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How did we share pictures before Instagram? How did we view anything with an aspect ratio greater than 1:1? Photos were rectangles? That's just ... Well, not square. But we now live in an Instagram world. The app — which spent much of its early months as an iOS-only affair — quickly grew as a mobile-only service on which you could easily take and share photos, applying any number of filters (for better or worse) in the process.

How popular was Instagram? In just a year and a half, it went from inception in October 2010 to being purchased by Facebook in April 2012 for what at the time was a jaw-dropping $1 billion. (For more on that, read Kara Swisher's excellent piece in Vanity Fair.) Instagram has since gone tit-for-tat with Twitter, Vine and Snapchat, adding the ability to send a picture directly to another user, and the ability to record and share video.

Fast forward to today, and Instagram is a staple app on Android. It's how we share our lives. It's another way we communicate. And it's showing no signs of stopping.

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Instagram is testing a new design that ditches color to help your photos pop

Instagram is testing a new design that ditches color to help your photos pop

Instagram is testing a new design for its Android app, one that ditches the familiar blue for a simpler, white design. In fact, white is the dominant color across the board in this test version of the app, from the feed to the camera. A screenshot of the Android app redesign was posted to...
Instagram beefs up Explore tab with video channels

Instagram beefs up Explore tab with video channels

Instagram is looking to make it easier to find videos you might like thanks to an overhauled Explore tab that now features video channels. At the very top of your explore tab, you'll now find a banner that highlights a personalized feed labeled "Videos You Might Like." As you scroll through the...
Instagram talks video playback improvements in wake of new 60-second limit

Instagram rethinks how it serves videos to improve performance across the board

In a new blog post, Instagram has detailed the technical challenges behind its recent move to allow users to post videos up to 60 seconds in length — a bump from the previous limit of 15 seconds. Essentially, Instagram says it had to completely change the way it serves videos in the Android app...

Instagram rolls out support for video uploads of up to 60 seconds

Instagram is giving people more freedom to express themselves in video form. The social network is rolling out an update that will support video uploads of up to 60 seconds, well above the previous limit of just 15 seconds. Instagram stated: In the last six months, the time people spent...

Instagram will soon 'optimize' the order of your feed

Instagram is planning to make some changes in the feeds of its hundreds of millions of users. The social network, owned by Facebook, says that in the coming months it will "optimize" those feeds so that users can see what Instagram thinks they should check out first. In a blog post, Instagram...
Instagram notification mess-up

Instagram bug lets you see someone else's personal notifications if you both share a second account [Update: It's back]

Bug in shared accounts can fire off notifications to the wrong person — including the text of Instagram Direct messages. Update Feb. 20: Instagram has told us that this has been fixed. But we're now all getting updates whenever someone pings GoogleTheMastiff, our own Mark Guim is logged into...
Two-factor authentication coming to Instagram

Two-factor authentication comes to Instagram

Instagram is getting serious about security, as the company has confirmed that it has started rolling out two-factor authentication. The photo-sharing service confirmed the feature to TechCrunch, stating that it is beginning the rollout after the feature had been spotted in testing. According...
How to use multiple accounts in Instagram for Android

How to use multiple accounts in Instagram for Android

Instagram finally has added the ability to easily switch from one account to another without logging out, making life — or at least our social media life — easier for those of us who run Android blogs, have personable pets or suffer from alter egos. And it's a pretty simple measure. Here's how...
Instagram announces full support for multiple accounts

Instagram announces full support for multiple accounts

Following recent reports that it was testing the feature, Instagram has officially announced that it is rolling out full support for multiple accounts. Starting this week, users will be able to log into multiple accounts at once, and easily switch between them within the Instagram app for Android...
2015BestNine: A fun way to share your most-liked Instagram pics — and run into scareware

2015BestNine: A fun way to share your most-liked Instagram pics — and run into scareware

Developer says it's fighting back against rogue ads plaguing popular year-end feature. Update: Supposedly things have been cleaned up. There's no such thing as a free lunch, and as we're seeing with the online fad-of-the-day "2015BestNine" website, there's no such thing as a truly free tool for...
Instagram for Android

Instagram adds long-press to preview, like and share images

Don't call it "force touch." Instagram's latest update adds a feature that allows you to preview images in the gallery view when you long press them. Slide over to the three buttons beneath each image and you can quickly like the pic, view the user's profile, or share the shot. And, well, that'...
Instagram beta is adding multi-account support

Latest Instagram beta appears to enable multi-account support for some

Update: Instagram giveth, and Instagram taketh. We know the app supports multi-accounts for Instagram internally, but it's still not user-facing. The latest Instagram beta appears to be enabling multi-account support from within the app, allowing you to switch between accounts without having to...


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