Transformer Prime

If you're rocking the ASUS Transformer Prime, it's time to start hitting that software update button with a vengeance.  There's another OTA update rolling out today for the Prime, and this time we see version bumps for the Wifi software and drivers as well as Bluetooth.  The particulars of today's update:

  • GPS: 6.9.13
  • WiFi:
  • Bluetooth: 9.26
  • Build: IML74K.US_epad-
  • Kernel: #1

Like all OTA updates, this one is coming in stages so don't be discouraged if you don't see it right away.  To check for your update, hit Settings > About Tablet > System Firmware Update and cross your fingers.  

Source: Android Central forums. Thanks everyone who sent this in!

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evolution_jg says:

Where is the ICS update for the OG Transformer ASUS!??!?!?!

Firespyer says:

Youtube app constantly crashes after update

mikenzinbfe says:

as far as i am aware the only real difference between using the recent beta chrome browser to login to youtube and using the youtube app is one click vs 2. if i am wrong and there is a big difference please let me know. the reason i bring this up is i have been using chrome exclusively on the prime for three days now with no problems at all. i went to the youtube site this morning using chrome, logged in and everything worked just fine, even full screen, not a hiccup or stutter. i don't know about opera or the stock browser but chrome works to get into youtube just fine. so if anyone is having an issue with youtube and have updated to ics, try chrome and go that route. just an alternative and for me just the difference between tapping the screen once w/an app or twice w/chrome. good luck no matter.

icebike says:

Are they admitting it actually HAS a GPS again? If so, that's a major improvement.

kevin5377 says:

I have the YouTube problem too

hmmm says:

The bigger deal is it fixed random rebooting issues that made some of these tablets unusable.

hairclog says:

No OG love?

griff7774 says:

Youtube problem confirmed

griff7774 says:

The problem has seem to had remedied itself. Carry on.

Jdroid3 says:

No youtube either anyone else getting , unfortunately the process has sropped. Randomly??? This keeps showing up on me

matt_maturi says:

Youtube crashes after Firmware update on Feb/08/2012
I turned off the device and switched on after 8 hrs, opened YouTube it is working without any problem

griff7774 says:


bigrey81 says:

YouTube is crashing on mine also

richardsoper says:

YouTube app constantly crashes and wifi connection is worse. Avoid this update at all costs!!!

myculito says:

Wifi is better for me than its been, but I agree that youtube is not working.

DrDoolitle says:

Never really had the WiFi issue, so I'll hold off with the new YouTube crashing problem. Thanks for the warning

Kmcferrin says:

It has been widely reported in the forums that the YouTube crashing issues were not related to this latest OTA. Other users who didn't install the latest OTA were seeing the same problems, and at least one user who reported the issue is still on Honeycomb.

I have also seen several people claiming that they were having YouTube issues on other devices, and that it was likely an issue with the mobile version of YouTube rather than any given device.

I've also seen other users claiming that the YouTube crash issue has remedied itself, magically, suggesting very strongly that there was a fix on the YouTube side rather than the mobile software.

mikenzinbfe says:

never had a wifi problem either but never got all the bars until the update now full strength all the time.

buzzchilly says:

The problem does not appear to be related to the recent update by Asus. My Droid X has the same YouTube issue. It may be a mobile issue with Youtube.

Xroid says:

I just used youtube on my DX over 3g, and the video played without any problems.
I think I will wait on this update, My gps works "ok" and my wifi signal is a little weaker then my DX, but the DL speeds are just as good.

Edit: looks like everyone was having issues with youtube, appears they have corrected the problem.

dreitzell78 says:

My GPS did not work at all, sent back, eesh, sucks! :-(

Cabin2N says:

After I updated I saw no difference. After I rebooted, my apps crashing stop and my gps connected to a satalite for the first time ever (12 in fact).

mikenzinbfe says:

just curious what will you or anyone use the gps for? i mean i have them in my vehicles, one for going into the backcountry, hiking, fishing, etc. for myself i cannot think of a single scenario where i would have a reason to use it. so help me out on this one as i've yet to see anyone ever mention how they would use it only that they were unhappy with how it was or wasn't working. thanks

badbrad17 says:

i am not even able to DL the update yet. i'm in canada.