Who doesn't like for their Android smartphone to boot up in style? While many people are going after the ultra flashy, image filled boot animations some folks over at XDA Developers have been hard at work at quite the opposite. They have brought back the old-school BIOS look in their custom boot animation. This has been available for a while to some devices, but they have gone ahead and ported to just about every main device available, so check it out for yourself! [via XDA]


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BIOS-style boot animation for your Android phone


Funny but personally I have thrown away too high a proportion of my life watching something similar to contemplate using this ;).

no root needed.

You push the to /data/local/

Thats it. Also you might want to pull the old one off before you put the new one on.

You need root for 2.2 as it's now in /system/customize/resourse

Best think to do is just link /system/customize/resourse/ to /data/local/ so you can change the file without having to go to recovery mode (which is the only way to get access to the system partition on a Desire).

I just installed it via SDK through command prompt. Simple copy and paste. No specific root functions needed. (even though phone is rooted to 2.2). Just follow same instructions for 2.1.

Good animation, takes a few sec to load though.

Hmm must be a slow news day...

This really newsworthy?

I mean how many times and how much do you actually see your bootanimation to care.

Well if your rooted and flashing roms like a lot of us are then you reboot and see your boot animation pretty often. I actually used this for awhile, its pretty cool.

I'd MUCH rather see this than a big, bright, white, battery-power draining Sprint 4G display on my Evo EVERYTIME it REBOOTS ITSELF and takes forever to do so.
Everything old is new again.