Folks with an ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700) are reporting a minor OTA update today, It's not Android 4.1.2 (even ASUS isn't that quick with the updates), but brings users to V10.4.4.18 and stays on Android 4.1.1.

According to ASUS, this update addresses "a few random WiFi, Keyboard and Camera issues reported in the first release."  It's great to see ASUS step up and fix bugs this quickly, and we think that's a big part of why they are successful among Android enthusiasts.

You can check for the update in the device settings menu, and discuss it all in the forums.

Thanks, Jay and Cory!


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ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity TF700T receiving minor update


This has to be one of the reasons why Google chose them to make the Nexus 7. If I were ever to get a non-Nexus Android tablet, it would most likely be an Asus tablet.

all the updates in the world won't help the i/o issues that plague their tabs though. I love my Infinity but you pretty much have to unlock it and tinker around with various roms in hopes that a developer has figured out a clever way to get around the poor nand memory issue. Browsing power points, no matter the app...I've tried them all, is a dreadful experience. That's not even getting into all the QA issues they have on these things. If Asus doesn't get their act together in this regard, they are going to end up like HTC.

I ended up grabbing a square trade warranty and unlocked the tablet, running cleanrom 2.0 and it seems it has helped with a lot of things but it's still not a performer like it should and some things that stuttered before continue to stutter. The Asus tablets get a lot of praise and it's rather disappointing that Asus gets more or less a free pass on it from all the Android sites.

For instance, Android police went to town on the Note 10.1 but I don't remember reading anything about how atrocious the Prime, TF300 and TF700 are in terms of usability. Chrome is absolutely WORTHLESS on these tabs, Google Now is frustrating at best because while you're typing something into search it's checking the slow internal memory as well and the lag is something that my OG evo would laugh at.

I'll have to think really hard next time I'm looking for an Android tab because as of now Asus does NOT make compelling hardware though their tablets looks pretty slick on the surface.

Yeah the form factor was the compelling draw for me and a lack of complaints sealed the deal. I still like it overall but it's not worth the money they sell it for. I wish AC and other sites were more honest about this thing.

Heck my Samsung Captivate feels faster...and that's pretty damn sad.

Suggestion: It would be nice if the article linked to the source of the ASUS quote so we can see in context what all of their changes are. I appreciate the news (this was the first that I heard of the update) but I would just like a little more thoroughness in the reporting.