Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Back at the Samsung Developers Conference in late October we had a chat with Loud Crow Interactive and got a sneak peek at its latest title. And now, "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is available for Android — and it's more immersive than ever. 

You've got the dialog, music and sound effects from the original 1973 special. (Yes, that was before most of us here were born, too.) The book animation has been revamped and should entertain your young ones even more. And the book itself is narrated by Stephen Shea — otherwise known as Linus.

Check out our preview after the break. It might well be the best $5 you spend this Thanksgiving.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is also available for Barnes & Noble Nooks and Amazon Kindles.


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'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' served up for Android devices


Kinda messed up, I purchased the the interactive book of this a while ago, but this is not an upgrade. :(

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In the past, Amazon has made the other books their free app of the day on the holidays represented in the books - Halloween and Christmas... It might be worth checking on and the day before Thanksgiving to see if this app is a free download.

True, but at $5 or close to it, the ads and in-app purchases shouldn't be there either. That's a pretty expensive app compared to the average so to have to deal with crap like that is inexcusable. Make it free with in-app purchases and ads or charge and get rid of that crap.

If this is anywhere near the quality of the Charlie Brown Christmas and Great Pumpkin releases, it is an must have.

The story may not be quite as popular as the previous two, but kids today will enjoy it nonetheless.

Lord I wish I could have had all this sweet technology as a child.