For those of you looking longingly at your friends on Verizon as they Bing their way through the day, take note. If you find yourself constantly asking "How can I get that wonderful Bing Decision Engine on my phone?", pay heed: Bing (read our full review) is now available on every phone, every carrier, for every decision.

That's right, for the low, low price of free in the Android Market, you can forgo Google, forsake the search engine that brought you this fair Android operating system, and Bing your way through life. It's OK. We won't tell. [Bing]


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Bing: It's not just for Verizon anymore


2nd... Thank God, ive been wanting to get rid of my pathetic google search and maps for something far superior... BING HERE I COME! *sarcasm*

Then why did you by a phone developed with Google software? That's as dumb as that bootlace app made to transform iPhone's into Android. Apple fanboy's dream about wanting an Android phone but won't put down the iPhone and go buy one.

Buy an Android phone that Google makes Android software to install Bing crap. No thanks! Google till the end!

Is there an option to change back to Google search on the phones that Verizon has Bing as the default? I am really interested in the Incredible HD but I dont want to be stuck with Bing (if that ends up being the default search.)

I was referring to the rumored Incredible HD that hasnt come out yet. If this has Bing will I have the option to switch out for Google Search?

Exactly the way it should be - user choice. Of course, I think anyone who uses Bing by choice should have their head examined.

When I see that sort of reaction to Bing, the first thing I think is "this is no different than buying a computer with Windows on it and setting Google as your default search engine."

Then I realize that:
Bing < Google

Don't mind me.

Is there anyone at all that likes Bing? (I guess the fact that Verizon?Microsoft tries to force you to use it really says all that needs to be said)

I don't care how good (or bad) Bing is, the fact that is a part of the largest and meanest monopoly of our time means I won't go near it.

To be honest, I'd put up with Bing on my Fascinate if it included PIM syncing to my Live account. I miss syncing my notes & my to do lists all in 1 place. It's still the best free solution out there in my opinion.

At least it isn't locked down to Google, you have a choice unlike WP7. Though if carriers give you the choice that is totally fine.

Making it a locked down default? Bad. Making it option? Good. If you don't want it, you don't have to have it. If you do want it, it's there. I don't want it, but it's not like the fact that it's sitting in the market is hurting me in any way.

As an Android fan and a Zune fan, this really sparks my interest. The possibility of Microsoft producing apps for other platforms makes wonder if a zune player could be produced for android. I love my zune, zune pass, and zune pc software (its beautiful). I'll probably install this, but still use google. It's nice to have a choice.

FYI I think google made an search app for WP7

I heard bing used as a verb on Hawaii Five-0 this week. The guy told the girl to bing it and she looked something up on her cell phone. It took me a half second to register what he was saying.

I actually compared Bing and Google for a while doing comparative searches on both. Bing didn't produce relative results as well as Google. So in MHO, Bing sucks. However, everyone should have a choice to use whatever search engine they like on any carrier.

I've used Bing once, it wasn't my thing. I will never use Bing due to the fact that Microsoft's ad campaign for Bing is to ditch the links (meaning Google), when all Bing has is a bunch of links anyway. Also, their WP7 ads are rediculous.

"Bing is now available on every phone, every carrier, for every decision."

...(In the USA that is).

I HATE it when sites develop self-arrogance, and forget the REST OF THE WORLD exists beyond the USA's borders...