Protect your phone without cramping your style!

Wanting to protect your phone from scratches, nicks, and dents without having to dress your phone in medieval battle armor is a reasonable request. After all, you did spend a hefty chunk of change on your phone and you would like to appreciate the craftsmanship that went into its design. There are plenty of good clear cases out there for the Galaxy S7, which will allow you to keep it protected and looking all natural – if you know what we mean.

Pleson Ultra-Thin Crystal Clear Case

This case from Pleson is a single clear shell and one of the thinner clear cases available for the Galaxy S7. Made from a semi-soft plastic, this case is easy to put on and take off the phone at will, all while still feeling like it's protected.

The charging port, headphone jack, and buttons along the side of the phone are all left open with a little extra room, so you don't have to worry about not being able to access your phone's primary functions.

A neat feature of this offer from Pleson is the textured inside of the case. It has tiny bumps that sit along the back of your phone to prevent air bubbles from getting trapped between your phone and your case, allowing the natural beauty of the Galaxy S7 to shine through, unimpeded.

There is a white Pleson logo on the back of the case in the bottom right corner that will contrast pretty heavily with phone, so if you were hoping for a 100% clear case, this may not be the option for you.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Crystal

This Spigen case consists of two pieces: it has a clear, flexible body with a reinforced harder plastic edging. Sometimes those hard plastic outer edges on cases don't fit the softer silicone properly, but in this... case... it fits quite well.

With the case on the phone it feels solid in your hand and far less slippery than the bare S7. Neither the rim nor the edging prevents the phone from functioning exactly as it should, nor do they prevent access to any of the ports.

One thing that should be mentioned about this case is the potential for the outer edging for loosen over time. Repeatedly taking the case on and off could result in that hard plastic to bend a little, which could cause the outer edge to feel a little less snug.

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TOZO Simple Series UltraThin Soft Crystal Clear

This is the thinnest case in our round-up. Clocking in at a thickness of about 0.6 mm, it's about as bare as you can get with a case on your Galaxy S7.

The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) case is very soft and flexible and fits on the S7 like a glove. It almost fits so well you forget it's there. Even though the case only sticks out above the screen just a little bit, it's still protects the screen from getting scratches when face down on a table. And, same goes for the camera on the back of the phone, so your mind can rest easy when your phone is sitting on your coffee table.

This case is 100 percent clear with no logos or graphics to get in the way of the beautiful natural look of the Galaxy S7.

Because this case is so darn flexible it can, at times, feel loose around the edges, so if that makes you nervous, this may not be the right clear case for you.

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OBLIQ Premium Naked Shield Series with Metal Kickstand

OBLIQ's case is practically the definition of style meeting functionality.

All of the great features of a clear case are offered in this one. It's a crystal clear see-through, one-piece shell that fits snugly on your phone without impeding any of the phone's functionality. Even with the edges of this case being a bit thicker than the rest of it, which offers more protection, it's still easy to put on and access all of the buttons and ports that the Galaxy S7 has around its body.

Of course, the one part of this case that you can't see through is the metal kickstand. However, that's not a negative with this case at all. It adds a cool added flair of looking different than your average clear case while being an awesome feature that you can totally use to your advantage. Watching videos on landscape mode with the ability to still use both your hands is nothing short of a miracle.

One minor thing to note, with a thickness of 1.5 mm it is one of the thickest cases in our round-up and does make the phone seem a little heavier and bulkier in your hand.

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SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Hybrid

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle hybrid is the perfect case for someone who wants a clear case that is still rugged at the same time.

The most obvious thing to mention about this case is it's not quite clear, but more translucent type, plus, the outer edge is black. If you really want to show off your Galaxy S7 you may want to look elsewhere in our round-up. However, if you want strong protection and still be able to see your phone then this could be the best option for you.

It has shock-absorbent TPU bumpers around the edges and a hard polycarbonate back panel that is actually rather slim for a rugged-style case. The raised lip around the edges also gives the added bonus of protecting the screen and camera while lying down on a flat surface.

All in all, this case single-handedly breaks the perception that all clear cases are flimsy and weak-feeling.

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EasyAcc's clear case is as simple as we can get while still talking about a case that offers good protection. Much like the TOZO case, this is an extremely flexible TPU case that feels super grippy. If you like that rubbery grip feel, this would be the perfect case for you.

This case is totally seamless and is tear-resistant, so being too flexible shouldn't be a concern. The edges of EasyAcc's case are raised a little bit, so if you drop your phone on a flat surface everything should be just fine.

If you're looking for something incredibly simple with great grip, this case is the one for you. Just beware of stretching, since it is so flexible. The TPU could also yellow over time as well since it is so light-absorbent.

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