Every smart phone trade-in qualifies for at least a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new device

AT&T is extending an offer from any of its retail locations that will give customers who trade-in an old smart phone at least $100 towards a new phone of their choice on the network. As long as the phone you are trading in is no more than 3 years old, and is in good working condition, you'll receive an instant credit of $100 or more to put towards a new device. AT&T says that each device will be evaluated, and some could be worth more than $100 as well. The credit can be applied towards brand new devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One, or lower-end devices as well.

While some authorized retailers may participate in the trade-in program, corporate AT&T stores are guaranteed to participate and may accept a wider range of devices, including tablets, data sticks and even feature phones. The offer seems like a pretty good deal for those trying to make an upgrade and save an easy few dollars, and could bring your on-contract price for a new device near $0 if you're lucky.

Source: AT&T

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miller7796 says:

$128 for a Galaxy S III? I'll stick with Swappa.

DWR_31 says:

This isn't a bad program. It's actually one of the better buy back programs from a carrier.
But the truth of the matter is AT&T is just helping you wet your lips so they can use your spit as lube for their data packages.

eahinrichsen says:

That is just perfectly phrased. Bravo, you sick bastard.

aitt says:

LMAO @ the HTC First on that pic. Just made me snicker that it was on top. But Um no. Maybe for a 3 year old device you might come out "ok" but I'll craiglist my device any day.

gcole says:

This actually works out pretty well for me. I'm using an HTC Inspire and I'm looking at upgrading right now. From what I've seen, the Inspire is selling for $50 or less on Craigslist in my area. If I get $100 credit, I'd be happy.

maerlim says:

Hey this program is just in time for everybody who... already... bought... their HTC One & SGS4. Riiight, great timing AT&T.

Yes, because AT&T won't sell a single Galaxy S4 or HTC One after the first week they're available ;) .

NegativeBeef says:

I can sell my old phones on ebay for a lot more than $100...

aapold says:

I wonder if I can take a drawer full of old feature phones to them for something.

aapold says:

Values they offered for stuff I had lying around in easy reach:

HTC One X (cracked screen): $34.00 ($90 if screen intact)
Motorola Atrix HD: $48.00
Palm Pre Plus RECYCLE
Pantech Breeze C520 RECYCLE

The HTC One X isn't 3 years old is it? If it had been in perfect condition their site still tells me only $90.

I know each of these could fetch more on e-bay. Not pursuing this, just morely curious to see where they came in at.

bkosh84 says:

I just checked my LG Optimus G, which is even newer than the One X and it only fetched 89 bucks.. Don't understand that one...

tlo07 says:

I have an old Captivate I wouldn't mind getting rid of. Has AT&T already started this? I'm eligible for my upgrade tomorrow. :)

aapold says:

appears to be active on their website now (use the source link on the article).

randyw says:

They said $95 for my one year old GSM Galaxy Nexus on there website. I may just get the HTC One at Wal Mart for $149.99 and sell my Gnex.

mikelos51 says:

I checked my good condition Galaxy SII and they offered $75. False advertising?

gcole says:

I be believe the prices everyone is getting right now is from at&t's standard buyback program. The first words in the linked article says: "Beginning May 1" so I wouldn't expect this to work until tomorrow, if they even update the online tool. I believe the article also said to go to an at&t store to have your phone inspected, so this may be in-store only (?)

TimmyB says:

You are correct. That buyback program has nothing to do with this trade-in offer, other than, if it says you get MORE than $100. If your phone is worth less than $100 (according to that service), they'll STILL give you the full $100.

I am super excited by this. We are upgrading two phones this month and I kept my old Palm Pixi Plus, so that is easily worth $100 towards my HTC One!!!

aapold says:

IF the phone is less than three years old. Probably as in the time it came out, not the time you may have bought it.

The Pixi Plus debuted on verizon on January 27, 2010, same as the Pre Plus. Which means you just miss the cut off.

When I entered my Pre Plus into their system after may first (after which many of the phones I complained about before not getting $100 were now receiving $100)... the pre plus still showed "recycle".

The one argument that might work (I doubt but will try tomorrow) is the AT&T versions didn't debut until May 16. I gather they probably just enter it into their system though.

A person at the store did confirm to me that I can trade in more than one phone. So the Atrix HD in theory is $100, and the cracked screen Hox plus the Pre Plus plus everything else I have in my old drawer might cover it. Probably not though.

Ethere says:

$125 for my GS3 which is in excellent condition. No thanks, Craigslist/Ebay will net me much more.

Splitz says:

$100 for my HTC Vivid that is in PERFECT condition. Tempting, that sure would be a hell of a lot easier then selling it on eBay and way less hassle.

Can I trade in a htc 3d evo 4g with a cracked screen