HTC Hero in Black

Always had a special place in our hearts for the HTC Hero, even if it is a little long in the tooth. But dress it up in black, and we'd be more than happy to put this guy in our bag as a backup device. It's available now from Cellular South for $79.99 after contract and rebate. [Cellular South] Thanks, @asmith001!


Reader comments

Cellular South's Hero looks good in black


With the Eris end of lifed you figure they would have put the hero down like old yeller but nope its still kicking.

Even with the small screen size and lack of power (as compared to my EVO), I still love my son's's a cute, solid little phone.

its got a perfect sized screen! I love how just the screen size is close to the size of my whole sprint Hero. I can't wait to get an evo myself. Its the one and only thing I want for christmas.

I chose the Hero over the EVO simply because of size. I'm not an 8 foot tall giant, I can't comfortably use a huge device that size.

Well, that's sort of a "po-tay-to" / "po-tah-to" kind of thing. To be fair, I'd say that the Hero's screen is small, and the EVO is oversized: 3.7" - 4" is probably the sweet spot for screen size in 2010. :)

My aging eyes prefer oversized.

Surely it's more like a year now? I know these came out in the UK like a year ago and you guys in the states would have had the Hero long before us.

I liked it in grey more. Why are all these phones being released in black? Why not more white or grey phones?