Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could have your Android device preform actions with little if any physical input? That's what developer GClue K.K. is hoping to accomplish with the Blocco application. Blocco is, in essence, a user definable macro tool. At first Blocco is somewhat hard to grasp as it's a little complex and not English-native but theres a good hunk of potential for this ambitious little app. Let's explore, after the break.

To give you a brief run-down of what Blocco is capable of, you create conditions that when met, Blocco completes pre-defined actions set by the user, for example, lets say you've set certain GPS coordinates as your home address in Blocco's phone-stored knowledgebase, when you arrive home, Blocco could send a tweet out announcing your arrival, turn Wi-Fi on, change your background image to something more pleasant and less business-like, and even turn on a happy tune to welcome you home! Or do none of those at all if you didn't want it to.

The one qualm I have with this which will hopefully be phased out no doubt because of this applications lofty goals and aspiring developers is that it is at the moment, written more for people located in Asia. In order to achieve this widely localized app, GClue has made their application open source by releasing the SDK for their app, seeking equally ambitious developers wishing to take on the task of making it even better and incorporate more areas and appeal to more users.


Reader comments

Blocco has moxy but needs a good polish (and better English support)


It sounds like it has much the same functionality as Tasker, which can also use the many locale plugins out there.

+1 for tasker. It has a little but of a learning curve as well, but most things worth learning do. I love it and I don't even come close to using it to its full potential.

Sounds interesting... like the free price tag, but if I don't know what I'm changing/checking/unchecking because of the language issues.... Dunno.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?