ASUS Transformer 3G support page

Asus has brought the support page for the 3G model of the Eee Pad Transformer online, but we still don't have the part we want to know -- when is it coming.  We last heard that the 3G model would launch in the UK sometime in August, and we're expecting it soon, since August is already half over.  While there shouldn't be any hardware changes, we're also curious if the 3G model will launch with Android 3.2 on board, but that's anyone's guess at this point.  We know a lot of people have been waiting for this, and Asus knows this as well, so hopefully we see it out the door shortly.  We'll keep our eyes and ears open and let you know more when there's more to tell.

Source: Asus. Thanks, Waad!


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Asus Eee Pad Transformer 3G model support page is online, still no release date


I love my transformer. Anyone know who the 3G is going to be with?

By the way.. this is my first, 1st post... Whoo!

oh, wow i didn't know that we didn't have this back in the US.

well considering asus is headquartered in taiwan, it's no wonder i saw it there. they had them at the electronics shop inside of taipei 101. it's a pretty neat device and the combined with the keyboard, this thing really feels like a laptop. actually the first time i saw it i thought it was a laptop, until one of the sales guys came up and showed me that it's actually a tablet and keyboard. pretty neat !

I hope the TF2 has a 3G model out of the gate. As it is, assuming a 1 month away launch, the TF2 will be out not long after. Almost a waste.