Talon hard shell case 

The Talon hard shell case is a very slim and attractive way to protect your Evo 4G. Machined from a single piece of metal hard plastic, the Talon case fits snugly, yet is easy to put on your Evo, as well as remove.  Very lightweight, this case adds no bulk yet completely covers the rear of your phone, keeping things protected and scratch-free.  The graphics -- in this case the Cupid's Arrow -- are screened onto the surface, under the final finishing coat.  It's not going to rub off. Want more? Let's continue after the break.

The case is machined so that all controls and ports are easily accessed, and the cutouts have rolled edges to keep from cutting or snagging on delicate clothing or fingers.  The large camera area cutout encompasses the rear speaker and dual LED flash of the Evo, and another opening allows for easy use of the phone's kickstand.  We all love our kickstand! The top and bottom of the case is a bit unique -- they are wide open rather than having cut out areas for the connectors and controls.  At first, I didn't care for this style, but really couldn't say why other than aesthetics. As soon as I switched back to a different style hard case and used the power button, I quickly appreciated the open style of the Talon case. While leaving the top and bottom open may look strange, it gives a huge functionality boost.

All in all, it's a case that gives a decent amount of protection to the rear surface of your Evo, while providing great access to connectors and controls.  And if a modern upbeat look is what you're after, it fits the bill nicely.  The Talon Hard Shell Case for the Evo 4G is available in the Android Central store for $14.95.

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Reader comments

Case Review: Talon hard shell case for the Evo 4G


1) does it keep the camera lens from touching anything?

2) does it wrap around the front of the phone so that if I lay the glass side down it rests on the case and not the glass?

3) Is there padding or something to keep the metal case from scratching the edges of the phone?

My wife purchased this case (different design on it; black with pink swirls) and while the plastic may protect the phone some, the paint is horrible. The paint is chipping all over the place and to make matters worse, the plastic underneath is white. Accentuating all the missing paint. Had to go over all the white spots/parts with a black sharpie just so it wouldn't look so bad.

I would not recommend this hard case just on aesthetics alone.

Does this mean we can expect one for the X as well? I think the machined metal case might be the perfect combo of protective but not bulky. From what I can tell the rest of the Talon Hard Shell cases are hardened plastic.

Very interested in hearing answers to some of the very specific questions posted by S4Rs. From what I'm reading here, it doesn't necessarily sound as if it provides much protection.

I can understand leaving the power button area open, so you're not pressing against the case shell to press into it, but I think cutouts for both the top and (especially) the bottom would provide more protection--especially since that's what a case is supposed to do, right?

Then again, the cheapie Spring silicone wrap has been working just great for me; to each his own :)