Meta launches new business tools backed by generative AI for Advantage Plus

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What you need to know

  • Today (May 7), Meta announced new generative AI tools, such as image and text generation, arriving for businesses and advertisers.
  • The former leverages AI to alter an original photo with varying backgrounds and creative input, while the latter assists with titles and descriptions.
  • Meta Verified for Business is also expanding its test to more countries and the company is preparing to bring the program to WhatsApp "soon."

Businesses and advertisers are receiving some new AI-powered capabilities on Meta's platform.

Meta states in a press release that its generative AI software is arriving for advertisers in the form of image generation. Those getting involved can now create "full image variations" alongside text overlaying capabilities for their ads. Meta says users can use its AI software to create several variations of the original advertisement.

Not only is the AI said to alter the background of the photo, but it can even change the subject of the image to give users "more creative options."

Meta's full image variations and text overlay have already started rolling out and the company plans to introduce "text prompts" so users can receive more personalized AI creations. The post then teases that "image expansion" is on the horizon for advertisers looking to place their content in Reels and Feed for Facebook and Instagram.

The company states that the feature will let such users alter the aspect ratio across multiple mediums so that the image is shown appropriately.

Meta is bringing a few generative AI tools to businesses and advertisers backed by generative AI.

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The generative AI additions continue with "text generation." The feature is said to help advertisers create a catchy headline while helping with a primary text. The ability of the AI to properly replicate your brand's voice is still being tested. Meta teases that it plans for the AI to make callbacks to previous ad campaigns once testing is complete.

When everything is done, Meta plans to provide such voice and tone capabilities through its Llama 3 next-gen large language model (LLM).

Image generation and text generation are rolling out today (May 7). Meta plans to make them available globally by the "end of the year." However, Meta highlights that text generation and overlay will begin for English before arriving for others.

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To make things easier, Meta said it is housing all of its new generative AI efforts under Advantage Plus Creative for businesses looking to start their journey. This manager is picking up some notable updates alongside the previously mentioned gen AI features.

Businesses will soon find better optimization options for video ads in Reels and for the Facebook and Instagram mobile apps. For "catalog ads," which are the recommendations users see, Meta is rolling out the ability to use videos or demonstration videos instead of static photos.

Moreover, Advantage Plus Creative's influence in catalog ads brings the capabilities of Meta's AI to the table. The post states businesses can now display a "hero" image on their video. Meta adds that its AI software will take this image and "dynamically show" a company's "best product" to help drive interaction.

The post concludes by stating that Meta Verified for Business is expanding its test on Facebook and Instagram. The company adds that the program is available today (May 7) in Australia and New Zealand and will soon arrive in Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, France, and Italy. Additionally, Meta is preparing to bring the verified badge service to WhatsApp "soon."

This expansion will bring its subscription plan to four, enabling Meta to support a "wider range of business needs."

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