HTC Hero in Black

Always had a special place in our hearts for the HTC Hero, even if it is a little long in the tooth. But dress it up in black, and we'd be more than happy to put this guy in our bag as a backup device. It's available now from Cellular South for $79.99 after contract and rebate. [Cellular South] Thanks, @asmith001!

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likwidsoul says:

With the Eris end of lifed you figure they would have put the hero down like old yeller but nope its still kicking.

Bujin#IM says:

Even with the small screen size and lack of power (as compared to my EVO), I still love my son's's a cute, solid little phone.

ilaifire says:

Small screen size? I would beg to differ, the Evo has an oversized screen .

its got a perfect sized screen! I love how just the screen size is close to the size of my whole sprint Hero. I can't wait to get an evo myself. Its the one and only thing I want for christmas.

ilaifire says:

I chose the Hero over the EVO simply because of size. I'm not an 8 foot tall giant, I can't comfortably use a huge device that size.

Bujin#IM says:

Well, that's sort of a "po-tay-to" / "po-tah-to" kind of thing. To be fair, I'd say that the Hero's screen is small, and the EVO is oversized: 3.7" - 4" is probably the sweet spot for screen size in 2010. :)

My aging eyes prefer oversized.

Ytown says:

Beats any feature phone on the market. I'd take it.

chefkeyser says:

Long in the tooth? Seven months old? Eight?

StuRoid says:

Surely it's more like a year now? I know these came out in the UK like a year ago and you guys in the states would have had the Hero long before us.

ilaifire says:

I liked it in grey more. Why are all these phones being released in black? Why not more white or grey phones?

chefkeyser says:

I like rockin' my grey one with the black OtterBox. Looks like something Batman would carry.

kpeste99 says:

has it all except for a camera flash

alexnaoumi says:

SPRINT SHOULDVE HAD THIS! i might buy a black battery cover for my sprint hero.