Belkin Miracast

Take content from your device to your TV with Belkin's new adapter

Belkin has just announced a brand new Miracast Video Adapter.  The adapter, the manufacturer claims, will allow you to stream content from your Android smartphone to your HDTV with virtually no setup. To get up and running all you will need to do is plug the new device in the back of the TV and start streaming from a supported device.

Features of the new unit, the F7D7501, include —

  • Mirrors smartphone screen onto HDTV to wirelessly display content
  • Full 1080p HD resolution for a full, rich picture
  • Plug-and-play installation and setup, connects directly to HDMI port
  • Small, compact design keeps it hidden in use
  • Compatible with Android devices running Android 4.2.x or higher

The Belkin Miracast Video Adapter is available now, priced at $79.99, and Belkin will be hoping it'll fare better than competing Miracast adapters. Will you be purchasing one of these for yourself or a loved one? Shout out in the comments.

Source: Belkin

Press Release

Miracast Wirelessly Displays Video from Android Phones Directly to an HDTV

Playa Vista, Calif. – December 11, 2013 – Belkin, creator of people-inspired technology products, today announced its new Miracast Video Adapter, a small HDMI dongle that wirelessly displays content from an Android phone directly to an HDTV. Miracast mirrors the screen of your Android smartphone, enabling you to enjoy any of your phone’s content, including movies, TV shows, video clips, photos, games or apps, in full HD with plug-and-play simplicity and without messy cables.

"With so much of our lives embedded in our mobile devices, it’s only natural that people are looking for more ways to share content from their smartphones with family and friends, said Mike Chen, vice president of Belkin’s networking division. "Miracast makes it easy to share rich content, in full 1080p resolution, on your large HDTV so you aren’t crowded around a tiny screen.”

With a compact, low profile the Belkin Miracast Adapter tucks neatly out of the way while in use and is easily transportable for sharing content on-the-go. It plugs directly into the HDMI port of any HDTV and uses a small USB cord connected to the TV’s USB port for power. For TVs with hard to reach HDMI ports, The Miracast Adapter also comes with an extension cable for easier attachment.

Belkin Miracast Video Adapter (F7D7501)

  • Mirrors smartphone screen onto HDTV to wirelessly display movies, photos, games or apps
  • Full 1080p HD resolution for a full, rich picture
  • Plug-and-play installation and setup; dongle plugs directly into TV’s HDMI port
  • Small, compact design keeps it hidden in use

Miracast works natively with Android devices running Android 4.2.X or higher, including the Samsung Galaxy S3/S4, Galaxy Note 2 and 3, HTC One, Google Nexus 4/5 and Kindle Fire HDX. Full device compatibility is listed here or check with your device manufacturer.

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mathiasjk says:

So Miracast is still a thing?

drokssilva says:

Apparently. This is overpriced in a world where chromecast costs $35

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

Nexus6beta says:

Chromecast can only view browser, play,music as far as I know

Via my Exynos-5 powered Nexus6

mathiasjk says:

As of right now. The SDK is still new.

Posted via Android Central App

ianken says:

Yes. But plex and Netflix via Chromecast are flawless while miscast is a glitch ridden, compression artifact laden, latency plagued joke.

But the suits like it, because all they use it for is PowerPoint, so they keep making them.

DaydreamHero says:

Yeah, I got a Chromecast... then I had to go out and buy a Miracast dongle when I figured out:

1) Google is being weird and stingy with the SDK, so apps are trickling out when there should be hundreds by now.

2) You can't pan and zoom photos on a Chromecast, at least not yet. The AVIA app is a perfect example of this.

So my "cheap" Chromecast dongle actually ended up costing me an extra $60 to get all the functionality I needed. Maybe some day Chromecast will be ready for prime time, but that day ain't here yet.

You have to understand that Google can't just say here release anything on chromecast. The media company's (ex hulu, Netflix, HBO) would block that in a heart beat. It has to be this way so the media companies can trust google. It can't just be a free for all or the important apps won't come and although it sucks for us now it will most likely benefit us chromecast owners in the future. Have some patience

Posted via Android Central App

RaiderWill says:

Stop kissing Google's ass.. Like the Hero said, your $35 buck chromecast only does a couple of things.. your $79 buck Miracast does EVERYTHING.. you get what you pay for it's as simple as that.. if it's not in YOUR budget don't stretch to buy it.. There are those of us that CAN afford to do so and 100% casting ability on 100% of our Apps & Data.

