ASUS Transformer Prime

As certain as we are that a lot of folks are out there taking advantage of all the sales happening right now on tablets for holidays -- we're also certain some will be keeping their money in their pockets just a little bit longer to hold out for the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The Tegra 3 powered tablet we recently saw running Ice Cream Sandwich has been hanging out on Amazon for pre-order already but Best Buy has joined the party as well. You can pre-order the upcoming tablet on the Best Buy website for $500 coming in either gray or champagne color. No date is listed for shipment but December isn't a stretch by any means plus, there has been plenty of rumors already calling for December 9th as a specific date for release.


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ASUS Transformer Prime available for pre-order at Best Buy


Unfortunately they're only carrying the 32GB version. CompUSA/TigerDirect are taking preorders for both the 32 and 64.

When you preorder from best buy, it says the release date is 12/18/2011 in the receipt they email you. Just a heads up.

So much want! Wish the keyboard was less expensive, but if I get the tablet the 'board will be a great present.

I hate how there are like, no reviews of this yet. Kind of a toss up between the Prime or the Galaxy Nexus for me. I went through two Tab 10.1's, absolute garbage tablet so this thing would have to seriously convince me it's worth it.

I'm sorry but did anyone here watch the TigerDirect video for the product? I lol'd:

"List Price: $599! Instant Savings: $0 Your Price: $599!"

Would like, but I'm waiting until after Xmas. It might be on sale (probably not), but I'll have a stack of Best Buy gift cards to burn.

It's not only available at those two locations. In Canada, for instance, not only does Future Shop and Amazon take pre-orders, so do actual computer stores.

I pre-ordered mine at NCIX and they said they're quite confident in the December 1 - 15th range so it might coincide with that December 9th release date. I'm 6th in line so hopefully I get it during the first batch available to them =P.

Ok if I am looking for a tablet is this the one to get? I am considering making a tablet purchase but have no idea where to begin or what to buy, some say the ipad which I refuse to buy, I would like an Android tablet.. What are my best options.. Money is not an issue.. So I can buy the best if I want. Please help..

Best Buy Canada had this up for afew days. in Canada has stopped taking pre-orders on it. Thankfully I pre-ordered when I did.