Need some dirt cheap wireless? This Tracfone deal is dropping phone plans to as low as $12/month when you buy a year

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If you're looking to save some money on your phone bill, we may have just found the MVNO deal for you. The Verizon-owned prepaid carrier Tracfone is now letting customers pay for up to 12 months of wireless coverage in advance, and it's giving out some serious potential savings to everyone who does so. 

Thanks to this promotion, you can actually get an entire year of unlimited talk and text and only pay $144. That amounts to just $12 per month. Alternatively, if you need some data with your phone plan, the best value is to pay $192 and get unlimited talk, text, and 2GB every month with your purchase. Sure, paying out nearly 200 bucks for phone service might make you wince, but just imagine not paying another phone bill for 12 months straight and getting all the talk, text, and data you need. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it?

Get a year of service for as low as $144 ($12/month) at Tracfone

Get a year of service for as low as $144 ($12/month) at Tracfone

Tracfone is a Verizon-owned MVNO carrier that provides solid coverage for cheap, especially if you pay for service in advance. There are loads of data options to choose from, ranging from 500MB to 10GB per month, in addition to unlimited talk and text. Pay for an entire year in advance and you could save up to 20%, no hidden fees and no contracts.

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Like all of the best cheap data plans out there, Tracfone's offerings are all about simplicity and customization. Not everyone needs oodles of data or fancy perks, so the MVNO carrier lets you pay for exactly what you need while eliminating all of those unnecessary extras. That means you could get some great wireless coverage for as little as $15 per month then cancel your account after 30 days with zero strings attached. 

Tracfone also has an interesting rewards program that gives returning customers loyalty points that they can use to receive exclusive offers, local discounts in their area, and more. In other words, Tracfone lets you participate in their service as much or as little as you'd like. They aren't exactly our favorite prepaid wireless carrier (Mint Mobile holds that honor), but with MVNO deals like these coming down the pipeline, they're well on their way.  

Need a new phone too?

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G:$69.99 FREE with eligible service plan at Tracfone

Samsung Galaxy A13 5G: $69.99 FREE with eligible service plan at Tracfone

Tracfone lets users bring their own phones when they sign up, but if you need to grab a new device, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A13 for 100% free when you sign up for the 10GB data plan and pay for 3, 6, or 12 months of service in advance. 

The Galaxy A13 is a straightforward, inexpensive device that boasts 5G support, a large 5,000mAh battery, and a surprisingly fluid 90Hz display. 

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