Google, Dropbox, Box, Ubuntu, MSN, plus a few more that I can't recall. Most of these are only cloud storage and not a true "BACKUP" service. I have chosen DUPPLICA since they are the ONLY ONE that offer UNLIMITED DATA & BANDWIDTH for only $2.00 per month. No need to spam your contact list for referrals, and UNLIMITED ACCESS STREAMING VIDEO, AND more features and security than competition.