Use BBM regularly? Then you're going to be pretty stoked to know that version 2.2 of BBM is coming soon to Android and iOS. This release will focus on streamlining the BBM experience. The goal of the update is to make it easier for new users to join the BBM community and make it faster and easter to add contacts. Details and more after the break.

Here's what you get to look forward to with version 2.2 of BBM for Android and iOS:

  • Easier sign up
  • Easier friending
  • New emoticons & more

BlackBerry has cut down the number of fields it takes to sign up. You only need your name, email and password to get started with version 2.2 of BBM. To make becoming friends easier, BlackBerry has made it so that users can become friends just by clicking the BBM invite in an email. There will be no need to send a PIN invite back.

And finally, a bonus for those who don't like to text and would rather send emoticons. Version 2.2 of BBM adds 16 new emoticons. A hotdog, maracas, a hacker, and hot lips are just some of the new emoticons you'll be sending your friends.

BBM version 2.2 will be available in the Google Play Store in a few hours. While iOS users should expect to see it in the coming days. Grab the app if you don't already have it and you'll be get the update when it becomes available.

Anybody out there using BBM? How does it stack up to other messaging platforms for you?

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BBM version 2.2 coming in a few hours, brings new emoticons and more


I'm one too! I will rep BBM until its no more. I've used BBM since 2007 and I don't plan on stopping. People who don't use it say all kinds of things just because its associated with Blackberry but at the end of the day its about what works best for you. Hate on do your jobs well.

Where's the BBM video chat
I really don't want to end up on Bb again lol

Posted via Android Central App

^This! BlackBerry should get working on bringing the video chat and screen share features to cross-platorm users ASAP!

Welp, this update broke the "BBM Connected" when the app isn't open and BBMs don't come in. How can they screw this up? Smh.

The idea is great, but...

BBM is so yesterday!

Whatsapp is going down and actually FB messenger is the best out of the three.

BBM is great, love people that hate because everyone else is doing it? You guys leave comments on the one calculator app because you don't think it's as good as the other calculator app?

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The interface is absolute garbage. Love the utility, but that strictly utilitarian approach to mobile computing is apart of the reason BlackBerry is where they are right now.

Looks like a pre-ios7 iPhone app. That kind of thing might have been acceptable years ago but now it just shows how little they care about it.

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I'm sure BBM was great at one time or another but I don't know anyone who uses it, wants to use it or who have ever used it. So, once again, I'll pass.
From my Note 2 to you

BBM is great but you need your friends to be on it. Since they were so late in going cross platform a mistake made back when they dominated the market most ppl started using whatsapp as the preferred cross platform messaging app. Plus their mistake was making BBM s interface towards BB 10 and not altering it's UI according to iOS's and Androids and that's why it's not appealing besides not having any friends on it. And also a few bugs here and there doesn't help either.

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Everyone I know texts. Yeah it's a money grab on carriers' parts and has flaws but it's ubiquitous.
Nothing will ever beat functionality a phone already has built into it.

The ONLY people that I know on some kind of messenger are the type who never grew up and keep trying to find workarounds to spending money. They keep trying to pull people into their sphere of inconvenience to save themselves a few dollars.

Only 85 million active users of this BBM app in the world so I will keep using it. Dumped that useless Google Hangouts THANK GOD!!!!!! That Hangouts app blows.

Hangouts actually is really good. Especially after the latest update that threads together a contact's SMS and IM together in one conversation, much like iOS. I'll admit it still has some improvement to do but having your SMS and IM threaded together is simply unbeatable to me in terms of ease of communication. Not to mention you can use Hangouts via PC as well.

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I merged sms with hangout thinking it would be easier and shortly after i had to separate again.
1. Inspite of i receiving msgs. In hangouts i still get notification of sms messages as before (as the standalone sms) which defeats the whole purpose of merging.
2. Some of my contacts are not saved in the google account but in the sim. It did not recognize the name but only number.
Did i do something wrong? Coz i dont see anyplace to correct those

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If I remember correctly, Hangouts works best when it's reading all your information from your Google. I know I have all my contacts backed up to Google now instead of solely my SIM and Hangouts hasn't had an issue with merging their Hangout messages and their SMS messages. It even works well for those in my address book with multiple numbers, all their messages show up in the same feed as well. So maybe give backing your contacts up to your Google account and see how that works. The update has been nothing but gold for me.

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yea ill try to update to google accounts thanks. but my first problem is still there where - though i have already received sms in hangout, the sms notification apart from hangout notification is still nagging

if you go into the setting of the standalone sms app you can disable notifications (notification icon, sound, vibrate) and or you can go into the app info settings and uncheck the 'show notifications' checkbox to disable notifications all together.

2. you have your contacts saved to sim. who does that anymore? it's inconvenient. it's better to save them to your google account or and have them backuped and synced accross multiple devices. plu being able to save much more information about a contact.

Downloaded BBM 2.2 in my Nexus 5 :). Everything is working seamlessly fine...

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I came from Blackberry and still use BBM religiously. I have too much history with it and a lot of friends and family that still use it (even those that moved to other platforms). BBM is one of the main reasons it took so long for me to switch to android. If only they would port "profiles with bedside mode", I would be in my glory.

Landscape support please!!
Portrait only can be frustrating!!

Posted via Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy Express i437p on AT&T's 4G LTE Network

I just got automatic update of bbm on my android (xiaomi 2s). Now it wont start.. not responding when opening the app. anybody got the same problem? I've tried to delete and download again from play store, but after login using my bbid it shows 0 contact and not responding again

No problems here with the update on my Note 3. With every update the app gets better. Hopefully the next update will include video chat

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If you don't like BBM then why even comment on this post? Just keep it moving or find a hobby SMH

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