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The Asus Transformer is one of the coolest Honeycomb tablets on the market. It's as yet unreleased sibling, the Slider, seems to be getting ever closer to release, as Asus have launched its official page for the tablet.

The spec list isn't showing up any surprises, and curiously is shipping with "Android 3.1 Honeycomb OS (3.2 upgradable)." The 3.2 update for the Transformer is already live, so hopefully this means that the Slider is complete and ready to start shipping soon. Battery life is said to be 8 hours, and you get most of the ports available on the Transformer, but no full SD card slot.

Included software goodies will be familiar to any Transformer owners, with Polaris Office 3.0, Zinio Magazines and Asus' own cloud and media applications. 

All we need now is the release date, won't you help us out Asus? 

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TBolt says:

I'm glad I returned my TF + Dock even though I loved it. This could prove a worthy upgrade. :)

Waffles says:

So are you the a*hole that bought one of the keyboards from Frys, then returned it, so when I went to buy mine, I only had the option of buying a returned unit? If so, YOU SUCK ASS!!

And your definition of upgrade doesn't add up.

azpatrick says:

Might have been me. Sorry if you got it.

El Jefe says:

I hope they ramped up production ahead of time so these don't see the delays that people have had for the Transformer.

Jonneh says:

No kidding.
That was a horribly embarrassing thing for Asus to go through with the Transformer.

Pudge78 says:

Wanted to check this bad boy out on the Asus website and the page has been removed!!! It's not searchable on their website.

Which Asus site? It wasn't on the UK site but if you click on the "Asus" next to sources in the article it will take you to the page :)

cmorty72#AC says:

Hmmm... being I'm currently in the market for a tablet, this broadens my choices quite a bit (Toshiba Thrive 16 and the Transformer were two of my main choices).

jescobe82 says:

I don't see the point. Just buy a damn laptop

qdigga says:

maybe people would "just buy a laptop" instead of tablets IF the laptop were touchscreen AND Android powered. smh...