It's just like the Nexus 5 being only $350 bucks.. it's a stripped down phone..
And the LG-G2, HTC One, Note 3 / S4 are $600.00 Flagship phones.. you get what you pay for.. period.

dcjose48 says:

Gessh man relax!!!

Posted via Android Central App

Miracast doesn't do everything it has nothing to do with kissing anyones ass. There are more issues than just releasing a product and having a free for all but obviously you fail to realize that. Why do you think apple TV just got HBO app or why it lacks certain entertainment apps? Because its a process that needs to be worked out with media brands in order to achieve this. Remember when Netflix and hulu were blocked when you plugged an hdmi into your phone these are all examples. If you're going to release a product and have it succeed you need the major players or they will just block it and that hurts us way more. I know in your small world you think it should revolve around your wants and needs but unfortunately its not. You seem to think you can just release a streaming device and voila all services are there. There are pros and con's of everything and if chromecast doesn't live up to your needs than buy an 80 dollar dongle its that simple but for most I think the chromecast gets it right especially since I don't have to use my device to do only one thing. The devices aren't the same but no reason to get mad all I am saying is that for $35 its a solid solution that will only get better with time once we see what Google has going for it. With miracast you know what your getting but also one device at a time and your device is in use the whole time.

What exactly do you need that is lacking from chromecast would be the better question.

Posted via Android Central App

ianken says:

LOL. Miscast blows. Yes, I LOVE compression artifacts, dropped connections and high latency.

sicembaylor says: "pay" for a bloated UI on top of Android. If the Nexus is "stripped down" because it lacks that POS Sense/TouchWiz UI then, for God's sake, count me in for a "stripped down" device. The Note is a bit of a different story though.

Can miracast play my Google music remotely?
I think that's something miracast can't do?

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rykellim says:

Hi, I agree with the part about Miracast being far more superior than Chromecast and I have to disagree about the Nexus 5 being stripped down. I just bought one! (I love it!)

heathroi says:

Prime time is here for me. Use mine 3 hours a day. only time it didn't work was when I took up Comcasts offer of a modem/router combo. that thing didn't like the chrome cast at all.

eahinrichsen says:

Miracast offers a lot more functionality for now, though. Using Miracast, I could cast games to my TV, which would be fun.

Not $80 worth of fun, though. And if it were important to me, I sure as hell wouldn't use a Belkin product to do it.

drokssilva says:

Yes, that was my point, even though the miracast is obviously better, it isn't 50 dollars better. Maybe worth 60 dollars, but DEFINITELY not 80

Posted via my defective Nexus 7(2013)

unrealmp3 says:

The Chromecast should have supported Miracast mirroring a long time ago..

DWR_31 says:

You also need a WiFi setup for Chromecast.
This is device to device. No extra network needed.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3...!!!

rkirmeier says:

It's over priced but also fills a different need then Chromecast as you can mirror the entire screen. For music or video Chromecast is the ticket as long as the app you are using supports Chromecast. Eventually most will I would bet. The Miracast adapter works great for mirroring any content to the TV. If want to share a webpage, a game, or mapping info on the screen I use miracast. Would like to have GTV (hdmi pass-through), Chromecast, and miracast all in one!

eahinrichsen says:

Stop trying to make Miracast happen. It's not going to happen.

/Mean Girls

Sent from my iPhone

Johnny Z says:

If Google would make streaming my networked content /happen/ then a miracast adapter would be obsolete, but Avia doesn't work, and if Plex is gonna continue it's subscription service to use chromecast features then this is a viable option. I doubt it works properly though, so some of us will have to keep waiting.

Posted via my Shnexus 5

brendilon says:

Avia works just fine.

Johnny Z says:

I haven't found one video that worked correctly from my library over Serviio (which is supposed to transcode). I either get a black screen, lagging audio, or glitchy audio (high pitched squeaks).

