ASUS Transformer Prime

As certain as we are that a lot of folks are out there taking advantage of all the sales happening right now on tablets for holidays -- we're also certain some will be keeping their money in their pockets just a little bit longer to hold out for the ASUS Transformer Prime.

The Tegra 3 powered tablet we recently saw running Ice Cream Sandwich has been hanging out on Amazon for pre-order already but Best Buy has joined the party as well. You can pre-order the upcoming tablet on the Best Buy website for $500 coming in either gray or champagne color. No date is listed for shipment but December isn't a stretch by any means plus, there has been plenty of rumors already calling for December 9th as a specific date for release.

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ekt8750 says:

Unfortunately they're only carrying the 32GB version. CompUSA/TigerDirect are taking preorders for both the 32 and 64.

botero says:

When you preorder from best buy, it says the release date is 12/18/2011 in the receipt they email you. Just a heads up.

berner5 says:

So much want! Wish the keyboard was less expensive, but if I get the tablet the 'board will be a great present.

Sniper1087 says:

this was available on Nov 24th, so by this time it could be late to preorder.

Pretty sad that they didn't mention the quad core tegra 3 in the specs

bbarend says:

Thank goodness the champagne one has YouTube.

TerryMasters says:

I hate how there are like, no reviews of this yet. Kind of a toss up between the Prime or the Galaxy Nexus for me. I went through two Tab 10.1's, absolute garbage tablet so this thing would have to seriously convince me it's worth it.

TerryMasters says:

I'm sorry but did anyone here watch the TigerDirect video for the product? I lol'd:

"List Price: $599! Instant Savings: $0 Your Price: $599!"


Kmcferrin says:

Would like, but I'm waiting until after Xmas. It might be on sale (probably not), but I'll have a stack of Best Buy gift cards to burn.

deltatux says:

It's not only available at those two locations. In Canada, for instance, not only does Future Shop and Amazon take pre-orders, so do actual computer stores.

I pre-ordered mine at NCIX and they said they're quite confident in the December 1 - 15th range so it might coincide with that December 9th release date. I'm 6th in line so hopefully I get it during the first batch available to them =P.

Ok if I am looking for a tablet is this the one to get? I am considering making a tablet purchase but have no idea where to begin or what to buy, some say the ipad which I refuse to buy, I would like an Android tablet.. What are my best options.. Money is not an issue.. So I can buy the best if I want. Please help..

hansonator says:

Best Buy Canada has the release date as December 5.

ReggieTee says:

This may be my first tablet. This looks hot. Can't wait for the reviews to come in.

NumberZero says:

Best Buy Canada had this up for afew days. in Canada has stopped taking pre-orders on it. Thankfully I pre-ordered when I did.