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Those of you that have the original AT&T Galaxy S II can stop being jealous of your Skyrocket-toting cousins.  There's now a leak of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for your device, too.  Just like the leak for the AT&T Galaxy S II Skyrocket, this is likely not the final version of the software.  It's no surprise that we're seeing leaks for the AT&T phones, either, since they have already announced that they will receive an official Ice Cream Sandwich update. Nevertheless, the quickening pace of leaks suggests that the official ICS updates shouldn't be too far off.

Brave enough to flash this leaked ROM on your device?  Let us know your thoughts in the forums.

Source: RootzWiki


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AT&T Galaxy S II sees an ICS leak


This makes me happy since I will be getting a Galaxy S2 in a couple days to replace my HTC Inspire which I, like an idiot, had in my pocket when I went swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.

After your finished cursing you have to just laugh after everything it's replace, a long time ago i dropped a beeper (yes I'm that old) into the sink while i was doing dishes, and to be honest I still have no idea what I was thinking at the moment but I thought I need to dry this fast, so i put it in the microwave and it sparked up like crazy.
I was already a programmer and had worked in IT previously there was no excuse. But I still tell the story and laugh.

Haha wow. Yeah well, by the time I noticed that my phone was in my pocket, I had already been in the water for close to 30 minutes so I didn't even bother getting out the water because it basically marinated in salt water by then, and I knew there was no salvaging it.

But, honestly, I have been wanting to find a reason to upgrade for a while and AT&T just lowered the price of the GS2 to 9.99 right before this happened. Perfect timing.

hmm...time to check this out I'm excited :)

EDIT: on second thought doing some research over at XDA and whatnot flash at your own risk. This toys with the bootloader so there "can" be consequences.

Mostly this is a plus for the developers as it'll bring us closer to a nice ROM from them. :)