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ASUS is taking the wraps off of its latest phone-tablet hybrid docking device, the PadFone Infinity, at MWC 2013. The specs here will not disappoint, checking every box you'd expect for a high-end device in 2013. We're looking at a 5-inch 1080P display, quad-core 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32/64GB of storage and 13MP camera, all in a unibody aluminum frame. On the connectivity front, it has both 100mbps LTE and 42mbps HSPA+ radios and supports the latest 802.11ac Wifi. One major point of this device is that it's also running Android 4.2, something very few manufacturers have been able to announce at this point.

Oh, and did we mention it docks into a tablet? Following in the footsteps of the PadFones before it, the Infinity still docks into a 10.1-inch tablet frame called the "Infinity Station". The station has a 1920x1200 Super IPS display, with the same 400 nit brightness as the phone itself. The station also has its own 5000mAh battery, alongside the phone's own 2400mAh lithium polymer cell. The PadFone Infinity and Station will come together at a hair under 1.48lbs -- about middle of the road for 10-inch tablet weight nowadays.

ASUS is planning to launch the PadFone Infinity in the U.K. at an MSRP of £799 (incl VAT) with the Infinity Station, in three color choices --  Titanium Grey, Champagne Gold and Hot Pink. There are no specific availability dates for the U.K., and no indication at all that this will make its way to the U.S. market either. Considering that previous iterations of the PadFone didn't make it stateside, we're not holding our breath.

ASUS Announces PadFone™ Infinity

LTE smartphone with 5-inch Full HD display combines with a 10.1-inch tablet dock
for seamless mobile flexibility

Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain (25th February, 2013) — ASUS today announced PadFone™ Infinity, a powerful LTE smartphone with a sleek metallic design and a 5-inch Full HD display that becomes a 10.1-inch tablet when docked to its companion PadFone™ Infinity Station. PadFone™ Infinity features Android 4.2 and groundbreaking mobile performance, thanks to its next-generation Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 quad-core processor and up to 19 hours* of 3G talk time.

“PadFone™ Infinity is the latest evolution of our PadFone™ line,” said Jonney Shih, ASUS Chairman. “It combines incredible design with an uncompromised user experience derived from our Design Thinking philosophy.”

Premium design with premium performance

With a slender unibody design crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, ASUS PadFone™ Infinity is both beautiful and durable. The 5-inch screen features a 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution with an extraordinary 441 pixels-per-inch for text so crisp it looks like a printed page and wonderfully detailed high-resolution images. 64GB of storage complements the class-leading Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 600 1.7GHz quad-core processor for a smooth and responsive premium Android experience, while 100Mbit/s LTE and 42Mbit/s DC-HSPA+ ensure super-fast web browsing and downloads.
ASUS PadFone™ Infinity features a high-performance 13-megapixel camera with an f/2.0 5-element lens that captures incredibly detailed images with no shutter lag. A dedicated image signal-processor enhances low-light image quality and enables PadFone™ Infinity to capture up to 100 sequential photos at 8 frames-per-second, while simultaneously recording 1080p Full HD video. PadFone™ Infinity can also output 1080p Full HD video via its micro-USB-compatible MyDP interface.

Share apps and mobile data instantly

The unique two-in-one nature of ASUS PadFone™ removes the tedious need to synchronize data between smartphone and tablet. Data and settings on PadFone™ Infinity are available instantly on PadFone™ Infinity Station upon docking, and running apps are smoothly reformatted to fit the larger display. Mobile data bills are also reduced, since a single data plan can be shared between both devices.
PadFone™ Infinity comes with new and exclusive ASUS apps, including SuperNote 3.1 for note taking, Story for creating stunning photo albums and ASUS Echo for voice control of PadFone™ Infinity.
PadFone™ Infinity has up to 19 hours of 3G talk time*, which increases to up to 40 hours when docked into PadFone™ Infinity Station. PadFone™ Infinity Station also has sufficient battery capacity to fully recharge the docked PadFone™ Infinity up to three times.


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ASUS unveils PadFone Infinity with 5-inch 1080P display, Android 4.2


Same here, even sammy's Note 8.0 has phone capabilities now, about time they put phones in tablets so you don't have to carry 2 devices, and you can just use bluetooth for calls.

