Class up your Samsung Gear S2 Classic with some great watch bands.

If you've bought or are looking into buying the Samsung Gear S2 classic, then you're probably someone who enjoys the traditional watch look with some sweet tech under the hood.

We've rounded up the best watch bands for your Gear S2 Classic so that you can match your smartwatch to your personal taste and lifestyle.

SLG D7 Buttero Italian leather band

SLG Buttero

SLG (Small Leather Goods) make some beautiful leather straps and the Buttero Italian leather band is our favorite. It blends the classic, sophisticated look of leather with a modern and fresh design.

SLG, based in South Korea, makes its bands from high-quality Italian leather from the Walpier tannery. While most leather bands can feel somewhat oppressive, becoming soggy from sweat, SLG's Buttero bands are designed with patterned holes to make sure your wrist can breathe.

That and they just look great. SLG Buttero Italian Leather bands come in beige, black, and blue. We particularly dig the blue, but they'll all look great with any color Gear S2 Classic.

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Infantry makes another awesome leather band that eschews sophistication for the more rugged, distressed leather look. The inside of the band is soft and comfortable, while the outside is a deep and warm brown.

There is one downside to Infantry's band in that it does cover your Gear S2 Classic's heart rate monitor. Oh well. Fashion first!

Infantry leather bands come in different shades of brown and black, with different color combinations for buckles and straps. You might as well get a few, since they start around $12 each.

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Geckota shark mesh bands are a unique blend of cool and functional. They resemble Milanese loop watch bands, but feature a more spread-out design that looks like a series of woven chains, which looks really neat and offers excellent durability and strength. Your Gear S2 Classic is never coming off your wrist accidentally and you should have a pretty hard time breaking the band.

The clasp is an easy to use stainless steel fold-over with a brushed finish. Even if you rest your wrist on hard surfaces, scratches shouldn't mare the clasp or scuff it up too badly like they would with a glossier finish.

It's worth mentioning that the black features ion-plated coating which could chip off over time, though these Geckota bands are of high quality.

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Casetify has partnered with Samsung to make bands specifically for the Gear S2 Classic. Each band is made of comfortable and flexible TPU, which is often used to make phone cases. That means that Casetify bands are durable and strong, so you shouldn't have to worry about everyday wear and tear.

These bands come in five quirky designs, which will certainly add a definitive accent your Gear S2 Classic. You can get Casetify bands in Gold and Coral, White Marble, Dark Marble, Diamond (which features a multi-colored geometric pattern), and Woodland Camouflage.

If you're looking for a band that makes a statement while also fitting comfortably, then check out Casetify's line. If the band you want isn't available now, you can ask Casetify to notify you by email when it does become available.

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Barton Ballistic Nylon

Barton nylon

Barton makes great watch bands, and its Ballistic Nylon line is there for you to mix and match. At around $12 apiece, you might as well grab all 21 colors and color combinations (well, maybe not all of them).

Ballistic nylon was originally developed by DuPont as a material for flak jackets for airmen during WWII.That's why these types of bands are sometimes referred to as "NATO-style." It's a tough and durable material that'll secure your Gear S2 Classic, but it'll also breathe and move with you.

Like the Infantry bands above, Barton bands unfortunately block your Gear S2 Classic's heart rate monitor. However, if that's not a huge deal and you put comfort and fashion above that function, then you really can't go wrong with a Barton band.

Make sure you select the right size – 20mm – before checking out.

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Baban stainless steel watch bands are for those who want the quintessential watch look. Paired with the Samsung Gear S2 Classic, Baban bands exude sophistication (plus, it's fun to say – Baban bands, Baban bands, Baban bands).

Stainless steel bands like this one are a little on the bulky side and can be a little heavy. You'll want to go with this band only if that particular look and feel is what you're after. That being said, Baban's stainless steel band is a somewhat modern take on the traditional link-style band, having trapezoidal links rather than the old-school rounded shape.

Baban stainless steel bands come in black or silver with a brushed finish.

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Barton Quick-release

Barton silicone

Barton makes silicone bands that definitely deserve a mention in our best list. They're thin and lightweight, while also breathable and very comfortable.

These quick-release bands come in vibrant colors and are the epitome of convenience. A little slider on each side of the band allows you to quickly change bands on the fly. And for around $13 each, you might as well grab a few and change them daily!

The best part of silicone is that it's waterproof and washable. If you're wearing a Barton band because you'll be pretty active, easily remove it and wash it with some gentle dish soap. No stinky wrists (like leather bands can cause).

If you like the comfort, durability, and versatility of silicone, then check out Barton's line up.

Make sure you have 20mm selected before you check out.

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What's your favorite?

What's your favorite watch band for your Samsung Gear S2 Classic? Sound off in the comments below!