Posted via my Shnexus 5

jdevenberg says:

In the non-subscription Plex app's description it clearly says that Chromecast support is coming in the future and that its being exclusive to the subscription version is temporary.

Posted via Android Central App

NoNexus says:

But it is so fetch

Happy Holiday's from my phone to yours...

vegasjoe says:

Gretchen, stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!

Nexus6beta says:

Not going to happen on iphone,yes.

Via my Exynos-5 powered Nexus6

brendilon says:

About as much as BlackBerry is still a thing.

PKnowles95 says:

Yeah but ever since the 4.4 update to my Nexus 4 it hasnt worked properly

JaHollen says:

When all a device does is stream video over wi-fi, it should be a lot cheaper than this. Why can't anybody make a Miracast receiver under $40? And why can't anybody make one with reasonable latency?

still1 says:

Miracast is a relatively new technology.

brendilon says:

Didn't stop Google from making the Chromecast for $35.

John-Smith says:

Completely different technologies. Just sayin..

That's not to say that the Miracast receiver should be so god damn expensive.. $80!?

icebike says:

Betamax vs VHS.

The market went with the cheapest solution, and probably will in this case as well.

Joan White says:

Dont really understand this new gadget. But im with you.
It should be atleast 30.00 dollars.

At $79.99? No thanks! Way beyond my price point.

mwara244 says:

there are some miricast adapters at amazon from $40 - 60, I've been looking into them if my chromecast doesn't do what I want with Koush's app or avia. Still waiting for chromecast, bought it a week and a half ago.

efallows says:

I learned years ago to never buy a Belkin product. They cant get routers right. I will stay away from this presumable POS included.

Posted via Android Central App

Jlav78 says:

Had a similar experience with one of their WiFi receivers. Our already crap Talk talk broadband got slower with devices that used the receiver. Using a cheaper one that I bought with a raspberry pi and it's faster and smaller although I suppose the technology has gotten better and cheaper since

Posted via Android Central App on my Custom ROMd nexus 4

eahinrichsen says:

YES. Every Belkin product I've had, from power strips to wireless routers, has ended up breaking way too quickly. And their customer service was pretty awful (not rude, just incompetent).

Gonna have to wait on some reviews about this one...says the 2013 n7 and n5 are supported and a bunch of other devices are. So at least its got that going for it.

Posted via Android Central App

techitrucker says:

You can get a PTV3000 now for $50 and it will do Miracast and WIDI with practically no latency since the last update. I like the design of this one but don't see it being worth another $30 with half the functionality.

Posted via Android Central App

JaHollen says:

Just how much latency is "practically no latency?" I'm sure I'm chasing a unicorn, but I'm not buying in to Miracast until it's practical for gaming.

draggnazzo says:

80 USD!!!! OK... I think I'll pass... Belkin products overpriced as always...

jddunkley says:

I don't know anything about this Miracast stuff, but you can mirror your screen? Can certain apps block that from happening? This would be well worth it for me if I had NBA League Pass and could mirror games. The cell phone League Pass is way less than the tablet League Pass!!

coolbreeze78 says:

$79 is asinine. I know they are trying to re-coup production and design costs, but wow this seems very overpriced.

It doesn't help that there was really no good Miracast option forever. Then Chromecast arrived.

RIP overpriced dongle unless it's dropped to match the Chromecast price. And even then, good luck.

Jeff Kibuule says:

Chromecast doesn't support Miracast?

Jlav78 says:

Someone will hack it eventually, especially with the upcoming SDK launch

Posted via Android Central App on my Custom ROMd nexus 4

Nexus6beta says:

79.99 lol For 500 more you get a LG TV which has miracast, wi-fi direct :D

Via my Exynos-5 powered Nexus6

planoman says:

My nexus 5 and moto x mirror and stream fine to my Samsung TV. Not sure if it uses miracast or not. I just turn on wireless display under display, I see my TV and I connect. Works great!

Yes it does

Posted via Android Central App

I got a 30 dollar slimport adapter for xmas, that lets me mirror everything with out limits and i just plug in and play! Eat it belkin!

I find your lack of faith in android disturbing.

Bob61 says:

Difference between hard wired and wireless.

