Welcome to the future ladies and gentlemen, please keep your head and arms inside the car at all times, and do not feed the bloggers.  If you look to your right, you'll see that Android Central member wabyrd has turned his Nook Color into a hell of a smart refrigerator magnet.  Besides being flat out the best thing ever, if doesn't even look hard to do.  A little CyanogenMod 7, a few handy widgets and apps, a handful of button magnets and some adhesive from your local hardware store puts you in business.  If you're interested, head into the Nook Color forums and have a read.  This little $250 tablet just keeps getting better and better. 

Source: Android Central forums

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balthuszar says:

can someone teach me how to glue magnets ont he back of a piece of plastic?

ls377 says:

Hey look, it's Jerry's wet dream ;)

cooper3 says:


enjoylife949 says:

The Vizio 8" tablet for $285 at Costco may take the place of the Nook Color for the moment.

balthuszar says:

will never buy another vizio product...they do not honor their warranty...and their products are crap

So what now?!?! I can play angry birds while looking for something to eat... FTW!!!!

dcreed says:

Needs a screensaver just scrolling through pictures of fat people...should keep [some] people from opening the 'fridge.

truly pointless post.

PingaDulce says:

A TouchPad would be even better on the fridge!!!

wabyrd says:

I went with the NC because we're an Android family. It's nice to have our multiple calendars (at last count, 11 of them) presented and up to date on the fridge for easy access. There's a quick link to each of our inboxes for a quick glance at e-mail. CloudList is on the home screen to quickly add items to the grocery list.

Best part? It's all sync'd to our DINC2s so we always have the latest info at our fingertips.

Is it a bit eccentric? Maybe, but for our family it's a perfect solution.

orlanka says:

Props to wabyrd on getting this as a post on the AC main page. While I constantly argue with my iOS friends (and yes, I still keep them as friends) this is an awesome display of what makes the Android community great.

jimlauri361 says:

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