Yeah really weird. I don't understand how these "smaller" companies (as opposed to the giants) can get 4.2. Yet companies like LG, Sony, Samsung, etc Can't?

I mean it's almost 4 months now since the release of 4.2

Well I can give you the LG & Sony part but my Samsung Galaxy S3 is rocking android 4.2.1 from them since a couple of days ago

No way this comes to the USA. The carriers want you to buy a separate plan for tablet data and tethering. One plan for two devices? Heresy!

Yes. I'd take it in a heartbeat. Spectacular innovation, technology and convenience. I realize that most think it will be relatively expensive but think of what you are getting. Two in one device which I have been harping about 3 years ago. Full disclosure - I do not own a tablet since I have been waiting for the Padfone concept (before ASUS announced it). At the rate ASUS is moving though, I probably won't have one in my lifetime. Hope I am wrong. I'd settle for my Android smartphone and notebook for now.

Still no keyboard option??? The PadFone is an interesting format, but I don't want one myself. A note 2 seems to be a better option, mainly because of the S-pen.

ASUS did so well with the Transformer format (I have a TF300T) do they have any Transformer plans on offer? If not this event was pretty pointless.

Awesome!!! And it looks like it might come to the US this time! This would be the first phone I would buy if Nexus phones didn't exist. And it's the third non-Nexus phone with 4.2. Funny how all the little-known manufacturers (well, at least little-known to the US and Europe) are getting the newest OS.

Where is the new Tranformer Pad? (as well as the keyboard dock for the Padfone) Both Asus and Lenovo which have them in previously released devices haven't announced new models :(

Is Acer doing any presentation at MWC?

ASUS is pulling off what Motorolas 'Atrix' line tried to accomplish. Now if they could just figure out how to price these better and get them stateside I think we'd have a Samsung contender.

I'm in agreeance with others here, if I could get this on T-Mobile, I'd be looking at a healthy competitor to my beloved Note 2.

Can I have one of these phones on Verizon, please! Specs look great including 5" screen, 4G LTE, Quad core, video output, 64GB,

This phone size thing is getting way out of control! It is unbelievable! Now if I want to buy a high-end 2013 phone I need to buy one that I cannot use with just one hand. Phones are supposed to be used with one hand! I loved the Xperia Z, for example, but I don't wanna have to reposition my hand every fucking time I wanna touch something on the top! Seriously, phone makers are going nuts! Soon it will be 6, 7, 8 inch "phones". STOP THIS! The only manageable 2013 phone seems to be the HTC One, but I would have to stand that ugly design! The S4 Will sure be a 5"+ phone, as Samsung is the one who started this. This will definitely keep users from switching. If I don't find a good looking 4.5-4.7" phone I'll have to stick with my iPhone just because it's the only non-phablet in the market!

This argument is so tired out, we all know that phones are huge nowadays. It seems like you just came here to tell us that your iphone is better than any android phone because it has a small screen.

And btw Htc and motorola actually started the huge phone thing not samsung

> "This will definitely keep users from switching."

Oh noes! The manufacturers will lose 1% of their user base. And all that only to gain a mere, say, 30% from going to the competition.

Hot damn Sam, I want this bad boy asap. Why won't it come to the USA???? There are so many bad ass phones, tablets etc. that just never make it to this market and what the hell is the reason, is it all Carrier issues??? This is a real nice package, it has real killer specs and looks sharp as hell. Throw in the tablet slide on and you have just made it one of the best devices out there IMO. Please bring it to the USA.
PS Not to mention it is shipping with 4.2, I want it.

Is this that hard to buy online and get it shipped? Or you want it on contract with ATT for $100 with $200 monthly payment for dual data plan or something? )

I don't care if they bring it to the US or not since importing and Straight Talk as the monthly plan is a better option than sitting with a carrier branded version.;)

The only drawback I see is if there is no keyboard dock. It can be fine if it is compatible with the TF700 dock though.

I would be interested if it can support such a dock - it makes perfect sense then. I have the TF700 and it is great so it would be perfect to be able to consider the Padfone as a future upgrade option.

The picture somehow recalled the scene from 'Thank you for smoking' movie:

"Gentlemen, practice these words in front of the mirror.
Although we are constantly exploring the subject, currently,
there is no direct evidence, that links cell phone usage to brain cancer."