LB LB says:

does Miracast require certain capabilities from the smartphone, or is it just something in software?
I wonder which devices have miracast. does galaxy s3 support it?

VAVA Mk2 says:

Your phone actually needs hardware to support Miracast. Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 10, and Nexus 7 2013 all support it as well as this year's Verizon Droids, all of which are now made exclusively by Moto (Google).

LB LB says:

I see . thanks.

I wonder though:
if DLNA and WIFI-DIRECT are based on WIFI, does it mean they are both software solutions, and any old device can have them ?

rykellim says:

1. Old devices cannot work with Miracast.
2. Miracast will cut off all Bluetooth audio when connected, with Sony Xperia Z being the exception.
3. There is no HDMI "Turn anything into Miracast"-capable dongle anywhere I see... if you have seen one, please text me!

scheumanrj says:

The LG G2 and a number of other phones support it as well.

-IRON- says:

Some blueray players and tv's have it built in like it would wifi or dlna. Just have to look around.

Posted via Android Central App

dkotoric says:

Where can I buy it I dont see it on amazon or belkjn

Posted via Android Central App

Hand_O_Death says:

I knew I would see 100 "Why not get a Chromecast" comments on here from people that think you only need to stream YouTube and Netflix and nothing else to your TV.

I personally am waiting for a good Miracast for the same price as a Chromecast that can stream any video played from MX Player and all my games. With a BT controller, some of these games are the equivalent of having a portable console then.

D16RR says:

I wouldn't take anything with the word Belkin on it for free. Worst crap ever.

sicembaylor says:

I stream all of my local video using Chromecast via a browser plugin that allows me to open/run locally stored files on the browser. It's just a simple Chrome extension...not a big deal to download and use. I can't stream PowerPoint (not a problem) nor can I stream game video (again...not a problem). Aside from that, I haven't found a video yet that I couldn't cast.

jdevenberg says:

Here is the thing no one seems to be addressing in the Chromecast vs. Miracast debate. They do completely different things and are aimed at completely different audiences. I do not want my device mirrored on the TV because I want to use my device while I watch TV. If you want something that mirrors your device on your TV, get a Miracast stick. If you want a great, simple, cheap set top box for Netflix, hulu, HBO, Plex, and Google services, get a Chromecast.

Posted via Android Central App

Mayoo614 says:


Posted via Android Central App via Keyboard via Android via Nexus 10 via Fingers via Me via My Mom

scheumanrj says:

Well said. There is some overlap between the two but this sums things up very well.

StarTrigger says:

I've been using this device from newegg with my memo hd 7 tablet. Works great so far. Netflix, youtube works fine with audio. Don't have hulu or other media apps. Got it on sale for 25. Can't put link here but it's the iview miracast dongle on newegg. Currently 30.
I think I'll skip the belkin one.

turdbogls says:

I would be interested if:
A. it wasn't $80....i could do $50 but not much higher
B. i wasn't fairly confident we are going to get mirroring to chromecast fairly soon.......please google....please!

I would instead buy a Smart 3d Bluray player with miracast support that cost around $80 - $100.

mike340t says:

Bluray players aren't exactly portable however and I have yet to ever need to buy a disc, so for me it's a waste of space/electricity.. Last break I took, I brought my pocket WiFi router and Chromecast, plugged into TV at hotel, daughter was happy.. Not something you can exactly accomplish with a Bluray player..

darkmatter says:

Considering Miracast is the only way to get Kindle Fire HDX onto a tv Amazon needs to go ahead and make their own device to compete with Chromecast.

scheumanrj says:

I bought the Netgear Push2TV PTV300 about a week ago and I'm really happy with it. It was really easy to set up and connect to my LG G2 and Nexus 7 using Miracast. Streaming video can lag from time to time but if I wanted to stream video, I would have bought the ChromeCast. I haven't been able to get connected via WiDi to my laptop yet but that's because I can't get the WiDi drivers to load on my laptop yet.

rogerjenn1 says:

US$80 is way too high a price for a simple Miracast adapter.

The US$30 Tronsmart T1000 "Mirror2TV" EZCast dongle does more than just Miracast. See for details of this EZCast device.

Happy New Year!


What's the main difference between this product and the android wifi receiver?