You all remember when the Best Buy website first made mention of the Samsung Nexus S? Of course you do, it was one of the many hints we had that the Samsung Nexus S was indeed on it's way bringing the joys of Gingerbread with it as well as the "Pure Google" experience. Amidst all the announcements today, that link has since re-appeared and now actually takes you to the intended information page. I'm sure many folks were hoping that the site would be used to pre-order the device but sadly that is not the case. Although, that could change at some point so best to check it out every now and then. [Best Buy] Thanks, jaeisber!


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Best Buy Nexus S site goes live, again


No SD card. I own the Nexus One and it seems like the only thing great about the Nexus S is gingerbread. With all the hype and time it took them to put this device together you would think the specs would be a little more impressive. Being a real nut with cell phones I will probably buy one anyways but I was really hoping for some great specs.

Seriously? no sd card? wow, i dont understand how they manage to stick a SD slot in the Focus, but not the Nexus S. They prolly missed that on the spec sheet

So the curved screen has been confirmed. I'm still lost about the benifits of this feature

Why is it so expensive in the UK??

$529 vs £549 unlocked?

What the hell!

Hopefully it gets released on other retailers (which I highly doubt)

Welcome to a socialist welfare state. Wait? You thought the "free" health care system was actually free?

@ the nexus s idk it would have been better if HTC made it (i know I'll get flogging for that but I believe it to be true) the nexus 1 is nice and don't think ginger bad souls be the only deciding factor in the nexus line. Owell my droid x and evo will carry me nicely into the dual core era.

It does?
Is it your assumption only?
I read the Tech Spec page on Google.
"720 x 480 video resolution"

First, how much is a data plan for this? There seems to be confusion about T-Mobile rates...unless they just jacked the prices up today.

I'm think it may be reasonable to get a data only plan, and rely on VoIP for voice...what's more, I suspect Google may plug this into Google Voice soon using SIP. They did after all recently purchase a VoIP provider.

This phone is the biggest dissapointment since the iphones 2mp camera and androids biggest since droids ninjablur and locked bootloader

I really don't understand why they would even release this phone, the nexus was released to jumpstart a new era of more powerful smartphones and there is nothing groundbreaking about this phone at all.

Meh, the Droid came out a while before the Nexus One and it could be clocked at 1 Ghz, had better multitouch support and a hardware keyboard, etc.

No HSPA+. And a cheap plastic shell. What a racket. A more rugged build like the N1 and HSPA+ and I would jump on it. I'll enjoy my N1 as I wait for those soon to be released devices that will make this so called Nexus obsolete.

I'm convinced that the delays in updating the Galaxy S line's OS is due to the team being focussed on this thing and the TAB and then getting that wonderful ticker phone out. Sammy! Slow down and take a deep breath and support your current products and you know what you'll get? Loyal customers. [/vent]

Is it just me or , it have the same spec of the Nexus One with few tweaks like
- New case\body (or whatever you wanna call it) instead of the old ugly brown one
- 1GHz Humming bird Processor instead of the 1GHz Snapdragon
- 4.0" SuperAMOLED instead of 3.7" AMOLED screen
- the Same 5 mp camera with added HD recording (just like 2.2 Desire & 2.1 X10)
Well , they did the exact opposite of what Motorola did with Droid\MileStone & Droid 2\MileStone 2 , they kept the same design & screen while they changed everything else
I think the real new addition is the 2nd camera & the fact is the device is now black instead of brown
I'm disappointed with it , I kinda was expecting something more like Motorola Droid X & HTC Evo 4G (now thats some powerful phones)
It looks like anther variant of the Galaxy S I9000 (more like Captivate , Fascinate & vibrant )
& for the Gingerbread home screen , it looks like it comes with LauncherPro preloaded with it & new background for the live wallpaper (instead of the ugly small brown squares)

I can't believe i thought about changing my MileStone 1 for this !!!