If you're interested in buying an Android phone anytime soon, this Black Friday is the time to do it and from the looks of it, Best Buy has some of the best deals to do so. On Black Friday, they'll be offering 5 different Android phones for $99 each. In some cases it's nearly 50% off the retail price you'd find in the carrier stores. The Android phones available for $99 are:

  • Sprint HTC Hero
  • Samsung Moment (Sprint)
  • T-Mobile myTouch 3G
  • Motorola CLIQ (T-Mobile)
  • DROID Eris (Verizon)

The DROID Eris is already available regularly for $99 so it may be better to grab the phone at Wal-Mart for just $30 (or at Android Central's Phone Store for $49.99). The other phones are offered at a great price and considering the discount is offered through instant rebates, it's really a great deal.

Will you guys be buying Android phones on Black Friday? And if so, which one?


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li2327 says:

I got my Eris for $99 from Best Buy when it was released. I think that's an awesome price.

Darrkman says:

Is this price for a new line of service or can someone upgrading an existing contract get that price?

Anonymous says:

Considering they are so-called "Back Friday Deal", they don't seem to be any good.

I have seen Cliq for $49 at the local Costco (after $50 MIR). And if you are in android market, everybody will know Cliq is far better than myTouch, so no reason to buy this one when you can get the Cliq for the same (or less).

Also, LetsTalk is selling Eris for free.

So, real possible deals would be two Sprint phones, I think.

But good information.

McSetty says:

Is this news? My girlfriend got the Cliq at Bestbuy last week for $99.

The Sprint Hero is always $99 now too, they dropped the price to compete with the Eris on Verizon so that's not such a great deal either. These seem just like the normal prices, just trying to lure some people in thinking that they're sweet deals.

Dru says:

But the question is, is $99 the 2 year upgrade price as well?

I think so, at least for Sprint. I upgraded to the Hero and it was the exact same price as it would have been had I been opening a new account. $179.99 the day it first came out.

Josel says:

Droid Eris is FREE at Dell.com, and Motorola Droid for $119.

Rich says:

I have checked the Sprint Hero and Moment at several Best Buy stores and at several Sprint stores. The $99 price at BB is ONLY for NEW customers. The $179 price at Sprint stores is for both new and upgrade customers (so much for being a loyal Sprint customer)!

Anonymous says:

Some BestBuy stores were going crazy. Here in Orlando some stores were giving the Hero for $99 to everybody, and others for $79, it was long gone by the time I got into the stores. Also a store had the Samsung Moment for $49.99 to everybody (yeah i got it). And another for new costumers or new lines for just $19.99. And this was Saturday after Black Friday!

Anonymous says:

Well I checked online on bestbuy yesterday and they had the hero $69.99 for new customers and existing too I bought one and can't wait for it to get here